Best places to camp in Naivasha

Best places to camp in Naivasha : Aside from offering amazing and welcoming activities like game drives, rock climbing, cycling, guided hikes, and bird watching, camping in Naivasha is an amazing Kenya safari experience. Finding a good spot is made simple in Naivasha by the abundance of camping areas. After a demanding week, the majority of these Kenya tours destinations provide the most tranquil environments, ideal for rest and renewal.

We visit the top camps in Naivasha, all of them have distinctive features, gorgeous settings, and first-rate service that will make memories that last a lifetime.

Lake Oloiden

Located in the Great Rift Valley, Oloiden Lake, also called Lake Oloiden, is a stunning lake. It is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and varied animals and is located close to the well-known Lake Naivasha. Naturalists frequently visit the Oloiden Camping Site because it provides a tranquil haven amid the lake’s lovely surroundings.

Aside from soaking in the breath-taking scenery, visitors may enjoy outdoor activities and unwind in cosy tents with hot showers and hygienic restrooms. Spend the evenings telling tales of your travels while gathered around a bonfire beneath the stars. The campground features a fine dining restaurant and bar with great organic food and beverages. Enjoy the tranquil settings while indulging in delectable meals such as wood-fired pizzas and Nyama Choma.

Activities at Oloiden camp

  • A visit to Maasai Boma and a nature walk in Wileli Conservancy cost Ksh 1000 per adult, Ksh 500 per child (resident), and USD 20 (non-resident) each person.
  • Campers can use the children’s playground for free.
  • Olkaria charges Ksh 1000 per person for swimming.
  • Bicycles are Ksh 500 per hour.

For four people, a quad tent costs Ksh 4,500.

A five-person Kizingo Tent costs Ksh 6,000.

Jumbo Tent: Ksh 8,000 for eight people

For two people, a double tent costs Ksh 3,500.

Fisherman’s Camp

On the banks of Lake Naivasha lies a fantastic camping area called Fisherman’s Camp. With stunning views of the lake and surroundings, the campsite stretches up into the hills behind a lovely canopy of acacia trees. It’s the ideal location to get away from the bustle of Naivasha town, unwind by the lake, or embark on an exciting journey in Kenya. It’s possible to spot hippos wandering about outside the enclosed area!

The amazing Rift Valley Festival, which brings together local and international musicians with traditional African roots and contemporary styles, is held in Fisherman’s Camp. Fisherman’s Camp is unquestionably the best option if you’re seeking for reasonably priced camping in Naivasha. With a view of the campsite, Fisherman’s Bar serves a broad range of dishes, such as hearty fry-ups, delicious local steaks and traditional ugali. A refreshing Tusker beer or a honey Dawa drink can also be enjoyed while taking in the breathtaking scenery and the setting sun. You don’t need to worry about being cut off from the outside world because the restaurant and bar offer free WiFi.

Kiboko Luxury Camp

Kiboko Luxury Camp is hidden away in the centre of Lake Naivasha and provides a luxurious and unique kenya tour experience. Deluxe tents with contemporary conveniences and private verandas with breath-taking views of the surroundings are among the camp’s deluxe lodging options.

Activities available to guests include exhilarating hot air balloon safaris, narrated bush walks, and tranquil sunset boat cruises. Each activity is meant to completely immerse guests in the natural beauties of Lake Naivasha. Kiboko Luxury Camp has established itself as a top option for discerning tourists looking for an incredibly sumptuous experience because of its luxurious lodgings, attentive service, and outstanding attention to detail.

Camp Carnelley’s

Camp Carnelley’s is located in Kenya near Lake Naivasha. Because of its proximity to the lake, visitors are able to partake in water-related activities. The camp has dormitories, twin rooms, bandas, and conventional camping amenities. The bandas feature individual gardens with patio chairs and en suite bathrooms. Bedding, blankets, lamps, and mosquito nets are provided by the camp. Additionally, visitors are able to set up their tents and sleep outside beneath the stars. Hardwood floors and native Kenyan interior décor are features of the rooms’ design.

The ‘Lazybones’ Bar and Restaurant, which offers a selection of menu items, is located within the camp. On-site amenities include a bar and a pizzeria. On a leisurely boat ride on Lake Naivasha, guests may take in some of the area’s fauna, which includes pelicans, buffalo, fish eagles, and hippos. Visits to Mount Longonot, the Green Crater Lake Reserve, and Hell’s Gate National Park can also be planned by the camp. In the games room of the camp, there is a pool table and dart board. Parking is provided close by and on the premises. Services for dry cleaning and laundry can also be arranged by the helpful personnel at the camp.

Hell’s Gate National Park

A great location for outdoor camping is Hell’s Gate National Park, which is renowned for its varied topography and geological landscape. It is adorned by sand-coloured volcanoes, sheer cliffs, angular rock formations, water-gouged canyons, and steaming plumes of geothermal energy. Hell’s Gate has three camping areas: Olduvai, Naiburta, and Endachata. The unsettling sound of a hyena cackling can lull you to sleep, and you can wake up early for a dawn safari. It’s satisfying to camp near Hell’s Gate, especially in the dry season when the sky is a brilliant blue. You will have everything you need to enjoy your amazing experience because the campsite is well-maintained and properly provisioned.

Dawn is the best time to watch animals since it bathes the park in a golden light. For photographers, the sunrise is a terrific time to capture beautiful images from your campsite or during an early morning hike around the trails. The sun shines through the cliffs and gorges, creating a breathtaking background for your pictures. Here, you can engage in a variety of amazing events and activities, such as: Take in the Park’s Local Fauna Cycle. Go camping in the Gorges and spend the night cycling Rock ascent Climb, Hike, or Take a Walk in the Caves.

Naivasha west Beach Camp

This is a top-notch beach camp close to Lake Oloiden and Kongoni Centre. It is about thirty kilometres distant from Naivasha Town, and therefore far enough away from the maddening activity of the town. The camp offers spacious grounds for erecting tents in addition to established tented campers that suit all budgets. The establishment offers lodging, dining options, a garden, a shared lounge, and an outdoor pool. All across the property, high-speed Wi-Fi is also available. By providing automobile rental services, Naivasha West Beach Camp elevates your camping experience. Consequently, it is easy for you to visit neighbouring locations like Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park.

Best places to camp in Naivasha
Naivasha west Beach Camp

Crayfish Camp

Don’t miss out on the amazing camping experience at Crayfish Camp in Naivasha. Try the fresh crawfish from the camp, which is highly recommended if you’re in the vicinity. Additionally, there are many of entertaining activities offered on-site to ensure that your camping trip in Naivasha is one you won’t soon forget. Mountain biking, boating, horseback riding, nature hikes, indoor games, and picnics are a some of the things you can do.

The Sleeping Warrior Lodge and Camp

Perched atop a volcanic crater, Sleeping Warrior Lodge and Camp provides stunning vistas of the exclusive Soysambu Conservancy. Thousands of flamingos are among the remarkable array of animal and bird species that call the conservancy home. The camp offers babysitting services to parents who are vacationing with young children so they may have fun while their little ones are taken care of. You can engage in a variety of activities while at the camp, including guided hikes, bush dining, and trips to neighbouring sights.

Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp

Crescent Camp at Lake Naivasha Situated on Lake Naivasha’s beaches lies the luxury Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp. With its 20 opulent tent spaces and canvas construction, the camp is unlike any other. Campers can enjoy amazing views of their surroundings from their own balconies, as the tents are elevated above the ground. Swimming, boat excursions, hiking, game and bird viewing, and nature walks are just a few of the delightful and refreshing things our camp has to offer.

Fish Eagle Hotel With cosy cottages and pitched tents available for rent, Fish Eagle Inn is a great spot for travellers on a tight budget to stop and relax. The camp offers a lot of area for outdoor activities on its expansive, well-kept grounds. This campsite offers a range of activities for guests to enjoy, such as swimming, quad bike riding, mountain bike riding, basketball, volleyball, and boat cruises. This campsite also provides easy access to neighbouring sites like Crater Lake, Hell’s Gate National Park, and Crescent Island.

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