Ladies packing list for Kenyan safari tour

Ladies packing list for Kenyan safari tour : If you are wondering what you need to put together for your  Kenya safari tour, below is what you should include in your packing list? Kenya is a cross between hot and cold, high and low, glitzy and grimy, safari with wild hair. It can be difficult to know what to bring to Kenya. I’ve spent a lot of time packing poorly for safaris and choosing silly beachwear, so I’ve come up with the best packing list for women visiting Kenya. The items you bring for Kenya will vary according on the destination, season, and kind of trip you’re taking. You might be tempted to pack a few suitcases because many tourists combine safari, city, and beach. I asked other seasoned visitors for advice on what to bring when visiting Kenya in order to keep our packing list as short as possible.

What to pack for Nairobi and Central Highlands

Nairobi, which is located in Kenya’s Central Highlands, has a moderate climate most of the year. The range of average yearly temperatures is 52 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit (11 to 26 degrees Celsius). Nairobi has two rainy seasons, just like the majority of the nation, however they begin here a little sooner than they do elsewhere. The short rainy season is from October to November, whereas the long rainy season is from March to May. December through March is the sunniest month; June through September is often cloudier and colder. Whatever time of year you visit Nairobi, make sure you bring sweaters and shorts.

What to pack for the Kenyan coast

Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, and its shoreline are hot and muggy year-round. Here, the rainy seasons last from April to June and from October to November, although they do nothing to relieve the heat and will only increase the humidity. Sweaters are rarely necessary when travelling to Mombasa and the coast; instead, bring insect repellent and anti-malarial medication.

When to visit Northern Kenya

The Northern Kenya is arid but blessed with plenty of sunshine all year round and little rainfall. The month of June through August are the ideal months to visit Northern Kenya’s top safari tour attractions, such as Lake Turkana and Sibiloi National Park. It’s a bit cooler and more tolerable temperatures during this time.

What to pack for Mount Kenya

It’s always cold at the highest altitudes above Mount Kenya, especially at night when it may get as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Mornings on the summit are usually dry and sunny, with clouds starting to gather by lunchtime. Stuff your suitcase with sleeping bags, extra blankets, warm clothing, and items for inclement weather.

How to dress up for a Kenya safari

The majority of travellers on Kenya tours always look amazing while on safari; they have the stunning wraps, caps, and boots, but these are practical accessories as well. It’s unbelievable how much hair you get after peering out of a safari van for eight hours. Sarongs are the ideal multipurpose item; they may be used as a picnic blanket, to cover your hair, or to push your vehicle out of a mud hole. Safari boots are also a must.

 while safari guides may advise you against wearing bright colours when on safari, the colour of your clothes is irrelevant because you will be travelling in a  safari truck or a tour safari van. This should be avoided if you wish to disappear into the background when on a walking safari. At higher altitudes, it can get unexpectedly cold at night and extremely hot during the day. Pack layers of loose, lightweight, breathable clothes. A laundrette is usually available, so pack light. If you want to protect your valuable luggage from being crushed into jeeps and tossed off buses, make sure it is strong and softly packed.

A safari hat – Tilley hat

Since Kenya is an equatorial country, the sun is very strong there. If you are not wearing adequate headgear, you will almost certainly become sunburned or suffer from heatstroke. A broad brim that covers the neck, ears, and forehead characterises the ideal Kenya safari hat. These hats are designed to have a broad brim of about 2.5 to 3 inches, which is sufficient to protect the back of the neck, the ears, and the forehead. The hat is mostly made of a waterproof material as well as breathable and sweat-absorbing. Look for a soft one that fits into a bag. Lastly, add a washable option to your hat. The Tilley hat is a costly yet well-worth investment that is backed by a lifetime guarantee and has been repeatedly chosen the best safari hat.

Safari Boots

Most recommended safari boots are made of palladium. They are comfortable, resilient enough to withstand that last-minute hike, yet lightweight enough to fit into a bag. They also have a nice appearance.

Ladies packing list for Kenyan safari tour
Ladies packing list for Kenyan safari tour

Ladies wear for Kenyan coast

Dresses created for the seashore by those who live there are available at Indian Ocean Boutique. These dresses, made of light and breezy Indian cotton, look great thrown on top of a bikini or dressed up for more formal nights at your hotel.

Sarong wrap – Kikoy

We have the Kikoy in Kenya. You may use this lightweight cotton single piece as a beach towel, blanket, wrap, or skirt. Accessible worldwide for only $4 USD. We also have the Maasai Shuka, a thicker, heavier wrap that is a wonderful substitute for chilly safaris.

What to pack for Nairobi safari tour

Nairobi is home to several stylish nightclubs and five-star restaurants, and Kenyans are fashion conscious. Kenyan women take great pleasure in their looks and spend a lot of money on clothes, nails, and hair. If you intend to spend a night out in Nairobi, you should bring something that will make you feel amazing with you to Kenya. Unless you are invited to a special members club, restaurants generally have a relaxed dress code that does not extend beyond shoes and shirts. Bring comfortable clothing even if you are just visiting Nairobi because the city offers plenty of experiences. The magnificent Nairobi National Park is a true safari in the distance, and you shouldn’t pass up the chance to see the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Centre.

Ladies safari clothing

Everything you need to pack for a safari, beach, and city trip in Kenya Three basic, thin tank tops three t-shirts ,Wearing two or three long-sleeved shirts to layer and prevent insect bites ,A trio of different-length pairs of shorts. Two long dresses or skirts. Three to four light-coloured leggings or pants made of cotton Light and not overly hefty waterproof jacket ,Two pairs of pyjamas: one for warmth and one for cold, Enough pants to last you for a week or longer. My recommendation is Four bras, two sports bras and seven pairs of pants a pair of swappable swimsuit sets ,One hiking sock pair and two pairs of thin socks, 1 set of boots made of pallidum ,One pair of sandals, A hat inspired by safari ,and A quality set of sunglasses.

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