Tsavo East National Park Hotels

Tsavo East National Park Hotels : Tsavo East National Park covers the hotels /lodges that are distributed across the park some are located inside the park and others are situated outside the park. The availability of the standard hotels in the park is one of the factors that has boosted the number of tourists that go to Tsavo East National park. The Tsavo East National Park hotels are categorized in starts from one star that is the budget to the 5 star which are luxury this categorization of the hotels are done by the hotel industry in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Services. The main aim is to standardize the accommodation facilities at the international, level so as to create the good comfort of the guests also to ensure the great service delivery to the guests at all times irrespective of the level of the hotel or lodges.

The categorization of the classes of the Tsavo East park hotels, they are all good more classic and conductive for the guests, this has given green light for the best safari experience in the park as they give the most fertile and productive grounds of rest and relaxing after a long day park activities that the guests have done. Most lodges or hotels have large and spacious rooms with the best privacy that is basing on the showers, verandas. Even in the budget hotels the rooms are self-contained with private bathrooms, hot water showers. The increase on the demand of all levels of accommodations across the park.

The government opened up bids for private investors to build more great and amazing accommodation facilities to the Tsavo East National Park so as to increase tourism in the country through the guests admiring those accommodations.

The Tsavo East National park hotels Kenya are inform of lodges, tented camps, public campsites and ordinary camps. Also these facilities are situated in the middle of the park which gives the great view of the game at the comfort of your lodge. The rooms or cottages are constructed a good distance apart to ensure maximum privacy for the guests during their stay at the hotel, also the lodges that are built outside the park are close to the entry gates of the park which also enables the guests to spend more time at the park before retiring for their rest at the lodge. Both the lodges/hotels both locate inside and outside the are managed and monitored by the government to ensure the best deliver to the guests.

The lodges offer the pickup services for the guests who fly in the park using the charter and transfer them to the lodge but under the guest’s request this also is under the request of tour operator if the guests have booked all-inclusive Tsavo East National Park  Kenya safari.

The hotels are grouped under three categories that is the Budget, Luxury, and Mid-range in Tsavo East national Park.

Budget Hotels in Tsavo East national park.

These are the hotels in Tsavo East National Park that provides minimum amenities and services for a lower price than a regular, mid-range hotel in Tsavo East National park, though it provides clean rooms that are safe and meet the basic needs for the guest required. In these hotels extra amenities may be available, but these are paid for such as the breakfast, drinks and among others.

These are one to two start lodges a most of them are called camping or tented camps. Some of these hotels have self-contained rooms with hot showers and private bath rooms. The only difference from other levels or categories is that their rooms are not very spacious in size. They do not have some indoor facilities for example sauna, swimming pools, gym, steam bath and among others. Few of the budget hotels are found inside the park, most of the budget hotels are located outside the park and they are owned by the locals around the area. The good and most recommended Tsavo East national park hotels includes; Voi wildlife lodge, Loyk Tsavo Camp, Tsavo safari camp, and among others which gives the adequate services to the guests once visited.

Tsavo East National Park Hotels
Voi wildlife lodge

Mid-ranges Hotels in Tsavo East National park.

The Mid-range hotels in Tsavo East national park are the mid-market, or the mid-priced, segment all these refers to the Mid-range hotels straddling two, three and four-star properties categorized as business hotels, resorts, boutiques, havelis and the full service or limited-service hotels in the Tsavo East national park. The mid-range hotels often feature bigger rooms than budget hotels with more amenities.

These are the second level of Tsavo East national park hotels Kenya, they are improved and better than the budget Tsavo East national park hotels. These are the hotels that are most recommended level of accommodation that has got good value of money in relation to the service delivery. Most of these hotels are situated inside the park and they have good and marvelous rooms that offer the best and they are more comfortable. They have hygienic large rooms with king-size beds, self-contained rooms, hot showers, flashing toilets ensuite, television set, mini bar, swimming pools and among others. The Tsavo east national park hotels includes the, Ashnil Aruba, Voi Safari Lodge, Ngutuni lodge and among others in the Tsavo East National park.

Luxury hotels in Tsavo East national park.

Luxury hotels in the Tsavo East National Park are the hotels whose standards of operation and the physical characteristics are substantially equal to or higher than the average standard or operation and physical characteristics of the five hotels located in the city which reflect a quality standard of hotel operation at least equal to be in terms of the services provided.

These are the high end hotels that offer classic accommodation facilities to the guests. Their level of comfort is higher than the mid-range and have additional facilities like the swimming pools, sauna, gyms, WIFI an among others, these are hotels are situated inside the park in great strategic locations that give the guests extra wildlife experience at their comfort zone and they provide the best service to the guests. The luxury hotels in Tsavo East national parks includes the Ithumba camp, Taita Hills Safari Resort and spa, Sarova Shamba Game Lodge, Tsavo Safari camp, Kilagunu Serena safari lodge, Lavender Garden Hotel, The Joy Hotel, Mpala safari lodge, Salt lick safari lodge and other various luxurious hotels in Tsavo East National park and among others.

Tsavo East National Park Hotels
The Joy Hotel

Tsavo East National Park has the best hotels or lodges in their right locations inside the park or outside the park which are also grouped in three different categories this enables the guests to make their own choices and also guided when the guest is booking about   the best accommodation according to the various advantages one has over the other and in terms of the prices.

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