Aberdare national park accommodation

Aberdare national park accommodation are divided into three options that cater for all the travelers budgets. Aberdare National Park has good number of options for accommodations which are scattered across the park and its neighborhood. With the good number of lodges found at the park, it has made guests to flock at the park because of the available Aberdare national park accommodation.

Aberdare national park accommodation are monitored by the Kenya Wildlife Service for quality service delivery to the guests. Irrespective of the class but they all provide high class service delivery to the travelers which attracts more and more guests in the park. The quality of service delivery is a key factor that determines the traveler’s to Aberdare national park safari experience. With this, we always have our rating tier that we treasure for ensuring that you’re to Kenyan safari is achieved with the rightful accommodation. Our team of experts always take initiative to visit all the lodges before contracting them to handles our guests. This is our unique point where no other Kenya tour operators can beat us from making us the leading tour operator in the country.

The accommodation in Aberdare national park have got the skilled staff that provide quality services to the guests. The system we use for rating our accommodations in the park is far exceeding most of the lodge rating system as our main aim is to give our guests the best safari experience. We use our guest’s reviews as our main aim is to give our guests the best safari experience. We use our guest’s reviews and feedbacks to give us more required information like service delivery, quality of the food, the rooms, washrooms, hot water and cold water, flushing toilets and many more.

Aberdare national park accommodation
Green Hill Hotel

Our special team of the experts always guide our guests on the choice of Aberdare national park accommodation in connection to the level of the lodge they want, because they are contracted lodges where we have negotiated the prices on behalf of the guests, but there is no extra charge on the costs if the traveler books a full Aberdare safari or Kenya safari with us. The accommodations in Aberdare national park are divided into three categories that is the Budget, Mid-range and the Luxury lodges as well where they are ranked into the 1 star to 5 star, as from 1 star to 2 star known as the budget lodges that are mostly dominated in the camps, and 3 star to 4 star as the Mid-range lodges which are inform of the safari tents and the permanent lodges, then lastly the 5 star and above reflects the high-end lodges.

Budget Accommodation.

The budget lodges are mostly camps and also known as the 1 to 2star, these are mostly used by the students and the solo travelers. Most of them are located in the public camping areas both inside the park and outside the park, as the tourists experience the African wilderness while enjoying the calm night in the bush. Budget accommodations always have small rooms, beds and also they share bathrooms, no hot water, they can be having small restaurants, small bars and have camping fire. As during your choice to budget accommodation you save much but you cannot experience the luxury wildlife experience if well planned with a reputable local operator. The budget accommodations in Aberdare national park includes Aberdare guest House and resort, Tusk camp Banda, Sapper Hut, and several campsites in Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park accommodation
Tusk camp Banda

Mid-range Accommodation.

Mid-range Accommodations are also known as the 3 to 4 star, these are also best and the most recommended lodges not only in this park, but also other parks. They give value to the money with the excellent services offered to the guests. These are permanent safari tented lodges some are built in permanent cottages. As they have larger rooms, larger beds compared to the budget accommodations. They have clean private bathrooms with both the hot and the cold water, with electricity and alternative like solar power system which is offered 24 hours in every room with a charging cable, the mid-range accommodations have the private balconies where the guests can enjoy their privacy with various observing spots. Mid-range accommodations in Aberdare national park includes Aberdare Cottages and Fishing Lodge, Aberdare Fishing Lodge and many more.

Luxury accommodations.

Luxury accommodations are also known as the 5 star and above which are known as the high end-lodges and they are built on international standards. The accommodations are constructed in the western art and design, it’s a home away from home that gives travelers total comfort during their safari in Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park accommodation
Treetops lodge

The luxury accommodations give extra on the services that are delivered with well spacious rooms with minibars inside the rooms, the rooms are divided into deluxe rooms, standard rooms and superior rooms, ensuite bathrooms, free wifi in every corner of the lodge, swimming pools, ensuite bathrooms, well-stocked bars, massage and sauna rooms for the guests and many more. These are always located on the animal routes or the high raised land where you can enjoy the clear views of the park at your own balcony. The luxury accommodations in Aberdare national park includes Treetops lodge, The Ark lodge, Green Hill Hotel, The Aberdare country club and many others.

Aberdare national park reflects with amazing accommodations during your Kenya safari to Aberdare. The level of any loved accommodation type is directly affected by your budget, with our team of experts that gives the detailed information regarding any kind of lodge around Aberdare national park.

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