Cultural Safaris in Kenya

Cultural Safaris in Kenya  : Cultural safaris are the main exciting moments to the tourists, these are amazing to encounter with the most attractive Kenya’s indigenous tribes, a safari in Kenya can never be complete minus encountering the cultural tours in the country, because these exposes you to the traditional beliefs, marriage ceremonies, festivals, pastoral life, food and lifestyle, polygamous practices and among others according to the tribe, during this safari you will notice how the Kenyan people are friendly and welcoming to the foreigners, this makes even some of the travelers to stay in Kenya after interacting with the locals because of their special way and kindness that they have.

Kenya has a variety of the tribes that speak different languages but the most important thing is that Swahili and English unites everyone together, due to the fact that most of the Kenya’s culture is renowned of the expat workers, migrants and the intermarriages which took place when the first foreign settlers entered through the East African coast, so each of the major town in Kenya and city has got its own cultural identity depending on the dominant tribe in the area this so awesome during your cultural Kenya safari.

Cultural safaris in Kenya is so rewarding as this helps a tourist to experience and prevent the doubts that you could be having over the various people in the different countries, this is where you learn to why different people behave in a certain ways compared to the others, and what makes people to be different from the others, cultural safaris also explains to you to why people like it being in the extended type of the families and why it is important in their lives as a community, also the travelers engage themselves as visiting many tribes of the people living near the national parks and the tourists move ahead doing the cultural safaris by visiting the schools, markets and learn how people interact and do their things and earn a living.

Major cultural safaris in Kenya.

Luo speaking people.

The travelers are recommended to spend time with Luo speaking peaking, Luo is among the dominant tribes in Kenya and these are believed to have migrated from the South Sudan through Uganda then to Kenya, these tribe people currently are located in Kisumu and wider Nyanza province close to Lake Victoria, so during your cultural safari you will not only get feed up with the cultural encounter but as well you will experience and visit Lake Victoria at Kit-Mikayi which is a well know place in Kenya.

Cultural Safaris in Kenya
Kisumu people

The Samburu.

Samburu are the closet relatives of the Maasai, Samburu have not allowed the western influences to spoil their original culture the Samburu speak Maa language. Their dancing style is like that of the Maasai people dancing in the high circles and they believed to have originated from the south Sudan. Samburu are pastoralists and they depend on the animals for their survival that is their meat, milk and blood and mostly they take meat during the special occasions and selling animals as well.

The Kamba people.

Visiting the Kamba people on a cultural safari is such blissful as these are the most prominent and more assertive tribes of Kenya and mainly most of the Kamba people are found in Machakos town which makes most of the travelers to visit the place as well there is a national park that is set in Machakos which makes a variety of the tourists to visit the place to spot wildlife in the place and enjoy the cultural safaris.

Visiting the Turkana and El Molo.

Turkana people are pastoralists that live in the northern part of Kenya they are also like the Maasai, the area being arid and dry which makes them to be forced while moving to look for the water and pasture for their animals, though most of them can be seen while doing fishing around lake Turkana to earn a living, during a cultural safari in Kenya it’s vital to visit the Turkana and El Molo this is the most exciting experience after visiting them.

Experiencing the Islamic culture in Lamu.

Lamu being famous and known as the oldest town along the cost of Kenya, the archipelago also consists other islands like Kiwayu, Lamu originally is known as the town of the Swahili and Muslim town that makes it the perfect place to experience Swahili culture by the travelers, you also get exposed to how the first Arab traders who arrived in the country during 11th century. During the cultural safaris the travelers do explore the narrow streets and from there they enjoy the pristine beaches of different islands in the area, engage in other related activities this is so amazing while encountering the beautiful scenery, beautiful buildings also tourists learn about the history of Swahili language and culture and among others.

Visiting the Maasai people.

Maasai people are such proud and confident people that are known as the fearless warriors, these are known as the pastorists these put on the colourful garments, jewelry these people live in the small communities that contain 8 to 15 houses these can be fenced to prevent themselves from the predators. During a cultural safari the tourists do stop at Loita plains in Narok, here the tourists do enjoy their time with the Maasai’s goats, cattle and sheep as well the tourists can get the chance of meeting the elders where they get chances to learn history about their history of the Maasai and their culture and lifestyle.

Cultural Safaris in Kenya
Maasai People

Mijikenda Kaya forests.

Visiting the Mijikenda Kaya forests is the most unique way of experiencing the unique cultures of some parts of Kenya, you are recommended to visit the sacred forest in Kenya there are almost 11 forests in the area and each surrounded by the villages which were built in the sixteenth century. Visiting the Mijikenda Kaya forests for a truly unique cultural experience that is different from everything that is from talked above among the various tribes in Kenya.

On a cultural safari in Kenya you are advised even to go beyond to visit the Bomas of Kenya to have a chance and see all the different tribal groups in one place this is so special because it offers a variety of the tourists to see, experience and learn almost everything to know all about Kenya’s different cultural groups which gives you unforgettable memories in your lifetime.

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