Female-friendly Kenyan destinations to try

Female-friendly Kenyan destinations to try : As a Kenyan woman travelling alone, you must constantly consider safety when making travel plans. Admit that it never occurs to you right away, but rather right before you finalize your plans.

Kenya has towns with differing levels of security, just like any other nation. There are peaceful, tranquil places. Some have no-go areas and early curfews, particularly for lone female tourists.  In order to help you make more comfortable travel decisions, we have produced this list of eight destinations in Kenya that are great for women.

  1. Nakuru.

Nonetheless, a lot of people concur that Nakuru is far warmer and friendlier than other cities like Nairobi or Kisumu. To begin with, the town is not very large, so getting lost is difficult. Any stranger you meet on the road will always be happy to help if you do.

Bicycles, bodabodas, matatus, taxis and local taxi-hailing services like Wasili (3.9/5.0) and Safari (4.1/5.0) provide constant access to transportation within and around the town. Additionally, Nakuru offers much lower prices on goods, which is advantageous for tourists of all stripes. Nakuru is a must-see, female-friendly safari destination in Kenya, particularly for those who appreciate the outdoors.

  1. Naivasha.

After an exhausting and hectic week, Naivasha is a wonderful location to unwind.

Another well-liked site for female campers is Naivasha. It is suitably urbanized, yet without the bustle of life in a large city, much like Nakuru. It is more comfortable to explore because it is smaller than Nakuru. You may do a lot during the day, even though most activities end by nine o’clock. After a demanding workweek, Naivasha is an excellent spot to unwind with attractions including Lake Naivasha, Crater Lake, and Lake Oloiden.

  1. Lamu.

There is no place more welcoming than Lamu, an old town. It is almost as though those who live there naturally know how to greet and accommodate guests. Lamu is comparatively small as well. There are two ways to go around: on foot or by donkey. How awesome is that? With a rich cultural heritage, Lamu is one of the best female-friendly travel spots in Kenya.

It also boasts delectable cuisine and stunning beaches. Given that your stay in Lamu must last at least one week, you should probably become familiar with a few tips before you go. Be polite and respectful first. You’ll be surprised at how much small-town civility can do to win you friends. Tipping and grinning will also greatly enhance the pleasure of your stay.

  1. Embu.

The centre of the Eastern area is Embu Town. The east of Kenya has the highest level of safety. In general, the people in Embu and the surrounding area are friendly, hospitable, and kind. This generosity dates all the way back to the colonial era. Did you know that during the fight for our freedom, the Embu people were instrumental in helping to conceal the well-known Mau Mau insurgents from the British soldiers?

It’s as if kindness comes naturally to them. For this reason, Embu is one of the Kenyan travel spots I would suggest for women. This place is ideal for rest and renewal because of its verdant hills and valleys, wholesome forests, and delicious natural foods.

  1. Kitale.

Located halfway between Bungoma and Eldoret, Kitale is a charming upcountry village with friendly locals and a lively population. In the beginning, Kitale was home to the Luhya community. Currently, nevertheless, it is home to people from all across the nation, including Kenyan Indians, Kikuyus, Kisiis, and Kalenjin. Bodabodas are a simple way to navigate around Kitale, and most lodging alternatives are reasonably priced. A couple of must-do activities when in Kitale are to visit the Treasures of Africa Museum and the lively outdoor market.

  1. Limuru.

The Kiambethu Tea Farm is one of the fascinating places in Limuru that is ideal for female visitors. There was a White Highlands community near Limuru town. The frigid climate and rich soils in this area appealed to the British colonists. These days, Limuru is a tiny industrial and agricultural town located a short distance from Nairobi. The town is home to some of the hidden gems of the art world, despite the fact that it is typically muddy and cold.

Numerous art galleries are located here, such as Banana Hill Art Gallery and One-Off Art Gallery. The Brown Cheese Farm, Bracken Hurst Conference Centre, and Kiambethu Tea Farm are a few other fascinating locations to explore. Limuru is definitely welcoming to women, however if you’re travelling alone, you should avoid nocturnal activities.

  1. Nanyuki.

Without mentioning Nanyuki, the list would be lacking something. With glimpses of the Laikipia escarpment visible, this settlement is situated on the leeward slope of Mount Kenya. Being a well-established tourist site, Nanyuki welcomes visitors of all genders. Despite being pricier than other towns on our list, Nanyuki is a very attractive town. From a wealth of places to see animals to tasteful accommodation choices. Food and transportation don’t present any issues. The Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary, the only chimpanzee sanctuary in the nation, is located in Nanyuki, which is its greatest feature.

  1. Meru.

The Kathita Waterfalls and other naturally stunning locations are well-suited for women travelers to Meru town. Meru town comes in last on our list. Meru National Park is one of the town’s underappreciated attractions. Meru is a lively place. Mount Kenya and urban culture have combined to create a stunning blend of natural and artistic qualities in this town. In contrast to common perceptions, Meru town is fairly hospitable, primarily due to its diverse populace. Meru is growing daily because of the numerous governmental and educational establishments in the city. It is a conveniently located Kenyan location that is popular with women, situated between the Eastern, Central, and Nairobi regions. As such, you can explore these locations with it as your focus point.

It can be risky to travel across Kenya, particularly in dangerous areas like the border between Kenya and Somalia. Nonetheless, the majority of the cities are welcoming and safe for female tourists. Fortunately, the majority of the nation’s riches can be found in these safest travel locations, which are highlighted on this list. Thus, all of you female explorers, go forth and subjugate the earth.

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