What Is There To Do In Marsabit National Park?

What Is There To Do In Marsabit National Park? Marsabit National park is good nature reserve, which is located in the Northern region of Kenya at Mount Masibit. In addition, for tourists planning to travel to this national park can choose to travel to while on a Kenya safari in the country. Marsabit national park was established as a national park in 1949, it covers a total surface area of about 1,554 square kilometers, and it situated in a distance of over 560 kilometers from Nairobi. More so, Marsabit national park is famously known for being a home to large population of zebras and for being a good bird sanctuary and it has a big range of impressive tusked-elephant species. This national park is dominated by a forested mountain, which rises such as an oasis, which is found in the middle of the desert within the wilderness hence known as the only permanent water source within the region.

In Marsabit National park, there are so many tourist attractions which that tourists can always see while on their safari in the park and some of these include; three crater lakes like; Lake Paradise which is considered as a good place with scenic views where to capture the early films, wildlife species which can be spotted while touring around the park and some of these include; Kirk’s dik-dik, hyenas, buffalos, gravy’s zebras, lions, peter’s gazelles, greater/lesser kudu and primate species like; vervet monkeys, baboons, olive baboons. More so, this national park has a variety numbers of bird species that are always available in the park for bird lovers to see, and this park also contains  many butterfly species and many others.

Activities done in Marsabit National park.

Wildlife viewing.

Wildlife viewing is one of the top Kenya activities that are done in this park and it is best done in the morning hours when tourists get chances to see the animals in large numbers due to the fact that it is the period of time when the species seem more active as they move out of their dens and hidings moving around the park searching for food, or they can opt to go in the afternoon when most of the animals are seen as they rest under the shed of trees due to too much sunshine and in the evening when they are going back to their hiding or it is noted that some animals are more active during the night. Therefore, some of these animals include; elephants, leopards, hyenas, baboons, reticulated giraffe, lions, kirk’s dik-dik and many others.


Marsabit national park is seen as a best place for bird lovers to visit because it harbours around 500 bird species that are easily spotted within savannah grasslands, forests and many of these birds are migratory birds. In addition, these birds include; African fish eagle, Grey crowned crane, Hartlaub’s turaco, Emerald-spotted wood dove, vulturine guinea fowl, beard vulture, masked lark, African olive pigeon and many others.

What Is There To Do In Marsabit National Park?
vulturine guinea fowl

Mountain climbing.

Mountain/ rock climbing is one of the most interesting things to do because there are so many climbing routes which are available in the park. In addition, this activity is best conducted on stark Massif of Ol Olokwe in the southern region of the park and tourists are always accompanied with park guides whose role is guide individuals through different trails and ensure the safety of both the animals and individuals. More so, the advantage of being escorted by the guides is that they have good local knowledge about the park.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are other things that tourists can do as they tour around the park such as; guided nature walks, community visits and cultural encounters where they get opportunities to interact with the local people.

Accommodation Facilities in Marsabit National park.

There are so many comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities available within Marsabit National park where individuals can always have their stay. However, visitors should that these lodging facilities range from budget, mid-range and luxury hence giving everyone a chance to choose where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. These lodges include; Chico hotel, Nomads Trail hotel, Sand and rock resort, Jirime hotel and resort, Jinjimanna safari lodge, Silvia inn hotel and many others.

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