Borana Lodge in Kenya

Borana lodge is Kenya’s best and well facilitated lodge located at the heart of Borana conservancy in Kenya. Borana lodge is located in the green environment along in all the beautiful hillside and the lodge has got among the Kenya’s best panoramic views which gives the guests who come to explore the lodge with the perfect spectacular views. Due to the fact that the Borana lodge is located in the conservancy on your safari to Kenya, staying at Borana lodge is such rewarding and it’s the direct contribution to conservation that’s is all the profits that are collected from the lodge are helpful in the conservation integrity while promoting sustainable journey for you.

Restaurant and food at Borana lodge.

The food that is served at Borana lodge is locally got from the local Waitabit farm, which is known as Kenya’s largest permaculture project. The lodge uses the organic foods that are got from the Waitabit that includes vegetables, fruits, and beef, eggs that can be prepared by the professional chefs to prepare the healthy meal during breakfast, lunch and dinner and served by the friendly and caring staff which makes your stay at Borana lodge the most colorful one.

Borana Lodge in Kenya
Borana Lodge in Kenya

Accommodation at Borana lodge in Kenya.

Borana lodge has got the standard cottages with the fascinating views that is each cottage has got the unique well decorated and designed with the hillside in minds, with the finer details which makes your stay well comfortable in Kenya. As well the two further cottages provides the refuge for the families, where the sitting room is shared between a double and a twin where the parents can stay with the presence of their children.

Each of the cottages is well established with the rock and cedar while with the thatched roof that brings you the real feeling of nature, with the presence of the open fireplaces that are lit every evening to accompany you with the warmth. The rooms are well facilitated with the bathrooms that’s have got both the baths and showers that comforts you stay.

Rooms at Borana lodge in Kenya.

Room one.

Room one is straight at the north part of the main lodge. Where it carries a four poster double bed making it perfectly for the honeymooners for the newly married couples and also the room one becomes perfect for the special occasions due to the presence of the private veranda for your best outdoor activities like meals and the best view over the conservancy.

Room two.

Room two is a twin room that is located after room one, room two is the most incredible one with the beautiful views from the bedroom and the bathroom, this is the very perfect room for reading the heart of the entire conservancy.

Room three.

Room three is located near the main mess and as well is a wheel chair accessible, its next room four when combined all together they make the clear combination of the family. Room three has got the very serene veranda with the presence of the fig tree where the couple can go and enjoy their private meals from their as well as relaxing on the Kenya safari.

Room four.

Room four is a double room that is located below the main lodge, near room three at the pool, the room is well designed around the large rock, with a private outside the veranda.

Family cottages five and six.

Family cottages five and six comprise a twin and double room, respectively with a shared covered veranda that allows private meals and crazy afternoons, the room is best for the ideal of family of six people. Though room five has got large single beds with the sweet sunrise and very large ensuite bathroom.

Whereas Room six is a double room with its own private sundeck, it has got the children’s room downstairs with large bathroom, bathtub and a shower through good for the children of 12 years.

Family cottages of room seven and eight.

Guests who would wish to experience family cottages seven and eight these are exclusive that are close to the Hyena Valley Dam with the private access and a pool, with a shared sitting and dining room making the cottage more liked by the guests for all the age gaps.

Room seven is a twin room situated upstairs with ensuite bathroom and brilliant views of Hyena Valley Dam.

Borana Lodge in Kenya
Borana Lodge in Kenya

Room eight is a double room thus the most spacious at Borana lodge, with large bathroom that has the private plunge pool.

Activities done at Borana lodge.

Guests who spend time at the Borana lodge engage and participate in various activities including the in-room maasages that are provided to the guests on the safari by the lodge and among others that includes bird watching, game drives, guided walks, mountain biking, farm tours, family activities, conservation activities like rhino tracking, visiting traditional Maasai village, family experiences and among many others.

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