Tsavo East National Park Accommodation

Tsavo East National Park Accommodation

Tsavo East National Park Accommodation 

Tsavo East National Park Accommodation: Tsavo East national park is the giant, largest and the oldest national park in Kenya. Its theatre of wildlife with a good population of all the African big Five members (lions, rhinos, Elephants, Buffaloes and Leopards). The popularity of the park lies on the red dusted Elephants that like spraying themselves with the blue water on the Galana River. Tsavo East remains one of the most visited national parks in Kenya located in the coastal area. The great number of travellers attracted to the park is also attributed to the good Tsavo East National park accommodation that is well distributed across the park. The Tsavo East National park accommodation are located both inside the national park and outside the national park. The ones that are located outside the national park are found just in the out skirts of the park. 

With our years of experience in Tourism, we always give good recommendations of Tsavo East National park accommodation for our guests. There are some lodges and camps which we have partnered with and made formal contract agreements. The contract agreements helps us to avaluate the service delivery to the guests. It also gives us room to negotiate the prices on behalf of the travellers. Before signing the contract agreement our team of reservation goes to the ground to check on the standard of the accommodation. The key things checked include: The size of the rooms, the number of the rooms, the location of the accommodation, the cleanliness of the accommodation, bathroom types, availability of hot and cols water and other amenities. These are all the factors we consider before agreeing with the lodge or camp. This system has simplified the travellers choice on the accommodation. Our reservation officers will just ask the amenities of choice by the traveller and we will be in position to choose for you the best lodge following the level of accommodation you prefer.

However, the government of Kenya has conducted general rating of the Tsavo East National park accommodation. The lodges are graded from budget, mid-range to luxury Tsavo East National park accommodation. The grading is based on the services and amenities, rooms and other factors considered. The stars are used for rating the lodges that is 1 to 2 star lodges which represent the Budget lodges or Camps, 3 to 4 stars which are Mid-range lodges or camps and finally the 5 and above stars which represent high end or luxury lodges or camps.

Our choice of lodges or camps is not final, we give chance to our travellers to review the lodge used based on some factors like food, service delivery, location of the lodge or camp, amenities available, laundry and many more. We base on these factors to permanently give contract with the lodge if the reviews turn good. If the travellers review badly we mostly quit the contract after advising our partner on the cries and suggestions of our travellers.   

We have different choices for all the three categories of Tsavo East National park accommodation. Most of our first choice Tsavo East National park accommodations are located inside the park. Alternatively incase the inner lodges are all booked we have the good lodges that are close to the park gates. This will not affect the daily activities of the traveller on his or her planned safaris.

Budget accommodation

These are 1 to 2-star lodges or camps, they are mostly in tented camps. They have more small rooms, shared bathrooms and on some cases some may not have hot water for showers. They are accompanied by public camping areas, few tents and camping fires. These accommodations are mostly preferred by students and solo travellers in Budget. The advantage of the budget lodges or camps is that you will feel the true wilderness in Africa. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the bush as you hear lions roar, hyenas cry and birds sing.  Some of the recommended budget Tsavo East National park accommodation include:

Galdessa Camp, Red Elephant safari Lodge, Nguthuni lodge, Manyatta camp, Leopard Lodge and many more. 

Mid-rage Lodges

These are the most recommended Tsavo East accommodation. They give the best value of money with great service delivery in these lodges. They are far better than budget as they are represented by 3 to 4 stars. They are closed to Luxury accommodation with much in common. We mostly give most of our guests these accommodations so that they will enjoy the life time experience in Tsavo East National park safari. The mid-range accommodations are mostly in Lodges and safari tented camps which are permanent. Some of them have swimming pools, large ensuite rooms, private bathrooms, private balcons, king size beds, quality food, laundry, wifi, restaurants and many more. Their bathrooms have hot and cold waters, flashing toilets and very clean bathrooms.  Some of the mid-range accommodations we use include: Impala Safari Lodge, Voi safari lodge, Kalalu Camp, Voi Wildlife lodge, Ndololo Camp and others.

Tsavo East National Park Accommodation
Tsavo East National Park Accommodation

Luxury Lodges or Camps

These are high end accommodations that are ranked in 5 star lodges. These are mostly located in wildlife routes or centres at the park. They have good viewing balycons in each cottage. They are built in international levels with supper luxury that makes the traveller to feel home away from home. They are good for high end spenders.

Some of the luxury Tsavo East accommodation include: Kiboko Camp, Kilalinda Safari Camp, Satao Camp and others.

Tsavo East National park accommodation is one of the key factors that determine the price of the safari. Choosing the best accommodation is always a key factor to determine your dream safari come true. They can spoil your experience or exite your experience. That is why we are here to guide our guests on the kind of accommodation to use when planning for the life time experience in Tsavo East National park.

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