Tipping Guidelines

Tipping Guidelines : Tipping is always a hot topic when it comes to safaris in Tanzania, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, and Tanzania vacations in general. Many times, travelers wonder how much to tip. Or why ought I to leave a tip? Given the amounts already paid for the safari, it makes sense to ask yourself these questions after paying for it.

Tipping origins and culture in Tanzania.
Tanzania is not a wealthy nation, and foreigners may consider the customary wages in the area to be unfair. Tipping your safari crew, mountain crew, and other service providers during your Tanzanian vacation is therefore customary. It’s safe to say that tips are expected when travelling through Tanzania, and if you don’t tip, the staff or servers will feel that you don’t value their services.

Why does tipping matter so much?
Although tips support the wages of guides, cooks, and other staff members, the tips provide a significant portion of their income. As a company, we take pride in paying our staff and crew more than the average wage, so we do our best to ensure that they receive fair compensation.

Tipping indicates thanks and appreciation. The majority of the staff will work extra hard to make sure customers have the best possible experience, even going above and beyond what is necessary. For instance, on a hike, some porters bring small backpacks for customers to use, and some even carry the customer to improve their chances of reaching the summit.

Tips uplift and inspire your team. As employers in this field, we know that the best chefs and guides will turn down higher-paying jobs if they will receive more tips from the latter. Now that we’ve let you in on this, we hope you see how important tips are to the crew’s overall performance.

How to make sure your tip gets where you intend it to?
Try to give your tip to the recipient directly if at all possible. You can make sure that your desires are honored in this way. It is acceptable to put your gratuity in an envelope or to divide the group tip equally, but you should try to notify the crew so that everyone receives what you intended.

Tipping Guidelines
Tipping Guidelines

When should I leave a tip?

The majority of customers tip at the conclusion of the safari, which makes sense since it should be determined by how happy your crew is overall.

Note: Is there a reason Focus East Africa Tours don’t include a gratuity surcharge in the trip cost?

Tipping is tax-free in Tanzania; however, if you add it to the cost, there will be an 18% value-added tax applied to the tip, and since the tips will be considered the crew’s official income, they will also be subject to income tax. As a result, the crew either receives or increases the tip amount given to the client.

· Transparency: We firmly think that our team has complete faith in us, but just to make sure we never have to justify ourselves, we urge our clients to tip directly and advise those who feel the need to tip covertly to use envelopes.

To whom to tip?

· Guides

· Cook


· Servers

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