Best Time to visit Tsavo National Park

Best Time to visit Tsavo National Park

Best Time to visit Tsavo national park

Best Time to visit Tsavo National Park is that time of the year when a traveler finds it very convenient to visit the park and explore the wildlife attractions. Tsavo national park is among the premium protected areas in Kenya. It’s the largest national park that is composed of two parks. The park is also the oldest national park in the country. It was gazetted in April 1948 as national park, both Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park were established on the same day.

Tsavo national park is one of the best game viewing destinations not only in Kenya but entire East Africa. The park is a home of all members of African big five (Lions, leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants and Rhinos). Other big game at the park include Zebras, Cheetahs, Wildebeests,  Warthogs, Giraffes, topis, kudu,

Tsavo national park can be visited any time of the year though its good always to consider to get more detailed information on the best time to visit Tsavo National park. Consulting the best local tour consultants or reading detailed articles written by different travellers who have ever visited the park is an added advantage. The different shared lifetime experience of travellers helps you plan your dream Tsavo national park safari very well. 

Your time in Tsavo National park should not be wasted adventure but be promising lifetime wildlife experience in Kenya. The park is one of Kenya’s finest wildlife viewing destinations that is dominated by warm weather throughout the year. When paling for any African wildlife experience you should learn more about the weather patterns of that particular national park. The variations in weather make it one f the key factors to consider when choosing the best time to visit Tsavo National park. Tsavo national park is nestled along the famous Taru desert hence making the park to be dominated by the semi-arid climatic conditions. The park weather is Hot and wet throughout the year. This gives the great opportunity to be visited any time of the year. The temperatures are very warm especially during the day time and fall down to coldness during the night hours and early morning times. During the mid-year months from June to August the day temperatures are cool. These are also the dry months of the year. On the other hand from January to March the day temperatures are very warm.  

Tsavo east is drier than Tsavo west national park, most of the parts of Tsavo east national park is dominated by the semi-desert climatic conditions. Its from this background that the Government of Kenya constructed the artificial Aruba Dam to act as water reservoir. During the dry spell most of the animals collect around the dam and Galana River where there is fresh water. Its from this climatic conditions that has made Tsavo National park a superb true African wilderness destination. The dry season at the park remains best time to visit Tsavo National park. The park receives longer dry spell that ranges from June to October and later from December to February. You can choose to visit the park any time of the dry months ad they are considered best time to visit Tsavo National park.

During the dry months the grass at the park are short and dry hence making it easy for game viewing. This is good especially for sighting the rare leopards and black Rhinos who are all shy for direct eye contact with humans. The open savannah grasslands dotted with Acacia trees are good for the best game viewing during dry season. All animals wake up early as they catch up with the dues before the sun hits up. During the hot hours of the day the animals are found near the river and other water catchment areas.

The other reason why dry months are considered as the best time to visit Tsavo National park is because the park is easily accessible. All the game viewing tracks are good and hard where all the vehicles can access close to the animals.

All lodges during the dry season of the year are open unlike in wet or rainy season when some mobile tents are closed. Its easy to get accommodation facilities during this time of the year at the park. 

When sighting out the best time to visit Tsavo National park, our tour consultants always take initiative to guide our guests through the effects of both dry and rainy seasons during the safari. For example most travellers consider visiting the national park in Africa during the rainy season is not good yet to some extent the few who travel during this time enjoy more. We consider the effect of rain on a safari on wider perspective like in vegetation, behaviour of wildlife during the rainy season, the accommodation facility rates and others. In fact the green season is the best time to visit Tsavo National park on budget plans. Most of the lodges or camps have discounted rates during this time of the year. The park is also not crowded, very silent hence good for good wildlife experience especially for birders.

During the rainy months, the animals are compact in one area very healthy grazing the green grass. Water is in abundant hence the animal’s do not move far areas around the park to look for water. The game drives are very brief but much rewarding always. It is easy to view all the African big five during the rainy season. Compared to the dry season when animals move for good distances in search for water and fresh grass. You will have longer game drives during the dry season but the good news is that the animals will be found in water catchment areas.

Rainfalls in Tsavo National park are short and limited compared to other parts of Kenya. This has contributed directly to the famousness of the park compared to others. Unlike Masai mara national reserve where most travellers plan to go during the wildebeest migration. Any time of the year is the best time to visit Tsavo National park. All activities at the park are done at any time of the year.

Best Time to visit Tsavo National Park
Best Time to visit Tsavo National Park

Tsavo national park is one of the parks in Kenya where guest only have to plan well on the parking list before visiting the park. Any time is the best time to visit Tsavo National park. Do you want to have your dreams of true African wilderness come true, Tsavo national park is the best. We encourage you to visit the park during the dry season if you’re a game viewer. This is when you have the opportunity to explore all the corners of the park. Are you a birder, the best time to visit Tsavo National park is during the rainy season when the birds are breeding. This is also the time the park receives some migratory birds across the world.

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