Accommodations at Segera Retreat

Accommodations at Segera Retreat : In the middle of the Laikipia Plateau, halfway between Mount Kenya’s southeast flank and the western edge of the Great Rift Valley, sits the immensely diverse Segera Conservancy. Fertile meadows and forests are supported by the streams that originate in the Aberdare Mountains and run to the Segera, Mutara, Ewaso Nyiro, and Suguroi Rivers. Due to the amazing influence these waters have on the ecosystem, the Segera River has a beautiful cascade that falls into ivy springs and eventually feeds a lush valley that surrounds Kiseregai Creek. Animals including giraffes, elephants, buffalos, warthogs, zebras, and giraffes visit the water sources. The 50,000-acre reserve’s primary uses in the past were for cattle and agriculture, which ultimately resulted in the devastation of the soil, vegetation, and fauna.

Wildlife numbers progressively started to dwindle as a result of overgrazing and poaching, leaving little room for vegetation to develop. After buying the site in 2005, Jochen Zeitz started the process of re-establishing the natural ecosystems. The objective of the conservancy is known as the “4C concept” (Community, Commerce, Culture, and Conservation), and it is a part of the Wilderness Safaris model utilised in southern Africa. This paradigm drives management practises to ensure the preservation of all four, taking into account the diverse needs of people, animals, and the environment. Today, the conservancy also provides funding for the Zeitz Foundation, which was established in 2009, as well as the opulent Segera Retreat, which debuted in 2013, solar energy systems, educational facilities, and fresh water initiatives.

In the middle of Laikipia, one of Kenya’s most fascinating safari regions, conservationist Jochen Zeitz has created a quiet retreat for fun, adventure, spiritual contemplation, and calm. You will enjoy great seclusion in this wild Kenyan home away from home thanks to the combination of unsurpassed luxury, personalised service, and substantial all-inclusive amenities. In the middle of the Laikipia Plateau, north of the equator in Kenya, Segera is a unique area that combines both dry and savannah ecosystems. Only eight magnificent residences are located in Segera, a very exclusive game reserve on 50,000 acres near Mount Kenya. View all five members of the Big Five as well as unusual creatures like the Reticulated Giraffe, Wild Dog, and Gravy’s Zebra. There is gorgeous beauty all around, including views of Mount Kenya from the lodge.

Segera guarantees a rejuvenating and authentic safari experience from the time you arrive by using a holistic approach to wellbeing. Some of Kenya’s most well-known animal species call Segera their prized home. Golden savannah grasslands, rocky waterfalls, and tropical plant gardens in Segera offer an unmatched and breath taking setting for the perfect family retreat or romance getaway. They are located in an exceptionally diversified and almost magical landscape, wedged between the beautiful Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west.

Garden Villas

A large pool surrounded by a cactus wall and five garden homes are the focal point of Segera’s exquisitely landscaped botanical gardens. Because of the safety that this cactus boma offers, you are able to move around freely both during the day and at night. While one villa is a neighbouring family home, the other four are spacious one-bedroom villas with sleep-out beds beneath them and day beds for sunning in the garden.

Each thatched home is elevated on stilts and offers a view of the savannahs, woods, and salt licks and waterholes below that draw a variety of species. The stunning interiors have outdoor showers, private decks, and en suite bathrooms. They are inspired by the area’s earthy tones and bleached grass colour scheme.

Garden House

Garden House offers a hidden, romantic atmosphere because it is located in the middle of the Segera garden and is surrounded by cactus, lush foliage, and climbing bougainvillaea tendrils.

Garden views may be seen inside the house through large windows and glassed doors. A short stroll will take you to the cool saltwater pool from the main bedroom’s Juliette balcony, which looks out onto the surrounding vegetation. This two-bedroom, two-story home also features a stunning kitchen, a double-volume living area, and an amazing outdoor stone bath. A double day bed is also available, which may be set up for romantic sleep outs in the humid Kenyan air.


This three-bedroom, three-bath property, which was previously the ranch house, has two spectacular double bedrooms and a large master suite that open into a large outside patio and private pool that goes onward towards the open views of Mount Kenya. There is also a charming single bedroom that would be perfect for a teenager or a nanny.

With two open-concept dining rooms, a farmhouse kitchen, and a lovely, fire-lit living area, this house is perfect for families or those looking for quiet.


The Greenhouse is lit by reflections from the surrounding gardens and many glass panes that reflect light. Succulents and tropical plants in pots improve the indoor-outdoor transition.

A two-bedroom house with a communal dining table and lounge that has a double volume is created by soft flower-printed linens, layered bedding, and green tones. Each bedroom has a luxurious en suite bathroom and a window with a hazy view of Mount Kenya’s wild foothills. When the sun rises over this untamed, untamed countryside in the morning, the entire home is bathed with copper-coloured light.

Villa Segera

The two master rooms in Villa Segera are located in two different structures that are connected by a hanging walkway. The two bedrooms share a private pool, a stylish open-sided dining space, and a lounge that is covered with flowers. They are situated high with stunning views across the Sugeroi river and Mount Kenya. A big table outside, shaded by a pergola covered in vines, provides for delightful poolside lunches with far-reaching vistas.

In addition, you can wake up to the sun rising over a mountain while sleeping outside beneath fluttering mosquito nets. Simply relax on your verandah and take in the ever-changing safari.

Accommodations at Segera Retreat
Villa Segera

Segera House

Enter a big entrance hall that connects three spacious master suites with en-suite bathrooms and a double-volume communal lounge after being greeted by beautiful Zanzibari doors. This spacious, double-story home has big gestures all around and spills out to a sun-kissed private pool and outdoor eating area.

Brilliant blue accents, artwork, rough textures, a classy kitchen, and daily vistas of giraffe ambling around the landscape can all be found here. For road trips with friends or multi-generational family vacations, this home is ideal.

Segera Spa and Gym

A lovely courtyard connects the C4C building, Segera’s spa and gym. A sculptured water feature, calm statues, and blooming flowers can be seen licking at the edges of the thatched houses. You can select from a variety of activities at the spa, including a Rasul, botanical bathing, and classic massages. The spa treatments are botanically themed.

Everything you might possibly need, from weights and bands to rowing machines and running machines, is available in the Segera gym. It’s a really healthy area to get in shape because of the altitude, food, and pure air. You can run the safe trails around the resort and swim lengths in the huge, undulating pool. Take use of our complete yoga kits and practise outside, or reserve a spot to go on a health retreat with our yoga master.

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