Tsavo National Park fees

Tsavo National Park Fees

Tsavo National Park fees

Tsavo national park fees is managed by the Kenyan wildlife Services and they are the ones responsible for all the collections of park fees at the park. The Tsavo national park fees can be prepaid at the bank in Kenya before you go to the park. Another option of paying the park fees is in the gate using a credit card, the park authority does not allow the guests to pay cash at the gate. All the gates that led to the park have credit card machines where guests can pay their park entry fees using their credit card. If the guest if flying into the park, there are clearing offices at the airstrip where they will clear all their park entry fees before being transferred to their accommodation by the driver-guide.

The park entry fees are only valid for 24 hours from the time of entry to the park. Please note that the park gates are always open from 6 am to 7 pm daily and no guests are allowed to enter to the park before or after that time. The park entry fees are paid per person. The Tsavo national park fees are categorised in to three categories those are:


These are travellers from overseas that come to Kenya for a safari only. They do not have any mode of citizenship of Kenya or East Africa.

Foreign residents

These are the foreigners or travellers who possess the Kenyan residential status like work permit.

East African or Residents 

These are travellers which come within the East African Community member states. They pay the same amount as Kenyan citizens. 

All the above categories pay different Tsavo national park fees due to the rights that each one is entitled. This is also one of the ways of promoting domestic tourism at the country. In the same categories, Children pay lower rates compared to adults. All citizens and the East Africans pay park entry fees in Kenyan shillings while the foreign categories pay in US Dollars.

 Other key Tsavo national park fees that are payable at the park include the Vehicle fees, aircraft fees, trucks and delivery van fees, animal passes, special services and activities, camping fees and others. I refer you to the Kenya Wildlife Services tariff plan for 2020.

Conservation fees for Tsavo National park/ Tsavo national park fees


Adults                     52$

Children                 35$

Students                  35$


Adults                      1,030ksh

Children                   515ksh


Adults                        515ksh    

Children                      215ksh

Other Tsavo Park fees charges (KSH)

Vehicles charge per Vehicle per day

Vehicles from 5 seaters and below   300Ksh 

Vehicles from 6 to 12 seats              1,030Ksh

Vehicles from 13 to 24 seats             2,535Ksh

Vehicles from 25 to 44 seats              4,050Ksh 

Vehicles from 44 seats and above       5000Ksh

Aircrafts per single landing (KSHs)

Aircrafts less than 3 seats                 300ksh

3 to 6 seats                                        500ksh

7 to 14 seats                                       1000ksh

15 to 20 seats                                    2,155ksh

21 and above seats                                3,015ksh


1 to 3 Tonnes                                        515ksh

4 to 7 tonnes                                          2,155ksh

Above 7 tonnes                                     3,015ksh


Adults                                                       43,100ksh

Child                                                         10,340ksh

Corporates                                               103,440ksh

Tour drivers                                             6,000ksh

The park entry fees expire in every 24 hours including the vehicle fees. For aircraft fees, they are counted in every landing. The annual passes are for one year only and give you access to all national parks of Kenya that are under the management of Kenya Wildlife Services. The Tsavo national park fees allow you explore all the park activities like game drives. If you choose any private arrangement activity you have to pay some extra fee according to the activity and the organisers. The extra activities are conducted by the community locals as way of directly involving the locals in tourism.

Failure to comply with the park authority in paying the park entry fees leads to serious penalties to the travellers.

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