What Do People Like About Kenya?

What Do People Like About Kenya? Kenya is a wonderful country where most people choose to travel to while they are on their safari to East Africa because it is known to be a home to beautiful landscapes, many national parks and reserves which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species that are considered to be among the top tourist attractions in the country. more so, Kenya is has many different cultures and tribes such as the Maasai people that are famously known and always interacting with these people gives blesses tourists with a great experience and helps them to learn more about  their history and traditions and get to know more about their lifestyles. More so, exploring around the streets of this country blesses tourist to enjoy the fragrant smells of the street food for example, this country’s stable food is known as “Nyama Choma and they also get to see the market places and many other things.

Reasons why many people like Kenya.

Most people travel from different parts of the world in order to visit this country and below are some of the reasons why Kenya is liked;

  • Kenya is known to be a good adventurous destination because it is known to be a home to the big five animals that are considered to be among the top tourist attractions and some of these include; the African elephants, lions, leopards, cape buffalos, and Rhinos and all these animals can be found in most of the national parks. More so, due to the fact that there are so many conservation areas, game reserves and ranches which makes this country more of a perfect wildlife adventure, there are more animals that individuals can see such as; common eland, gerenuk, Nubian giraffe, bat eared fox, masai giraffe, topi, Thomson’s gazelles, black rhinoceros, grevy’s zebras, lesser kudu, Bongo, black backed jackal, Gaboon viper, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, Atheris hispida, common dwarf mongoose, East African oryx and many others.
  • Kenya is also among the top destination for bird lovers because it harbours many bird species that tourists can sight see while they tour around the many parts and some of these birds include; grey crowned crane, lilac breasted roller, hamerkop, vulturine guinea fowl, turaco, superb starling, white eyes, woodland kingfishers, wattle-eye, white crested helmet shrike, nicator, Abyssinian roller, African open bill, half collared king fisher, crab plover, creater painted snipe, green wood hoope, African rail, crowned hornbill, Meyers parrot, masked booby, little yellow flycatcher, saddle billed stork, pied king fisher, African paradise flycatcher, southern giant petrel and many others.
  • Exploring in Kenya gives tourists great opportunities to witness one of the top world events, which is known as the wildebeest migration whereby individuals find it exciting, as they are able to watch the wildebeests cross over from Serengeti National Park, which is found in Tanzania to Maasai Mara national park. In addition, this activity always happens between months of July to October.
  • More so, Kenya is known to be origin country of the 44th president of America who is named as Barrack Obama because his father was known to be resident who came from Rachuonyo district, which was known as Luo Nyanza.
  • People also visit in Kenya because they are excited to see some of the beautiful physical features such as; Mount Kenya that is famously known as the second largest mountain in the country which is located within the former Central and Eastern provinces. In addition, touring this mountain gives individuals chances to learn more about the Kikuyu who are believed to be the small gods of Mwene Nyaga. More so, they are able to see some of the stunning water bodies like; River Tana and Ewaso Nyiro.

    What Do People Like About Kenya?
    Ewaso Nyiro
  • Kenya has around quite places where tourists can be to see the beautiful flamingos that are pink-hued, large and are considered non-migratory birds. In addition, these bird species are usually spotted around soda lakes like; Lake Elementaita, Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria.
  • More so, Kenya is ranked to be among the top four leading countries in the whole world, which are process tea and many others.

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