Kenya Foods

Kenya Foods  : Kenya is the most recognized wildlife safari haven in Africa, the country has got the a variety of the wildlife including the big five mammal species, rare species, serene environment, sunset horizons, stunning star beaches, talented Olympic runners not only that Kenya also furnish you with the most favorite East African cuisines made with the most delicious ingredients full of nutrients the Kenya safari cannot be magical minus tasting the Kenyan food in the various corners of the country.

Kenyan food is the most first  vital impression of the tourists on a safari in Kenya, mostly the tourists are attracted with  the most magnificent restaurants, hotels also at times the along the street by various vendors  where the Kenyan food is always prepared and served, this gives them the best of the unforgettable memories with the Kenyan food that can be served  to them, however Kenya’s diverse array of the simple and affordable local eats gives the great excitement to the tourists mostly the Kenyan foods can be having a strong aroma and so delicious where the foods can be incorporated the species of the early Arab settlers, the tastes of the East African Indian workers and the sweet offerings of the Swahili coastline, the Kenyan local foods are such rich delicious for everyone, never miss out Kenyan food on a Kenya safaris tours. The Kenya food has got what it all takes to make you very attentive while waiting for the Kenya cuisine.

The Kenyan foods.

Nyama Choma.

Nyama Choma that is commonly by the locals as the burned meat, this Nyama Choma can be chicken, beef, goat meat that can be cooked over the hot coals until when the meat is tender and so soft which may cause some to salivate before even being served, the Nyama Choma is the common food served in Kenya, your safari can never be complete in Kenya before taking the Nyama Choma this usually can be locally seasoned with salt and left to prepare its self in its own juices. Nyama Choma is best accompanied with hot and tangy kachumbari, relish of tomatoes, onions, fresh coriander, lime and served with any food of your choice.

Kenya Foods
Nyama Choma

Ugali with Sukuma Wiki.

Ugali with Sukuma Wiki is renowned as the Kenyan staple food, this is the food that should be tasted on a safari in Kenya this is so recognized as suitable for every tourist, Ugali is made from the white, maize meal and prepared with the hot water while mingling until the cake formulation comes out. Ugali is the suitable meal that is mostly served with the vibrantly green Sukuma Wiki with can be spiced with the fried onions, tomatoes which  makes it to be yummy and tasty in fact the meal becomes too attractive and interesting after enjoying it with the use of the hands through ripping the Ugali in the Sukuma Wiki.


Mandazi is also known as the Kenyan food this is made from the sugar, wheat flour, with water or milk and it can be sweet inform of the coated doughnut usually served on the morning breakfast, infused with delicious hints of the cardamom and sweet coconut milk, and also the mandazi can be  covered with the icing sugar on your safari in Kenya never forget to grab yourself the Mandazi during the morning hours for breakfast as this will give you the best moment of the day as your enjoying its feeling.


Githeri was locally adopted from the Kikuyu tribe this is the bean stew locally common among the locals these are prepared from the aluminum pots and together with the beans, steak, beef stock and potatoes are slowly mixed in the tomato gravy, it can be served with either with the bread or the Swahili chapatti from the bowl this makes the perfect lunch, on your safari in Kenya never miss visiting the city market to taste yourself the Githeri.

Chicken Biryani.

Chicken Biryani majorly is the Indian spicing and subtle, chicken biryani is the yummiest Kenyan food to taste, the food originally was from Middle East but currently it as spread in the entire East Africa, chicken biryani is so magical with plenty of the spices, dried fruit and tender chicken pearled into the basmati rice. Kenyan has got more of the Indian and Swahili restaurants and hotels that gives you this amazing dish, this is the most attractive and the greatest Kenyan food that is mostly loved and served in Kenya.

Kenya Foods
Chicken Biryani

Roasted Makai.

Roasted Makai is the prepared maize, though maize being of the common crops grown in Kenya its most commonly used ingredient in most of the Kenya foods. Makai is also known as the roasted maize, this is mostly consumed and taken by the most of the tourists who come to visit Kenya. Roasted Makai is mostly allocated at every corner in every street, also this can be in form of the popcorn, usually topped with a tangy blend of chill, lime and salt this is the perfect snack that you can enjoy from Kenya wildlife safari.


Matoke is native to Uganda, but currently Matoke has also been spread to Kenya even to end becoming the staple food in Kenya, matooke can be prepared plain and served with the sauce, or it can be cooked with the tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, garlic and also meat this makes them to be soft, and developing the thick sauce mixed with flavors which makes matooke to be extremely delicious and yummy.


Kenya being the home of more water bodies in the world, it has got the more supply of fish, commonly tilapia which can be fried and whole serves with Ugali and Kachumbari or prepared as stew, you can enjoy fully this on your Kenya safari.


Maharagwe is a Swahili name that means the beans in Kenya, the Maharagwe is such delicious that can be served with cooked rice, and also served with any other type of the flatbread like chapatti, or with the traditional cornmeal staple or Ugali. Maharagwe can be prepared with the tomatoes, coconut milk, cooking oil, garlic, curry powder, ground cumin, turmeric, cardamom, coriander and among others, it is the most delicious meal that you should never miss out on your Kenya safari.

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