Accommodations in Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Accommodations in Kakamega Forest National Reserve : The Kakamega Forest National Reserve is a really special place with a wealth of wildlife that you may explore on foot or by hiking and seeing birds, butterflies, enormous strangler fig trees, very old rain forest trees, and primates. On your Kenya Safari tour, you should definitely check out the wildlife at Kakamega Forest National Reserve.

During your safari tour in Kenya, a deep tropical rainforest known as a forest reserve is home to more than 1000 different species of plants, including woody trees, vines, orchids, ferns, shrubs, and herbs, as well as over 360 different species of birds, 7 different species of monkeys, and more than 510 butterflies. The Kakamega forest is home to numerous distinct and colourful mushroom species.

Kakamega Forest is hardly a destination for wildlife enthusiasts, despite being a haven for little creatures. For the Kakamega Forest National Reserve, a piece of Central Africa’s once-expansive rain forest, time has remained still. Numerous creatures, including pottos, colobus monkeys, gigantic forest hedgehogs, and bush pigs, can be found in this lovely woodland. Although reports of leopard sightings have been infrequent, the last confirmed sighting occurred in 1991.

The Turner’s Eremomela, Black Billed Turaco, Grey Parrots, and Blue Headed Bee Eater are a few of the birds that can be spotted here.

Bush pigs, duikers, bushbucks, African clawless otters, mongooses, giant African water shrews, squirrels, tree pangolins, porcupines, bats, and a variety of primates, such as blue, red tail, De Brazza’s, baboons, and occasionally vervet monkeys, are among the mammals that can be found in the park. There are seven different types of primates, and the black-and-white colobus, red-tailed, and blue monkeys are among the easiest to spot. It is more challenging to locate the extremely rare de Brazza’s monkey.

This is a peaceful place to go rock climbing, hiking, and bird viewing in the forest that time forgot. The Black Billed Turaco, Turner’s Eremomela, Grey Parrots, and Blue Headed Bee Eater are a few of the birds that can be spotted here.

There are a lot of insects, some of which are really impressive, like Goliath beetles, pink and green flower mantis, and a variety of vibrant butterflies (489 species). Groups such as beetles, Lepidopterans, Orthopterans, and ants (Formicidae) are especially well-represented. Common insects include spiders, millipedes, and gastropods. Not much research has been done on Kakamega Forest’s flora and wildlife.

The Best time to visit Kakamega Forest National Reserve

The driest months to visit Kakamega Forest are December through February. The forest is open all year round. Hiking excursions may be impacted by heavy rains in April and May.


Chalets, lodges, and rustic campsites are available for self-catering travellers. Different experiences can be had at places like the Rondo Retreat Centre, the Isecheno Forest Rest House, the Isecheno KEEP Bandas, and the Isecheno Camping Site.

How to Get There

 Kakamega Town has road access, and it’s conveniently located near Kisumu via bus or matatu. The best way to explore the forest is on foot, and walking excursions can be arranged with local guides.

Accommodations in Kakamega Forest National Reserve

The Kakamega Forest National Reserve offers lodging options as well as camping areas. The experience is guaranteed to inspire, regardless of the lodging option selected, which ranges from rustic campsites to self-catering chalets and lodges.

Camping in the forest has many benefits. You wake up to the sound of birds chirping, and while you eat breakfast, you can’t stop listening to the lovely music that wafts from the woodland, brightening your morning. As you enjoy your outdoor camping excursion, the refreshing woodland atmosphere will add some flavour to your stay.

Isecheno KEEP bandas

Situated in the southern region of Isecheno Forest Station, the Kakamega rain forest is home to Isecheno KEEP bandas. Keep bandas can hold up to 21 persons. There are five bandas: banda one has five beds, while banda two has two rooms with two beds apiece that have been partitioned. In addition to being divided, Banda 3 has four beds, Banda Four has five beds, and Banda Five has three beds. Warm and cold showers are available in KEEP bandas, but they are outside the room. Here, lanterns and generators are used for lighting at night.

Guests are welcome to prepare their own meals in the kitchen. Tap water and cooking tools are available in the kitchen. However, we provide catering services for both workshop attendees and forest visitors in case any of the guests require meals.

Senel Guest House

Senel Guest House provides lodging in Kakamega with access to a shared kitchen, garden, and lounge, only 21 km from Kakamega Forest Station. This property has free private parking as well as access to a balcony. This apartment includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms with showers, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen with an oven and microwave, and a seating space. For an additional fee, the resort can offer bed linens and towels for greater convenience. One of the primary locations for lodging in Kakamega Forest National Reserve is this.

Accommodations in Kakamega Forest National Reserve
Senel Guest House

Golf Hotel Kakamega

Situated adjacent to the golf course in a posh neighbourhood of Kakamega town, the Golf Hotel Kakamega is conveniently close to the Kakamega forest, home to over 320 different bird species. The hotel can be reached from Kisumu Airport in about 30 minutes by car, and a hotel van can be rented for a cost with advance planning.

The Rondo Retreat Centre

The Rondo Retreat Centre is situated in the southernmost region of the Kakamega rainforest. The Trinity Fellowship oversees it. Since Rondo is a Christian centre, alcohol is not permitted on the property. Clean and peaceful, Rondo Retreat welcomes missionaries and tourists who are visiting the Kakamega Forest. Rondo has a maximum capacity of 35 guests, but it can serve up to 50 people for lunch or supper. It also has a small-group conference room available. One of the greatest places to stay in the Kakamega jungle is the Rondo Retreat Centre, which offers luxurious single, double, and triple rooms along with lovely gardens and flowers.

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