Why do we Travel?

Why do we Travel? Travelling is the most exceptional that takes everyone to the comfort zone and travel inspire us to see, taste and out new things and hence getting the new experiences. Travelling not only leading us to adapt and explore new surroundings but also it exposes you to the different people. As to embrace adventures as they come and to share and meaningful experiences with friends and loved ones.

Why do we travel?

Travel to leave our world a better place.

Travelling is the best priority that inspires everyone to go on safari. A safari to Kenya when you are planning to travel is the best choice for various tourists, as this gives the rare privilege to actively take part in many unforgettable and truly meaningful experiences. For example like witnessing the nature wonders of the wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve, sighting the big five mammals, observing the pink flamingos in Lake Nakuru national park. Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. And among many others, experiential travel not only helps the travelers to participate, learn, and engage, again it allows them to travel with the purpose that helps to leave our world a better place.

Travel to meet different cultures.

Travel exposes the travelers to the different cultures and traditions through encountering and interacting with them. Travel teaches the travelers about the humanity and appreciation, understanding and respect to every tribe without any doubt. This exposes everyone together as one people without any segregation about other cultures.

Travel to learn.

Not all the lessons are being inside the rooms, traveling is the best way to go and immerse yourself in the real geography practically, history, culture, biology, languages, gastronomy the list is endless. Travel opens your mind and educates you further the travel guides, textbooks because you can be witnessing yourself the real aspect about something. As well you can be learning about the serenity, fascinating facts about wild animals and their habitats, amazing landscapes, tasting the local flavors and among many others.

Travel to relax.

Today’s life style is time starved and technology driven, as this most of the times it brings about stress and truly switch off. Traveling during your leave time, free time helps us to dodge the daily demands and the dramas, noise hence enabling us to clearly set our minds. Travel helps us to relax our minds to recharge our batteries and disconnect ourselves from the phones, laptops, emails, Wi-Fi, social media and among others in order to have the stunning time where we can reconnect ourselves to the beautiful natural environment.

Why do we Travel?
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Travel to explore.

Travelling takes us in the conducive place and inspires us to see and taste to try out new things, though at times challenges us not only adapt and explore to new places but also to experience with the different people. Whenever you think about the adrenaline and non-stop activity, and the ultimate relaxation then travel gives us the best opportunity to go and explore ourselves in the open heart which gives you the clear and open mind, Why do we Travel?.

Travel for humility.

Travel is the best way to go without any doubt, through crossing the different borders, oceans, traveler’s gains true perspective. Travel helps us to appreciate grateful things that we take for granted in our daily lives, and as well travel teaches us to be flexible, to be tolerant, open-minded and the most important one it teaches to be humble creatures in our environment.

Travel to eat.

Travel experiences us to different destinations that have got different stable food, so travelling with the healthy appetite and willingness to taste on the new flavors and sample of all the local delicious is also a milestone, traveling helps various travelers to discover new meals in different destinations they explore which is also an achievement like ‘’nyama choma and Ugali in Kenya.’’

Travel leds to be transformed.

Travel guides various groups of the tourists to be adventure and feel alive again, for example taking part in the authentic experiences that will not only change the way we understand this world, but travel as well encourages us to have self-reflection, environment awareness, conservations and protection from climate change and global warming.

Travel to live out your bucket list dreams.

Every tourist has got the bucket list different from one another. Whether you are going to enjoy the hot air balloon in Kenya and Uganda, game driving in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Big five, Great migration, bird watching, nature walks, Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking and many others. If you can dream it then you can do it to achieve your bucket list dreams. Then to achieve everything its through travel is the best way for us to go and which leds us to storytellers to our fellows and ends us to be the custodians of our beloved planet which feeds with nature.

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