What Can Tourists Expect To See In The Western Section Of The Tsavo National Park?

What Can Tourists Expect To See In The Western Section Of The Tsavo National Park? Tsavo National park is located in Kenya, it is ranked to be among one of the largest and oldest parks in Africa, and it is divided into two sections such as; Tsavo East and Tsavo West. In addition, the unique part about these sections is that each of these offers a great experience to tourists on a safari because they get to capture classic views of stunning landscapes, numerous wildlife species and many others. Therefore, in the essay below; we will get to delve more about what tourists can expect to see while exploring through the western part of Tsavo National park.

Tsavo National park is known to be larger than the Eastern section whereby it covers a total surface area of about 9,065 square kilometers. this section of the is surrounded and dominated by beautiful physical features like; savannah grasslands, mountainous landscapes, rugged terrain, volcanic cones and all these act as good habitats to a wide array of wildlife species and scenic beauty.

In addition, the chyulu hills are one of the most iconic features found in Tsavo west national park, it is a volcanic mountain range, which forms a dramatic backdrop to the parks landscapes. More so, the chyulu hills are famously known for their rolling green slopes and ancient lava flows hence providing a picturesque setting hence making the park a perfect destination for safari adventures and photography opportunities.

The Mzima Springs are known to be one of the major tourist attractions in the park. In addition, it is a natural spring, which gushes out a million of liters of crystal-clear water every day. More so, these Mzima springs are fed by the underground streams of the chyulu hills and the springs attract many wildlife species such as; crocodiles, hippos, crocodiles among others and a variety of bird species. Tourists exploring in Tsavo west national park can opt to embark onto guided nature walks, which involves them to walk on foot along the nature trails that wind around the springs, and this provided them with chances to get a close encounter with fascinating creatures within their nature habitats.

Another tourist attraction in Tsavo west national park is the Shetani lava flows which is a black lava rock that was formed by the volcanic activity that happened a thousand years ago. In addition, this name “Shetani” means devil in Swahili and tourists can explore through these lava flows as they decide to engage into guided nature walks, game drives, marveling at the surreal terrain as they get opportunities to learn more about geological forces that shaped it.

Tsavo West National Park is a perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts to visit because this game park offer individuals with excellent opportunities to sight see a wide of variety of wildlife animals including the big five animals such as; lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and Rhinos. More so, there are many more animals to see and some of these include; giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, impalas, cheetahs among other and it is considered to be a birders paradise due to the fact that it hosts ober 600 bird species like the near-threatened Basra Reed Warbler, African fin foot, and threatened corncrake, as well as animals like cheetahs, klipspringers, lesser kadu, fringe-eared Oryx, and gerenuk. Faced black sandgrouse, Typical whitethroat; Fischer’s starling, corncrake Golden pipit, Golden-breasted starling, Lesser kestrel, Marsh warbler, Martial eagle, Narina trogon, Northern brownbul, Pangani long claw, Red-backed shrike, Red-bellied parrot, River warbler, Chattering Rufous, Shelley’s flamboyant, Thrush nightingale, Taita falcon, Taita fiscal, Somali bee-eater, Somali bunting, Somali ostrich, Slender-tailed nightjar and many others.

What Can Tourists Expect To See In The Western Section Of The Tsavo National Park?
Tsavo west

And the best way for tourists to explore through the park in order to see all these species is when they embark onto game drives which helps them go through the parks diverse natural habitats where they get opportunities to encounter with wildlife species up close as they observe and learn more about natural behaviors such as; watching how they eat and feed their young ones, how they play and sleep.

And apart from the above mentioned, there are more tourist attractions that are found within Tsavo west national park and some of these include; the Ngulia Rhino sanctuary which was established purposely to protect and conserve black rhino population in the park, the rich wildlife in Tsavo national park has attracts many tourists to travel from different parts of the world to the park.

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