The Best Places in East Africa To Go On Safari In 2024

The Best Places in East Africa To Go On Safari In 2024 : In 2024, Kenya is probably going to offer some of the best safari experiences in Africa. There’s not much that compares to a Kenya safari, from amazing family safaris with kid-friendly safari activities to secluded hideaways for couples and honeymooners safaris. High service levels are offered in Kenya’s premier safari locations, which include opulent, colonial-style lodges, modern boutique hotels, and traditional tented camps.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

The rolling grasslands of the Masai Mara serve as a haven for a variety of wildlife, including the Big 5, lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffalo, zebras, giraffes, and hyenas. No matter when you arrive, the reserve’s incredible density of species provides a spectacular kenya safari tour  experience, and the wide-open plains and temperate temperature ensure that there is never too much vegetation to view animals in. Remaining in the private conservancies that border the national reserve is what we advise. Guests staying at some of Kenya’s finest luxury Kenya safari lodges may enjoy crowded-free wildlife viewing, walking safaris, and night time game drives in these private reserve zones.

Laikipia Plateau

Located northeast of the Great Rift Valley, the high plains of Laikipia are becoming acknowledged as one of Kenya’s best-kept secrets. The Laikipia region, which is nearly the size of Wales, is home to some of Kenya’s most inspiring success stories in conservation, such as the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which serves as a haven for Grevy’s zebras and black and white rhinos. With few tourists, this undiscovered gem offers top-notch family-friendly safari hotels and campgrounds. There won’t be any crowds to avoid on your Laikipia kenya safari in 2024.


In Tanzania, Tanzania safari is available practically everywhere you look. This has been the way of life for many years. Tanzania boasts an unparalleled diversity of species and landscapes that few other places in Africa can match. A Tanzania safari tour offers an endless supply of unique experiences, from the beaches and coral reefs of warm Zanzibar to the endless plains of the Serengeti National Park.

Ruaha National Park

Tanzania’s largest national park is called Ruaha. Though it is enormous, only a few lodges and campgrounds call it home. This has enhanced Ruaha’s standing as the nation’s best-kept secret, particularly for game viewing safaris, as the park’s enormous animal diversity is matched by its abundance. The greatest elephant herds in East Africa may be found there, and excellent sightings of the Big Five animals lions, leopards, cheetahs, and the critically endangered wild dog are also common. In 2024, Ruaha National Park will provide some of the greatest African safaris for adventurous tourists seeking breathtakingly unspoiled and uncommon encounters safari tours in Tanzania.

Nyerere National Park

The Nyerere National Park (Selous) is included in the lesser-known Southern Tanzania safari zone, along with Ruaha. Unlike Tanzania’s famous safari locations, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, Nyerere is remote, vast (nearly 1.5 times the area of Switzerland! ), and teeming with animals. It offers a remarkably varied African safari experience in one place yet is still comparatively unknown to most safari tourists.

The Best Places in East Africa To Go On Safari In 2024
Nyerere National Park

The enormous Rufiji River is the lifeblood and distinguishing characteristic of Nyerere. The Rufiji, which consists of a network of linked lakes and palm-lined waterways, is home to enormous populations of hippopotamuses and Jurassic-sized crocodiles as well as mega-herds of elephants and a diverse range of birds. In addition to offering distinctive Tanzania safari experiences like boat safaris, Nyerere National Park exempt from the regulations that apply to Tanzania’s national parks, so you can take advantage of thrilling fly-camping safari adventures and guided walking safaris.

Rubondo Island

Rubondo is Africa’s largest island national park, while Zanzibar is the most well-known island in Tanzania. One of Africa’s “hidden gem” locations is Rubondo Island, which hasn’t seen much tourism. Comprising 11 small islets, the area measures 237 square kilometres (92 square miles) and features a variety of landforms and habitats that are home to a wide range of animals, including chimpanzees, Sitatunga antelope, and elephants.

With just one lodging option, Rubondo Island Camp, the island offers complete exclusivity in addition to being the ideal off-the-beaten-path getaway. Take thrilling guided hikes through tropical jungles, go on boat or canoe safaris, and game drive to see amazing animals. About 300 confirmed species, such as fish eagles, pied kingfishers, and marabou storks, can be found in this area of Lake Victoria for serious birdwatchers. Because of its lake location, fishermen can catch and release plenty of the highly regarded Nile perch. Savour the tropical atmosphere and indulge in some coastal bliss in between visiting the verdant woods and observing wildlife.


There are only approximately 900 mountain gorillas remaining in the world, and the only way to see these critically endangered primates is to journey through their natural forests because they cannot thrive in captivity. There’s no experience quite like sitting with critically endangered gorillas in their native environment and taking in the intriguing dynamics of our primate relatives’ families. The most compelling wildlife experience on the continent is gorilla trekking, which is made possible by Uganda’s emerald rainforests. The cost of trekking permits in Uganda is also among the lowest in Africa. Moreover, Uganda provides the opportunity to enhance your gorilla trekking adventure with exceptional chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park and outstanding game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You need look no further than Uganda for some of the most varied African safari vacations in 2024.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi is a montane and lowland forest World Heritage Site that is home to around 350 bird species, 220 butterfly species, 120 animal species, and several more reptiles and amphibians. The park’s critically endangered mountain gorilla population has expanded to around half of the global total, largely due to the money received from tourism. Great lodging alternatives are available within and adjacent to the forest to enhance your unique gorilla trekking experience.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The best place to see wildlife in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is also the most easily accessible savannah reserve. Big wildlife include elephants, buffalo, leopards, and the renowned tree-climbing lions of the Ishasha Plains can be found in the park. Its astounding list of 610 bird species—more than the entire British Isles—makes it one of the world’s most biologically varied parks! Take a boat ride down the Kazinga Channel to see crocodiles, hippos, and other birds of prey.

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