Best Hotels in Tsavo National Park

The Best safari tour Hotels in Tsavo National Park

Best Hotels in Tsavo National Park : Despite Kenya’s size and fame as the home of the Maasai Mara, there is another part of the nation that is home to the finest African savannahs and a wide variety of species.
Southwest of Kenya is home to the sizable wilderness region known as Tsavo National Park. Tsavo National Park is divided into Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park, making it Kenya’s largest national park. One of the biggest game sanctuaries in the world, it spans 22,000 km2, or 13,671 miles.
Tsavo is one of Kenya’s least inhabited wildlife reserves. It is the perfect location to go for peaceful game viewing away from the tourist crowds and to fully appreciate the safari experience.
The largest protected region in Kenya is Tsavo National Park, which is also home to a broad range of wild species. These include 500 known species of birds in addition to the Big Five, crocodiles, and waterbucks. But one of the most notable features of the park is the large population of red elephants, which visitors can frequently see.
Like every other park, Tsavo National Park offers first-rate lodging alternatives, from campgrounds to lodges. These are located in the Tsavo wilderness area and offer uninterrupted views of wildlife in their natural settings as well as expansive panoramas of the park.
The top 6 best hotels in Tsavo National Park to take into account when visiting Tsavo are listed below:

Tsavo National Park
Tsavo National Park

Man Eaters Lodge
Man-Eaters Lodge is located in Tsavo West National Park and offers the greatest views of the Tsavo. The two notorious man-eating lions that terrorised and killed numerous construction workers while the Mombasa-Kampala railway was being built at the end of the 19th century are the source of the lodge’s unusual moniker.
Man Eaters resort is a distinctive resort with 31 fully equipped en-suite tents that offer direct views of the Tsavo River from one’s individual lodging making it among the best hotels in Tsavo National Park. All tents come equipped with contemporary utilities, are yet roomy, and include locally made furniture that goes well with the surroundings.
At the Man-Eaters club, the tents have their own balconies where visitors may unwind and watch the many animals that frequent the river, including elephants, gazelles, crocodiles, and others.
The Man-Eaters club has a retro aesthetic and showcases relics from bygone ages. The greatest in fine eating can be found at the Tsavo River restaurant. Guests can enjoy the continental cuisine at Nouvelle, which is situated in a natural setting. Visitors can experience the opulence of the camp at the Simba Mbili bar by the rock pool. While offering tasty drinks, the bar provides a fantastic vantage point from which to see wildlife.

Salt Lick Safari Lodge
This magnificent lodge with views of a waterhole which is frequently visited by wildlife for water and the stunning Tsavo grasslands. Salt Lick Safari Lodge is located in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Due to its distinctive appearance, it is renowned for being among the most photographed safari lodges in the world and on of the best hotels in Tsavo National Park.
The lodge’s suites and rooms are all situated on stilts and are both roomy and luxuriously furnished. As a result, visitors may enjoy the breath taking views of the wildlife in the privacy of their rooms. The lavishly constructed and well furnished bungalows provide a panoramic view of the Tsavo’s huge grasslands while looking out over the waterhole. This lodge is the best safari tour place to enjoy the great scenery and the composition of the Great Tsavo Conservation Area. Frequented by great wildlife including four of the Big Five animals especially elephants who visit the waterhole for the mud bathe due to its strategic position.
The lodge’s Bura restaurant features live cooking stations and a view of the stunning landscape. The lodge also has variety of menus visitors can sample from the Pan-Asian, Pan-African, and Pan-European cuisines.
Game watching, night game drives, walking safaris, traditional dance and music performances, and a reforestation programme are some of the lodge’s well-known attractions.

Salt Lick Safari Lodge
Salt Lick Safari Lodge

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge
Located in Tsavo East National Park, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge is a lodge lost in tranquility, haven for Kenyan safaris lovers nestled against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. The camp is surrounded by breath taking scenery, thrilling activities, and unmatched luxury offering exclusive Kenyan wildlife safari. It is a traditional stone volcano lodge with views of the Chyulu Hills’ lush scenery.
Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge’s luxurious lodgings include 56 guestrooms, including five suites with views of the highlands or the waterhole. The interiors of the apartments are exquisitely furnished, with walls made of natural stone, and feature furnishings and artwork created locally.
Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge’s elegantly furnished main dining room and outside rock-built bar which offer an outstanding dining experience. The lodge offers a wide variety of international and regional cuisines in addition to traditional safari fare.
Daily game drives, excursions to Mzima Springs, bush Barbecues dinners, bush breakfasts, walks, and other excursions are all available to guests.

Satao Tented Camp
This camp, which is located in the centre of Tsavo East National Park and overlooks a waterhole, is a veritable oasis that draws tens of thousands of animals.
The camp has plenty of tent lodging, which enhances its first-rate service. The 20 actual safari-style en-suite tents come with individual verandas and have stunning African architecture. The tents are surrounded by lush trees, which also enclose the camp’s watering well. The tents were thoughtfully constructed to provide constant views of the waterhole and wildlife.

Voi Wildlife Lodge
The Voi Wildlife Lodge is located in the savannah grasslands of Tsavo East, the lodge is perfectly located in the centre of elephant region. It is simpler to see nature because the resort is next to a drinking waterhole that attracts a variety of animals and birds. For visitors looking to combine a safari adventure with a beach vacation, the lodge’s location close to the shore is ideal.
At Voi Wildlife Lodge, there are 178 gorgeous, regionally themed, and fully furnished rooms divided between the Baobab and Acacia wings. Each property offers breath taking views of the Tsavo Plains and Tsavo East National Park.

Ashnil Aruba Lodge
Ashnil Aruba Lodge is renowned for its exceptional position, which is right in the middle of Tsavo East National Park. Mombasa’s shore is a few hours away, while Nairobi is five hours away by car. On the Aruba Dam’s banks is the lodge.
The most comfortable lodgings are available at Ashnil Aruba, which has 46 rooms and 6 tents divided into Deluxe twin, Deluxe Double, and Deluxe Triple rooms. Each unit is furnished with en-suite bathrooms and is decorated in a traditional African style.
The lodge’s lounge bar has a modern design with an African flair, making it a soothing spot to unwind. Visitors to the lounge can sip on a choice of beverages while taking in views of the park. The lodge includes an open-seating restaurant with a dam view for an outstanding dining experience. Set buffets with traditional African, foreign, and oriental food are offered at the restaurant.
The lodge plans events for its visitors, including game drives, talks on animal protection, expert-led hikes, sunset drinks, and more.

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