How to benefit from a game drive on your Kenya Wildlife safari

How to benefit from a game drive on your Kenya Wildlife safari : A game drive is one of the finest methods to see wildlife when on a Kenya safari to one of the Kenya National Parks. Depending on where the animals are on that particular day and at that particular time, the drive often lasts 3 to 4 hours.

How is a Kenya Wildlife game drive done?

While in the park, your guide drives around the park trails and stops at significant sightings, like one of the so-called Big Five, for a short while before moving on. Typically, there can be no more than two vehicles at a sighting at once. Normally, the tour leader makes an effort to make sure that everyone in the car gets a good picture.

You will experience a mixture of positive, occasionally even exciting sightings on your Kenya wildlife safari during your game drive and plenty of opportunity to simply enjoy the animals. You learn a lot about the park’s creatures from the guide. In addition to learning about animals, there is also the opportunity to study other elements of the bush, including plants, birds, and methods for tracking animals, such as determining which animal passed based on their feces.

Nevertheless, not every game drive is spectacular, just as not every day will be perfect. This might occasionally be attributed to the weather; if it rains, you might not see the majority of the creatures. You simply can’t get lucky every time!

 For better viewing, stand through the pop-up racking.

You get the best of both worlds as a result. Standing gives you a good vantage point from which to observe animals, increasing your probability of getting clear shots.

How to benefit from a game drive on your Kenya Wildlife safari
How to benefit from a game drive on your Kenya Wildlife safari

Sit in the middle of the vehicle

The best spot to sit in if you don’t want to stand while watching animals is in the middle.

 Ask your Kenya Tour guide as many questions as you can

You learn more the more questions you have. Keep asking questions since our guides are more knowledgeable than they can ever convey to your party.

Have appropriate expectations

Most tour operators ask their customers what they hope to see. Although I can see their motivation, they want to determine whether a person has a true interest in birds or other species. This enables the guide to travel in the direction where you want to see the animals. However, keep your expectations as low as you can because how an animal seems depends on the time of day.

Be patient.

Our safari guide will make an effort to make everyone in the car comfortable. In order for everyone to have a decent shot, you might have to stay at a sighting longer than you would like to. Similar to how you could have wanted to spend more time with some animals, others may be eager to observe a noteworthy sighting that may be close.

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