Tsavo national park lodges

Tsavo National park lodges/hotels are distributed across all the two national parks that form Tsavo national park. The two national parks that form the park are the Tsavo East National park and the Tsavo West national park. Like any other national park in Kenya or entire world, the distribution of the accommodation facilities affect most the wildlife experience at that park. Tsavo national park is the largest national park in Kenya that occupies a total land area of 22,812 square kilometres. Its also the oldest national park in Kenya as it was the first protected area to be declared a national park in Kenya. Its development in high class accommodation facilities is directly influenced by the Arabs who were constructing the Mombasa highway and the railway line. Most of the Tsavo National park lodges were constructed by the Arab contractors in the ancient models. The park is proud of the oldest accommodation facilities across the country.

The park is found just few hours drive from the coastal area of Kenya along the Indian ocean. Its closure to the coastal area where different cultures and people are compiled has greatly lead to the different architecture from different countries. Some of the Tsavo National park lodges are built using the Arabic architecture while some are from Portugal and china.

The cost of any African Safari is directly influenced by the lodge category the traveller prefers. All the Tsavo National park lodges have been classified by the Kenyan Hotel Authority in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Services.  The lodges are classified according to their available amenities and standard of the services provided. The grading is based on stars starting from one star lodge to the five star lodge. However much the rating is done but the quality of the services are almost the same with the only great difference between the lodges of different rating is the level of comfort. All lodges at Tsavo offere excellent services to the travellers at their levels.

We us tour operators have got contract agreements with some of Tsavo National park lodges so as to ensure quality service delivery irrespective of the status or the level of the lodge. Its from these contract agreements that has made all our guests to enjoy luxury comfort under budget accommodation facility. Our product development team always goes deep to the ground to check on the service delivery by the lodge to our guests. We have always done excellently with service delivery as we value for the money just by close supervision of out partner lodges across the park.

The different ratings of Tsavo National park lodges stand for the different levels. From one star lodges to two star lodges are considered as Budget lodges. From three star lodges to 4 star lodges are considered to be Mid-range lodges. On the final note all lodges above 4 star are luxury lodges. The Tsavo national park is lucky to hosts all the three categories of lodges within the national park. The availability of all the three categories of lodges hat the park has attracted all categories of travellers to the park hence boosting tourism at the park. Students and other budget or group travellers mostly prefer to stay in budget lodges. On the other hand family travellers like option of mid-range lodges. While the luxury lodges are mostly used by elderly group especially the retired but not tired travellers.

Tsavo National park lodges are constructed to ensure total privacy of the travellers while at the lodge. This is done through providing private bathrooms, private balcony and others. Almost all categories of the lodges have hot water and cold water showers and large spacious rooms. Most of the Tsavo National park lodges are privately owned by locals or natives of Kenya. Other lodges especially the luxury lodges are owned by the large or big foreign companies whose accommodation facilities cut across the world. This has boosted the number of travellers in the park.

Most of the lodges at Tsavo national park are located inside the national park. While few especially the budget lodges are located outside the national park at the out skirts of the park. Even those that are located outside the park are only few minutes’ drive from the main gate. The lodges are always subdivided two tents, lodges, Safari tents and public campsites. The mobile tents are not very common though few are there. The mobile tents are the type of lodges that normally close during the rainy or low season. They are movable and can be erected at any designated area

The three different categories of the Tsavo National park lodges include

Budget Tsavo National park lodges

The Budget are the first category of lodges, they are rated from 1 to 2 star lodges. They are mostly used by students and backpackers travellers. Most of these lodges are found near the entrance of the park while few are located inside the park. The ones which are located inside the park are always fully booked. They are inform of tents and camping sites, they have small rooms and shared bathrooms. Some of them which have developed have private bathrooms inside the rooms. They have good clean flashing toilets that travellers can use. Some of the budget but good lodges at Tsavo national park include: Galdessa Camp, Fich Hattons camp, Lake Jipe Safari Camp, Rhino Valley Lodge Osteria Swara Camp, Severin Kitani Bandas, Galana Crocodile Camp and many more 

Mid-range Tsavo National park lodges

These are the most recommended lodges in Tsavo national park who give true value for your money. They are the second category of lodges that are in the middle between the budget and luxury. They provide certain level of comfort with high class services. The majority of these lodges are found inside the national park. They are located along the animal highways hence making guests enjoy game viewing at the comfort of their balcony. They have great amenities like swimming pools, large spacious rooms, private balconies, self-contained rooms, large restaurants, Both hot and cold showers, 34 hours laundry services, wifi  and many more. Some of the midranges lodges at the park include: Man Eaters Camp, Severin Safari Lodge, Ashnil Aruba, Voyager Ziwani Camp Voi Safari Lodge, Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge, Ngutuni Lodge among others.

Luxury Tsavo National park lodges

Supper comfort of the 5 star at the bush a home beyond a home at the centre of the wilderness are the Luxury lodges. The park is gifted by a good number of luxury lodges across the park The lodges are distributed in both Tsavo East and Tsavo West national park. The clear difference between the luxury lodges and the mid-range lodges are the sizes of the rooms, availability of extra amenities like sauna, mini-bar at the rooms, fitness gym and many more. Some of the luxury lodges include: Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, Severin Safari Camp, Lions Bluff Lodge, Hunters Lodge, Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge, Voyager Ziwani safari camp, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge among others

In conclusion, the availability of all categories of accommodation facilities in Tsavo national park has greatly contributed to the increased number of travellers at the park, It has made the Tsavo national park safaris more affordable to many.