Road safari or Flight safari

Road safari or Flight safari : To provide you more time for photography and game viewing, light aircraft flights (instead of driving) between the game viewing regions land close to the safari camps. Additionally, it enables you to travel farther on your safari. Flying is a highlight and provides breathtaking views of the African bush on the African safari.

Even though you aren’t officially a part of a group, the fly-in safaris let you interact with other tourists quite a bit. You meet interesting individuals at the various lodges, where meals are shared and there are lots of opportunities for conversation.

Flight safari experience, a fly-in safari offers the best game viewing or at the very least, is more reliable especially for big game and cats. The numerous vehicles out on game drives are in radio contact, and the guides at the camps generally know where wildlife is concentrated at any one moment, so everyone is notified to sightings of special interest.

Overland & Adventure Safaris.

Road travel between safari camps is more conventional and cost-effective. You will always have a ranger-driver with you to take care of the driving and guiding. Tented camps are either stationary or portable accommodations. Additionally, one can choose to go on more active safaris that entail walking, kayaking, and hiking to some of Africa’s more isolated places. Although a little more challenging, this alternative offers interesting safari experiences as well as thrilling wildlife and nature encounters.

Safari Costs.

 The most expensive part of a trip to southern Africa is almost always the safari. One’s choice of safari location is influenced by a variety of circumstances, and for the majority of individuals, cost is just one of the many aspects at play. Southern Africa’s safari industry is very competitive and driven by supply and demand. There aren’t many pricing outliers.

Concentration Of Game – One of the main reasons a particular lodge or safari camp costs so much is its emphasis of notable game, namely the Big Five and predators.

Service & Accommodations – The standard of the lodge accommodations, as well as the quality of food and service, facilities and ambiance, affects the cost at certain lodges and safari camps. These aspects of the entire experience are always better in the more expensive properties.

Tsavo East National Park Accommodation
Tsavo East National Park Accommodation

Exclusivity – Generally speaking, the premium is higher for concessions and reserves that are larger and more exclusive. The most notable example of this type of low volume/high value eco-tourism is Botswana, where private concessions are typically 100,000 acres or bigger.

The prices listed for Africa Easy on the site are per person, shared. Almost always, single passengers are required to pay a single extra of up to 60%. The tours begin and conclude at the mentioned airports, and they are all-inclusive. Charter flights, accommodation, the majority of meals, activities, laundry, park fees, the services of a knowledgeable guide, and bottled water are generally included in the rates. The originating and finishing points’ scheduled international and domestic flights are not included. The peak season is the basis for our charges.

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