Best camping sites in Nakuru

Best camping sites in Nakuru : Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the best birding safari in kenya destination. It is well-known for being a bird habitat, home to over 400 different species of birds that make Lake Nakuru their home. The flocks of pink flamingos that constantly swarm the lakeshores of Lake Nakuru National Park, along with other birds such as the Maccoa duck, Shining sunbird, Montane white-eye, Rufous-throated wryneck, Slender-billed greenbul, Rüppell’s vulture, Rüppell’s robin-chat, Schalow’s wheatear, and many more, are the park’s main bird attractions. Some other attractions of lake Nakuru National park apart from its prolific birds life are the Lake itself, and other great mammals.

People visit Lake Nakuru National Park for a variety of reasons, including birdwatching and game viewing. In addition, visitors enjoy camping in the park’s savannahs and other kenya safari tour activities. Visitors can take advantage of the park’s distinctive vegetation, the semi-humid climate, and, with any luck, close encounters with a few animals. There are roughly seven active campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park, which can be found around the park’s northern and southern regions. Each campsite is distinctive in and of itself and provides visitors with a memorable camping experience.

Picnics at the various scenic view points within Lake Nakuru National Park are sometimes combined with camping; although the camp sites and view points are not the same, campers are free to have a picnic at any view point during the day and set up camp at one of the camp sites at dusk. Campers can anticipate cool night-time temperatures, stunning views of the sky, amazing views of the concentrated flamingos that resemble a pink blanket covering the surface of Lake Nakuru, and picturesque views of the park’s surrounding areas.

The various campsites provide guests with the chance to stay at eco-friendly campsites that support park environmental conservation. In Lake Nakuru National Park, almost every campsite has no permanent buildings built on it, meaning that when the sleeping tents are taken down, the area reverts to its natural state.

Enjoro Campsite

The Enjoro campsite is the most popular among park visitors because it is conveniently located near to the main gate. There is a decent view of the surroundings and the lake from the site. This is not the campsite for you if you’re looking for a quiet, remote location because it’s always packed with people due to its accessibility. However, it’s a nice campground for larger groups of campers.

Mbweha Camp

The campsite is renowned for being the most enjoyable, offering the cutest opportunities for wildlife observation, bird watching, and game viewing. One of the greatest places in the park to observe birds is from the campsite, which is tucked away in thick forests on the southern edge of Lake Nakuru National Park. From here, visitors can get excellent views of practically all the bird species that call Lake Nakuru home, including flamingos. Due to the site’s location inside the plains, visitors can get up close and personal with a variety of animal species. It’s a less busy, peaceful, and quiet camping. Additionally, only this campsite in East Africa is home to all three of the jackal species: side-striped, golden, and silver-backed.

Nakuru Tented Camp

This campsite is  somehow located in a central location inside the park, guests at the campsite can enjoy walks or drives through the surrounding forest to observe animals and take in the beauty of nature. Nakuru Tented Camp is one of the more serene and quiet campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

Best camping sites in Nakuru
Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

It is situated on the shores of Lake Nakuru within Lake Nakuru National Park, this luxurious campsite is the most sought-after campsite due to its prime birdwatching views and up-close encounters with all the lake’s birds, particularly the flamingos. Photographers and videographers frequently come to this campsite in an attempt to capture the stunning views of the lake, the birds, and the surrounding area.

Lakira Camp

This camp is situated on the shores of Lake Nakuru within Lake Nakuru National Park, this campsite is likewise regarded as luxurious. The campsites provides guests with a serene, quiet, and personal experience because it is located in a  remote area away from all of the park’s attractions. At this campsite ,you will have a decent view of the lake, the flamingos, and the its entire6 surroundings.

Rhino Campsite

Despite being the most conventional or unrefined campsite in Lake Nakuru National Park, it is well-known for its unparalleled views of the park’s critically endangered rhinoceros. This campground is uncomplicated in every way, and visitors experience camping as it truly is without any extras.

Makalia falls

One of the lovely campsites in Lake Nakuru National Park is Makalia Falls. This Campsite is located near the breathtaking sight of the Makalia Falls one of the scenic places to visit in Lake Nakuru National Park, Makalia Falls offers fantastic views of the buffalo herds and other wildlife as well as the sounds of the waterfall. Similar to Rhino Campsite, this simple campsite offers authentic camping experiences to its guests.

Lake Nakuru Tented camp

The Lake Nakuru Tented Camp is a peaceful area where you may unwind and commune with nature, and it’s situated inside Lake Nakuru National Park. From the camp, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the dense flamingo population, which covers Lake Nakuru like a pink blanket. Not only may you set up camp in a cosy, modest bush camp, but there are plenty of hiking paths nearby. Hiking along the Rift Valley’s cliffs offers breathtaking views of the lake below. Additionally, the campsites provide an opportunity to camp in a bush camp that is environmentally beneficial and has little effect on the environment. The locations return to their natural state after the tents are taken down, and there are no permanent buildings.

Staying at Lake Nakuru Tented Camp gives you the chance to restart your exploration of the unique forests, which is home to a variety of wildlife including lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, impala, and endangered Rothschild giraffes.

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