Tourist Attractions in Tsavo east national park

Tourist Attractions in Tsavo east national park

Tourist Attractions in Tsavo east national park: Tsavo east national park is a great protect area in Kenya and an excellent tourist destination located in the south eastern region of Kenya in Taveta country near Voi, the park makes a part of the great Tsavo national park the largest conservation area together with Tsavo west national park. Tsavo east national park covers an area of 13,747 square kilometers, the park is made up many attractive features which is the reason to why it is one of the most exciting tourist destination in Kenya. Attractions in Tsavo east national park include


Tsavo east national park is used as a residence for a variety of wildlife species, Tsavo east national park is famed for hosting huge numbers of animals most especially lions, African bush elephant, leopards, black rhinoceros and elephants which attract millions of tourists to the park and make game viewing safari an amazing activity. Other animals living in the park include aardwolf, yellow baboon, bat, Cape buffalo, bushbabys, bushbuck, caracal, African wildcat, cheetah, civet, dik-dik, African hunting dog, African dormouse, blue duiker, bush duiker, red duiker, eland, , bat-eared fox, greater galago, gazelle, large-spotted genet, small-spotted genet, gerenuk, giraffe, African hare, springhare, Coke’s hartebeest, East African hedgehog, spotted hyena, striped hyena, rock hyrax, tree hyrax, impala, black-backed jackal, side-striped jackal, klipspringer, lesser kudu, banded mongoose, dwarf mongoose, Egyptian mongoose, marsh mongoose, slender mongoose, white-tailed mongoose, vervet monkey, Sykes’ monkey, fringe-eared Oryx, clawless otter, ground pangolin, crested porcupine, cane rat, giant rat, naked mole rat, ratel, bohor reedbuck, , serval, spectacled elephant shrew, bush squirrel, East African red squirrel, striped ground squirrel, unstriped ground squirrel, suni, warthog, waterbuck, plains zebra and Grevy’s zebra.


Tsavo east national park is an excellent habitant for bird life with many bird species which thrive in the savannah grasslands, forest galleries and river Galana. Birds in Tsavo national park are recorded to be over 500 bird species which include African finfoot, Black-faced sandgrouse, Fischer’s starling, Golden pipit, Golden-breasted starling, Lesser kestrel, Martial eagle, Northern brownbul, Pangani longclaw, Red-bellied parrot, Rufous chatterer, Shelley’s starling, Slender-tailed nightjar, Somali bee-eater, Somali bunting, Somali ostrich, Taita falcon, Taita fiscal, Vulturine Guinea fowl and many more . Because of the numerous birds Tsavo national park has become to be recognized as one of the best bird watching areas in Kenya.

Yatta plateau

Yatta plateau is a beautiful feature in Tsavo east national park and the world’s longest lava flow running along the west boundary of the park, the plateau is 290 kilometers feature formed as a result of lava from the volcanic activity which took place at Ol Doinyo Sabuk. Yatta plateau lies between river Athi and river Tiva characterized with plain wide and shallow valleys. The crates a beautiful scenery in the park.

Galana River

Galana River flows through the plains of Tsavo east national park, the river attracts many species of animals such as hippopotamus, crocodiles and pythons which come to drink water and feed on the swampy vegetation around the banks of the river. Galana River is a tributary river on Athi- Galana-Aabaki River a second longest river in Kenya second to Tana River, Galana River is flows into Indian Ocean and it is sometimes referred to as Kabaka River.

Mubanda rock

Mudanda Rock which is 1.6 km of stratified rock an outstanding feature in Tsavo east national park, the rock is a water catchment area and a source for water to the wildlife in the park, Mubanda rock towers over a natural dam near Manyani gate, the rock is a best spot to view wildlife in the park as it attracts many of them most especially in dry season most especially leopards and elephants.

Lugard falls

Lugard falls is a great scenic feature formed along Galana River, as the river flows it passes through volcanic rock as it carves through a narrower path creating a series of rapids which are referred to as Lugard falls. Lugard falls are named after Fredrick Lugard who visited the place where it’s found while on his way to Uganda, Lugard falls are easily accessed and situated close to Lugard falls airstrip.

Aruba dam

Aruba dam in Tsavo east national park is a water reservoir in the park and one of the main water sources in the park, the water reserve is formed by Aruba dam which was built in 1952 and it attracts many animals and water birds thus being a good spot for wildlife viewing. Aruba dam is situated in a distance of 30 kilometers east of Voi gate.

Kanderi swamp

Kanderi swamp is a wetland in Tsavo east national park being fed by waters from Voi River, the swamp also one of water sources in the park most especially in dry season, the swamp is exciting to visit as you do not only see many animals but also enjoy the scenic landscape and a backdrop of distant hills. Kanderi swamp is situated in a distance of 10 kilometers from Voi gate and it is a habitant to many lions and elephants in the park.

Mzima springs

Mzima springs are located inside Tsavo east national park in the western region of the park and they are a great attraction in the park, these springs are consist of 4 distinct natural springs forming a pool of water. Mzima springs, water pool is always crowded by hippopotamus and crocodiles and it is a best in the park to see them as they play in the waters of the pool.

How to get to Tsavo east national park

Tsavo east national park is situated in the south west region of Kenya between Nairobi and Mombasa making it to be easily accessed since there are many routes leading to the park from these two developed cities. Tsavo east national park is accessed using 4 entrance gates such as Manyani, Mtito Andrei Gate the main entrance gate, Voi, Buchuma, and Sala gates.  The park is accessed by both road and air transport means, by road the park is reached in a drive of 180 miles from Nairobi using Manyani gate, a drive of 65 miles using Nairobi and Mombasa road and on a drive of 66 miles from Malindi beach.

By air transport means there is chartered domestic flights from jomo Kenyatta international airport  and Wilson airport in Nairobi to airstrips like Aruba, Satao airstrip, Sala airstrip, Ithumba airstrip, Sangayaya airstrip, Mopeo airstrip and Bachuma airstrip.

Where to stay in Tsavo east national park

Accommodation in Tsavo east national park is got from a variety of facilities with accommodation categorized as budget accommodation, midrange and luxury accommodation. Accommodation facilities which offer accommodation in the park include Kilaguni Serena safari lodge, Voi wildlife lodge, Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge, Sentrim Tsavo East Camp, Satao camp, Galdessa camp, Voi Lutheran Guesthouse and many more.

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