Explore Africa in the greater way

Explore Africa in the greater way : Most tourists that travel to Africa choose to go on a safari. The most wonderful region on earth may be explored in a variety of amazing ways, from boating to mountain climbing to simply immersing yourself in the best African literature from the comfort of your own home.

The continent of Africa is open for exploration. From its savannahs and sun-drenched landscapes to its exotic fauna roaming its lovely and distinctive countries, it has it all. Africa has advantages that other nations lack. Completely unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Although going on a safari is an excellent way to discover Africa, why stop there? Combine additional wonderful ways to see Africa with your upcoming safari. Seven wonderful and distinctive ways to discover Africa have been developed by us. Create your next life-changing journey by reading the detailed information we’ve provided below.

Explore Africa through Wildlife Photography.

 If you can’t get to Africa, learning about wildlife photography is a terrific opportunity to see the beautiful and dramatic sights in photographic books of Africa’s wildlife. Photographers frequently capture wild creatures in positions that make it difficult for us to view them, such as up close, dashing directly in front of the lens, grabbing prey, or in intimate situations with their pride or young.

In order to capture the right image of these magnificent animals, photographers spend months in Africa. This allows us, the viewer, to watch the animal in a special way that we are unable to see while travelling across Africa on a typical safari. These pictures allow us to experience an extraordinary exploration of Africa from the comfort of our couches and are quite gorgeous to look at.

Explore Africa through the Mountains.

 Making an adventure and hiking some of Africa’s beautiful mountains is one of the greatest ways to experience the continent. The most famous mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, is said to be located in Africa. In addition to being the tallest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro is also the highest freestanding mountain in the entire world. This mountain is an amazing way to travel through Africa.

There are many other magnificent mountains to climb as well. Amazing mountain ranges to hike include Mount Kenya, Mount Stanley, Mount Meru, Ras Daschen, Table Mountain, and Simien. You might also combine mountain climbing with visiting some of Africa’s most impressive craters. It’s a superb alternative to an African safari and a great way to see Africa. On our ground-breaking African Lion Safari, we walk the Olmoti Crater and also head to the Ngorongoro Crater. Both famous Craters.

Explore Africa by Foot.

 A fascinating method to discover Africa is by foot exploration. A walking safari is a wonderful opportunity to observe the wildlife and area on foot outside of hopping between cities, which is another fantastic way to do it.

Even though they aren’t frequently requested, walking safaris do exist and are steadily gaining popularity. By travelling through Africa on foot, you may examine the continent more closely and in depth. By concentrating on tiny exotic animals, reptiles, and insects that we ordinarily wouldn’t see from a safari vehicle.

Being able to travel across Africa on foot also gives you the chance to take your experience more slowly, which makes it possible to get to know the locals, view the sights in more detail, watch the wildlife more intently, and travel through Africa more naturally.

On our African Lion Safari, we include a walking safari where we fully immerse our guests in the breathtaking surroundings. Nothing will be in your way of seeing the wildlife, which is really fascinating. We look for resident birds, wild animals, rare butterflies, and lion spoors.

Explore Africa by way Of Conservation. 

A meaningful way to travel around the dynamic nations of Africa is by concentrating on conservation. There are several ways to contribute to and have an impact on the protection of wildlife and humanitarian help. From assisting local people to raising wildlife awareness and assisting populations and wild animals in overcoming hurdles. Exploring Africa is a terrific chance to have an unforgettable safari experience and make a difference.

Many tourists choose to contribute to the preservation of Africa by volunteering or participating in an experience with a conservation or humanitarian focus.

Our African Lion Safari is a ground-breaking excursion that teaches participants about lion conservation through travel. A wonderful opportunity to learn about conservation while exploring Africa.

Explore Africa through Wildlife Books

Why not learn more about Africa by reading some of its fantastic literature? Without having to purchase a plane ticket, Africa’s abundance of fascinating wildlife literature may whisk you away to its far-off areas in a matter of minutes. Our favorite novels about wildlife are rich in history, inspiration, and escape. ‘I Married Adventure’ by Osa Johnson, ‘Love, Life & Elephants’ by Daphne Sheldrick, and ‘A Primate’s Memoir’ by Robert Sapolsky are all excellent books that evoke tales of Africa’s genuine significance. These novels will undoubtedly motivate you to travel to and discover Africa. Here are 5 more novels that will take you deep within the country: Five Books That Will Inspire You to Travel to Africa.

Explore Africa by Boat.

A fantastic way to discover Africa is by sailing through its seas and rivers. Some of the world’s most coveted safari experiences may be found in the waters off of Africa. Exploring Africa by boat is a fantastic way to experience the continent, from its stunning blue seas to its harrowing, alluring, and ancient rivers.

Enjoy the range of boating activities, including sailing down the Nile, the longest river in Africa, traversing the perilous Zambezi and Chobe Rivers, and floating along the azure coastline of Mozambique to explore Africa’s many islands. A boat tour of Africa is the best option if you prefer to travel by water to on foot.

Explore Africa through History.

We highly recommend taking once-in-a-lifetime journey through Africa’s rich history as part of your tour.  Even though touring Africa and its history might be an incredible safari experience, the continent shouts “safaris.”

The most well-known chapter of world history in Africa begins in Egypt, with its spectacular pyramids, Great Sphinx of Giza, and deciphering hieroglyphics. Any country in Africa you visit will have a wealth of knowledge about its history, culture, and the inhabitants and animals that call it home.  Namibia’s Skeleton Coastline and Cape of Good Hope are both said to have hundreds of eerie shipwrecks. Africa’s magnificent rock formations, artefacts, and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt all contain a richness of history just waiting to be unearthed. Travelling through Africa’s past is strongly advised if you’re looking for an African excursion with a difference.

Make a Difference on your next Safari in Africa.

Experience an African safari from a different angle. We have created one of the most incredible experiences that combines adventure travel and lion conservation.

We explore one of the most remarkable treks in Africa as part of our expedition, which takes us on a spectacular route through Tanzania.

Our safari in Africa will focus on lion conservation, and we’ll introduce tourists to information and adventures they won’t find anywhere else. Experience lion conservation from the top lion conservationists in the world and officially recognized conservation organizations to help you to enhance your safari experience beyond your wildest expectations.

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