Volcanic Hills In Tsavo National Park

Volcanic hills in Tsavo National Park: Shetani Lava are the attractive volcanic hills located in the Tsavo West national park. This is the most reason to why most travelers explore the park on a Tsavo national park safari to evidence on the triangle-shaped hill that was formed as material from the volcanic eruptions piles around the volcanic vent. Tsavo national park is a combination of two safari destinations that is Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks. Tsavo national park is the largest national park in Kenya that covers an area of about 22,812 square kilometers.

On a Kenya safari in Tsavo National Park, its Tsavo West national park where you experience the springs, land of lavas and among others. The park is smaller than Tsavo East national park covering 9,065 square kilometers. Then Tsavo East National Park covers a total land area of 1374 kilometers squared. Tsavo West national park is a bit rocky full of the acacia woodlands, rugged wilderness, scrublands and others.

The Shetani Lava in Tsavo West national park.

Shetani Lava is the incredible attraction in Tsavo west national park that is about 4 km of the Chyulu gate of Tsavo west national park on the road to Amboseli that’s where the spectacular shetani lava flows are located. In the word Shetani means ‘’devil’’ in Kiswahili these flows were formed over many years ago and the locals believed that it was devil himself emerging or coming from the earth. This happened as the folded black lava spreading even across areas near Chylus Hills, this is was magical it was like the Vesuvius dropped its blanket on the surface.

These shetani lava flows are said to have been formed about 500 years according to the research, and that’s when the locals witnessed fire erupting and flowing and spreading on the ground and that’s when they believed that the devil himself was emerging or coming out from the earth hence naming them as Shetani and that’s how his came into existence.

And they believe that the last eruption took place 200 years ago. On a Kenya safari to the Shetani lava along the way there are even the presence of the wildlife that you witness together with the thrilling views around the area and many other predators. There are Shetani caves that also resulted as a result of volcanic activity though here needs you to come with the torches that will offer you flashlight as you explore. And remember to watch your footing on the razor-sharp rocks again to keep on your eye open as the locals believe that there are some animal species that do reside in this location like the hyenas that need not to be disturbed, so therefore it’s in proper to hire a safari guide that will guide you out in the spotting and protecting you from such kind of animal species.

Volcanic Hills In Tsavo National Park
Volcanic Hills In Tsavo National Park

Where the Shetani lava emerged ovcourse there is nothing that grows from their so, there do not expect to viewing some of the wildlife like the animal species, bird species  in the area, so the area can be too quiet and there you cannot hear any sound. But what you may experience here is only wind that keeps on blowing everywhere.

Activities done around the Shetani lava.

Tourists who come on a Kenya safari in Tsavo national park are reminded that they will engage in different safari activities that takes place in the area including the walking safaris, hiking safaris, shetani caves and volcanic cones visiting and among others that will give them the best safari moments.

Best time to visit the Shetani lava in Tsavo west national park.

Shetani lava can be visited at any time of the year and month you feel like exploring the destination. So any time of the year is the best time to visit the Shetani lava as this is where you get to experience the best safari memories ever in your life.

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