Water activities in Kenya

Water activities in Kenya : One of the greatest locations to experience watersport safari activities is unquestionably Kenya. There are many different things to do here, such fly boarding, jet skiing, scuba diving, and surfing, to name a few. It’s truly an experience of a lifetime to be in or on the azure waves, enjoying the white sand beaches and feeling the breeze over your hair. Engaging in water sports activities during your vacation in Kenya is highly recommended.

Here are 7 best watersport activities you can enjoy while in Kenya,

 Jet skiing.

For the adventurous. This is the perfect sport for you if you enjoy letting go and getting messy. Typically done at Robinson Island in the Indian Ocean, ride the Jet Ski in the blue sea accompanied by a competent instructor to enhance your safari experience.


This is for you if you want to glide through the water while attempting to maintain balance amid the waves. Surfing, sometimes referred to as “dancing with the waves,” fosters a bond with the ocean. It also includes kite surfing and windsurfing.

Shanzu Beach, Mombasa Channel, Watamu Bay, Malindi Bay, Baobabs, Shela Beach, Nyali Beach, Kiwayu, and Manda Island are locations for these safari activities.


Particularly done at Rapids Camp in Sagana, enjoy slipping and maneuvering through speedy, propelling, wavy waters with obstacles. A qualified coach or trainer will walk you through the fundamentals as you get ready for your excursion, including what to wear and how to handle the equipment. Additionally, you will learn fundamental strokes, boat control, wet exits, and rescue procedures. Kenya’s coastal regions provide kayaking as well.

Scuba diving.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with the diverse aquatic life. Although diving is possible year-round, it is generally recommended that the ideal months to go are October through March. Unique animals like humpback whales may be seen from July to October, while manta rays and whale sharks can be seen from November through February. The majority of Kenya’s coastal regions, as well as the islands of Kiunga, Diani-Chale, Mombasa, Malindi, and Kisite Mpunguti, provide scuba diving.

Water activities in Kenya
Scuba diving

Bungee jumping.

Ideal for those addicted to rushes. This sport of free fall causes you to experience conflicting emotions. You’ve been muzzled up and have an elastic rope tightened around your feet as a precautionary measure. After that, assume your stance and be ready to leap. Families and groups that like unique activities are also invited to participate in this sport.

Fly boarding.

How would it feel flying above the blue waters of the Indian Ocean without an aircraft or wings? That’s just what this sport forces you to accomplish. Water is pumped into a pair of boots through a fly board that is attached to a watercraft. This produces a feeling of flight that may propel you up to 15 metres above sea level and, while descending, down more than two metres.

White water rafting.

Located 60 miles away from Nairobi, the Tana River is the place to go for this safari particular activity. Acquire the abilities required to navigate the rapids with confidence and comfort. Additionally, you may observe more than 100 different species of birds there. This sport is usually accompanied with a lunch barbecue.

When looking to enjoy the ideal moments with loved ones, there are a lot of options available to you in Kenya due to the wide variety of watersports available.

Additionally, this might be included in your company’s top teambuilding ideas. The degree of difficulty of the watersports varies; some can be rather strenuous. For an exciting and enjoyable safari experience, make sure to partake in one or more of these activities when visiting Kenya.

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