10 Things to Consider Before Visiting Kenya on Safari

10 Things to Consider Before Visiting Kenya on Safari : One may argue that travel is an expensive investment. For the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a memorable kenya safari, people save for months or even years. There are too many options and logistical requirements to consider while planning a Kenya safari vacation, which can occasionally be daunting. It could be difficult to know what to anticipate, and there are a few factors that need to be taken into account for the safari to be successful. Here are a few things to think about when organising your Kenyan safari for 2024.

1:Choice of Destination

Kenya is already recognised as an iconic African destination for safaris and vacations, home to some of the most breathtaking sights on earth.  The process of selecting a destination for a Kenyan safari might be difficult. Kenya has so many Kenya safari Destinations and lodging options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Consider generating a list of all your ideal Kenya safaris. Next, reduce the number on your list to the precise locations you want to visit. Your 2024 Kenya safari planning will be easier if you have a place in mind.

2: Season of the safari

There are an abundance of Kenya safari experiences and activities available in Kenya all year round. It’s important to think about when is the ideal time to go on a safari in Kenya to make sure your preferences and tastes are satisfied. The wildebeest migration, which takes place from July to September and involves their crossing the massive Mara River from Tanzania to Kenya, is one of the greatest times to see them. Make sure to take into account the ideal time of year to go on a safari in Kenya when organising your 2022 trip so you can fully appreciate the country’s animals and distinctive culture.

3: Vaccinations

Travelling during the past year was difficult for many tourists because of the Covid 19 pandemic limitations. Consider receiving a vaccine for Covid 19 and other infections, such as yellow fever, as you plan this time around. Anyone organising a 2022 safari should make sure that they make time to schedule a check-up and essential vaccines with their family doctor or a medical specialist.

4: Weather

Kenya enjoys year-round relatively nice weather because of its equator location. Despite this, one should be aware of the two wet seasons. Any Kenya safari planner must take into account the wet and dry months, or the cooler and hotter months. When organising your 2024 Kenya safari, taking into account and comprehending the weather patterns will guarantee that you arrive ready for the season you have selected. It’s important to plan ahead for your kenya safari by packing appropriately and knowing what to do.

5: Budget your safari

Budgeting is a crucial consideration when organising any trip, including a kenya safari, wherever in the globe. In Kenya, a traditional luxury kenya safari can be highly costly. However, if you book in advance, you can save money for the specific type of Kenya safari you want. Other more crucial factors to consider for your kenya safari include the kind of lodging you will have, the activities you will partake in, and the length of your stay, all of which must be taken into account when determining your budget. One important thing to keep in mind is that you get what you pay for. Be sure to take your desired kenya safari type and budget into account while making plans for your 2024 kenya safari.

6: The type of Safari

Your chosen Kenya safari type will align with your ideal Kenyan safari tour experience. Since there are various varieties, you might need to learn more about them, particularly if this is your first kenya safari. Your choice of  kenya safari type will affect your lodging, activities, and even the time of year you travel. Knowing your preferred kenya safari type is crucial for organising your 2024 trip. With your chosen type of kenya safari, your travel agent will effectively create an itinerary that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Every adventurer should make time for a safari in Kenya. With the help of our committed travel agents and the aforementioned advice, we can make sure you have the safari of your dreams, within your price range and tastes. We want the process of organising your 2024 safari to go smoothly for you. To assist you in creating that unique safari package for 2024, speak with one of our travel consultants.

7:The best time to visit

Kenya has two rainy seasons a year, which contributes to the diversity of its flora and fauna. Although safaris are offered throughout the year, wildlife viewing is greatest in the dry months of winter from June through August and in the warm months of September to mid-November. By the end of November, “short rains” start. Roads may become impassable from March to May due to the “Long Rains.”

10 Things to Consider Before Visiting Kenya on Safari
Kenya Safaris

8: Luggage and clothing

There is typically six or eight additional passengers in the kenya safari cars, and there is very little room for luggage. Bring a weekend bag or carry-on for the safari. Ask the kenya safari firm to hold your heavier bags if you plan to extend your vacation.

The greatest option is to wear apparel composed of natural fibres like linen or cotton. Synthetic fabrics should not be worn since they don’t “breathe,” leaving you uncomfortable hot and sticky. Additionally, since muted or khaki colours are less upsetting to the animals, it is advised that you wear these.

Bring sunscreen, disposable water bottles, and a hat with a broad brim. Make sure you have clothes for the day and for the evening. It’s nice to change into clean clothes when you get back to the lodge or camp after a tiring day on safari. Safaris in the early morning can get chilly, so wear layers of clothing.

9: Where not to photograph in kenya

It is forbidden to snap pictures of military or government structures. You might, at the very least, be taken into custody and have your camera seized.

10: safety tip

A crucial piece of advice is to never get out of the Kenya safari car unless you have armed security with you. Kiss your hat good-bye if it takes off in the open car. To ensure that your sunhat stays on your head, make sure it includes an adjustable drawstring.

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