Tsavo West National Park Activities 2022

Tsavo West National Park Activities 2022 : Tsavo west is located in the coast province of Kenya. The park covers an area of 9,065 square kilometers. The A109 highway that runs from Nairobi to Mombasa together with the railway line that also runs from Nairobi to Mombasa cuts it away from Tsavo East National Park. The Park adjoins different ranches and other protected areas that combine to form the greater Tsavo conservation area. Tsavo west is a more popular destination on account of its magnificent scenery Mzima springs, rich and varied wildlife, good road system, and rhino reserve, rock climbing potential and potential and guided walks along the Tsavo River. The park is operated by Kenya Wildlife Service.

Climate in Tsavo West National park.

The Tsavo West National Park has a moderate climate as it is located close to the equator. The temperatures range between 20 and 30 0C.There are two wet seasons, the long rains between March and April and the short rains between November and December.

Activities done in Tsavo West National Park.

  1. Game viewing.

Tsavo West National Park offers some of the most magnificent game viewing in the world and attractions includes  the big five elephant, rhino, hippos, lions, cheetahs,leopards,Buffalos,diverse plant and bird species. The game drives are done three times a day that is morning, noon game drive and night game drive. The park is among the few national parks in Kenya where the night game drives are done. Game drives are done throughout the year though the best time is during the dry season when the grass is small and short. The best time for doing the game drive is from June to October and from December to February.

Tsavo West National Park Activities 2022
Game viewing
  1. Visiting Mzima springs.

The Mzima springs is the point at which over 50 Gallons of clear water that come from beneath the lava rocks. The springs are found in the northern part of the park near the Chyulu hills that run beneath the lava ridges. The natural open holes which let the water splash out where the guests have sight-seeing. Visiting the springs is worth it with its unique experience as we witness the powers of nature.

At Mzima springs you view hippos and crocodiles, series of natural springs at the foot of volcanic hills. Clear naturally filtered water creates a scenic stream abundant with pools and rapids, habitat for vervet and Sykes’ monkeys and a variety of birds. Wild date tress, raffia palms, water berries, and sycamore figs lixiviate by the banks. Observe underwater life from a circular glass viewing chamber built into the side of one of the pools. Local guides will tell you all about the abundant wildlife. Work out when and for how long to visit Mzima springs and other Tsavo National park west attractions using our handy Tsavo National Park West trip pools

  1. Birding.

Tsavo West National Park is an excellent bird watching site as it is a habitat to huge population of bird species with 600 bird species, bird watching experience is a chance for spotting many bird species such as thrush nightingale, Taita falcon, Taita fiscal, Somali bunting, Somali ostrich, Somali bee-eater, corncrake, Golden Pipit, Pied Kingfisher, Golden palm weaver, Kingfisher, Martial trogon, Lesser oriole and many more.

If you’re a bird-loving person, please visit Tsavo West National Pak is the rightful destination to be. It is challenge to see that you select the best tour operator that has good birding guides. The park as well as has migratory route for many good migrant bird species that come from different parts of the world.

Birding can be done throughout the year though the best months remain the wet months when the birds are breeding.

  1. Rhino tracking.

Rhino tracking in Tsavo West National Park its where guests enjoys all the African big five with Rhino trekking dine in Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary is a home of black rhinos, the sanctuary covers 90 square kilometers which is fenced. This sanctuary was started to ensure the safety of the rhinos.

Tsavo West National Park Activities 2022
Rhino Sanctuary
  1. Hiking Chaimu Mountain.

Chaimu hill is a great observation point for enjoying the views of Tsavo West National Park and the views of Majestic Mountain Kilimanjaro from a distance, this hill is great for hiking which takes approximately 20 minute of a hike.

When hiking Chaimu hill, there is no shade so you should expect getting hot is why it is important to carry head caps and sunscreen lotion while visiting the hill.

Best time to visit Tsavo West National Park.

We recommend the dry season in Tsavo West national park as many animals travel to permanent water sources, the lack of rainfall means that few water and food sources are available thus the best time for a safari.

Then also the bird –lovers are recommended to visit Tsavo West National Park during the wet season in the year due to there can be many bird species in the park even the migratory species.

Where to stay in Tsavo West National Park.

There is a quite number of accommodations in Tsavo West National Park which ranges from budget, mid-range and luxuries.

Budgets includes, Ngulia safari lodge, Kilaguni Serena safari, severin safari camp, Lavender Garden Hotel, Voi wildlife lodge

Mid-range includes, Voyager Ziwani Camp, Impala safari lodge, Lake Jipe safari camp

Luxury, Finch Hattons Luxury tented camp, salt lick safari lodge, Taita Hills safari resort and spa, Kipalo Hills, manyata camp, Man eaters lodge

How to get to Tsavo West National park.

Tsavo West National Park can be accesses by both road and air or flight means of means of transport up to the park.

By road transport.

Tsavo West National Park is located 240 kilometers away from Nairobi along Nairobi-Mombasa Road. It takes 5 to 6 hours’ drive through different villages’ small towns along the great tarmac road which is smooth. The park can also be accessed on the southern gate of the Mtito gate that connects directly from Mombasa. One can also use the train which departs daily from Nairobi to Mombasa. You can also extend your Amboseli trip to Tsavo West National Park through the Chylus gate.

By Air or Flight transport.

You can also book your domestic flights from Wilson airport or Mombasa or Jomo Kenyatta international airport to different airstrips found across the park, like Kamboyo airstrip, Tsavo gate Airstrip, Ziwana Airstrip and among other airstrips with in the park.

Tsavo West national park forms part of the greatest wildlife conservancies on Earth and largest national park in Kenya. The park has abundant wildlife, but due to its and thicker vegetation game viewing is still challenging .The park has one of the most diverse landscapes in East Africa, with several volcanic craters and interesting hills.

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