Olorgesailie in Kenya

Olorgesailie in Kenya is a hidden gem attraction in Kenya and as well it is a safari destination, the destination has the important evidence that concerns the habits and activities of the early prehistorical peoples of the hand axe culture, the site has got the highest concentration of the hand axes probably compared to any other place in the world. As well the site is a safari destination with the excellently preserved biological and cultural evidence about the evolution of the man, as it shows the evidence of the human activity consistently between 1.2 million years to 400,000 years before present. With the largest number of the Acheulean hand axes discovered there that are associated with the animal butchering, and according to the  National Museums of Kenya, the finds are internationally significant for archaeology, palaeontology and geology. Olorgesailie is a sedimentary basin located in the southern Kenya in the East African Rift Valley, it offers magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley and its surroundings.

Olorgesailie can be easily accessed that is it is located along the Magado road, an hour’ drive and 70 kilometers from Nairobi, the ‘’factory of stone tools’’ and the only place in the whole world with the largest number of the hand axes and also representing some of the first camping places of the early man in Africa.

Olorgesailie is such a safari destination with the human tools that were so most prominent of all historic items in the area, the tourists on a safari to the site can sight the abundant hand axes that are characteristic of the Acheulean period, that were made by the hominins between about 600,000 and 900,000 years ago along then what was the shore of the now dried-up lake. Also the guests can observe the various fossils of animals like the mostly extinct species for example the elephant, hippo, giraffe, and baboon and among others and these have likely to have been butchered with the help of the hand axes.

Olorgesailie in Kenya
Olorgesailie in Kenya

Like in 2003 June, a team led by the Potts discovered a frontal bone, it is said that the frontal bone is 900, 000 to 970,000 years old and probably belonged to the Homo erectus which makes the site to be the first human fossil found on the site, also the fossil remains were in the same stratigraphic level as the two hand axes and several flakes, near dense of the hand axes. The artifacts have been excavated at the Olorgesailie since 1942, the site is unusual in the entire Africa because of the large number of hand axes found around, along with other bifacial tools (flanked on the two sides to create an edge).

The hand axes that is the main attraction here at the olorgesailie are egg-shaped with razor sharp edges for both cutting and hewing as they are perfectly formed tools to fit a human hand, due to the first settlers of this area so there is a large number of the tools categorized as the belonging to the Acheulean period. On a safari to the site the guests can experience the Maa culture and enjoy their life style, dressing, and traditional food as well they can lie with the Maasai in the manyattas for a day to learn about their rich traditions.

The tourist on their Kenya safari to the Olorgesailie can enjoy the Mount Olorgesailie this was named after a renown Maasai elder who used to meditate and hold meetings with the village elders up to the mountain that is the activity takes you about 3 hours and the best time to do climbing is between 5:00 am as this gives them the best safari experience in the Olorgesailie.

Baboon camp is as well be done in the olorgesailie by the guests on a safari at the site as here the guests meet the congregation of the baboons in the evening that is 1 km from the campsite. The guests also enjoy the picnic safari near the site to which guests can sit chill and relax on their minds while observing various physical features of the site.

Not only having much hand axes at the olorgesailie the site is a safari tourism destination for various activities to the travelers also without forgetting camping this is done at the affordable camping facilities available to the guests as the guests explore the wild nature of the site and enjoy the various sounds of a variety of the bird species especially when it’s getting to the morning and also the guests can enjoy the precious stars when it gets to night and also the camping fire.

Olorgesailie is a birding Kenya safari area, this is where the bird lovers can be blessed with a variety of the bird species mostly with the highest number of the migratory bird species in Kenya.

Olorgesailie in Kenya
Olorgesailie in Kenya

Charges at Olorgesailie site.

Camping rates.

Citizen adult Ksh 300, child (below 16 years) Ksh 200

Residents and East Africa Adult ksh 400, child (below 16 years) Ksh 250

Non-Resident Adult, Adult Ksh 600, child (below 16 years) Ksh 300


Deluxe Bandas

Citizen single, Ksh 1200, Double Ksh 1500

Residents and East Africa single Ksh 1500, Double Ksh 1800

Non-Residents Single Ksh 1800, Double Ksh 2000

Standard Bandas.

Citizen single Ksh 1000, Double Ksh 1200

Residents and East Africa single Ksh 1200 Double 1500

Non-Residents single Ksh 1500 Double Ksh 1800.

Other related charges.

Mountain guided fees, maximum 5pax per guide Ksh 5000

Baboon camp guide fee Ksh 500 per person.

Picnic fees per person, Adult Ksh 200, child (below 16 years) Ksh 100.

The olorgesailie opens daily from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

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