Kudu Safari camp

Kudu Safari camp is  a luxury accommodation found on the banks of Galana River, in the magical and unspoiled place in Tsavo East National park Kenya Region.  The camp is nestled close to Tsavo East sala gate just few minutes overlooking the breathtaking views over the river and surrounding areas.  You can be at the camp by road transport in about (115km) 2 hours’ drive from Mombasa and 400 kilometers from Nairobi city center.  It takes an hour to fly from Nairobi city to the close airstrip in Tsavo east national park then few minutes to be transferred to the camp.  The camp is in a peaceful place (where nature , animals and humans  live together in silence and harmony )  for Kenya safari adventure  and relaxation to tourists and travellers who want to explore  Kenyan savannah Tsavo  and surrounding area.

Kudu safari camp consists of 9 comfortable and spacious tents with the view of the wilderness and river Galana reflecting African Traditional building style with natural materials of grass thatched roof and local woods.  Rooms are well elevated , furnished and decorated with tranquility and en suite private facilities that includes;  flushing toilet , hot and cold showers , mosquito nets , free bottled water in the rooms, free toiletries, hand wash basins and many more , Tents have wooden balconies , large sitting areas and  terraces that gives a stunning view of the  Tsavo’s  wilderness , wildlife rooming around the river and surrounding areas.  Rooms are well equipped with comfortable beds containing queen sized beds and wooden ceiling fans.  The camp offers campfires that provide warmth to visitors in cold days. Rooms are in different categories and sizes depending singles, doubles, twins, triples with different costs ranging from 350$ per night and above. The room rate keeps changing as they go high during peak season than in low season.

Kudu safari camp offers more services and facilities which include;

  The River Restaurant and Barbeque restaurant that serves different meals both international and African- inspired meals (Mediterranean and vegetables) that meets guests choice. You can have meal in any place of your confirmation Continental  breakfast , picnic lunch and  dinner in the main building served by well trained, friendly  and welcoming  staff ,they also serve bush diners ,

 A well-stocked bar with a share lounge with variety of refreshment both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, you relax and sip the cocktail or monktail while on the sunset overlooking the spectacular view of the river and surrounding area.

An infinity pool that cools off the hot afternoon, you relax in the pool overlooking the beautiful view of the surrounding areas.

Services include; Free parking space available, offers airport pick -ups and drop-offs, Laundry services available, solar energy available.

Kudu Safari camp
Kudu Safari camp

 WIFI internet hotspot in the main building available in the main buildings that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends.

Activities to do while at the camp Include;  game viewing that will give you a chance to spot wide range animals roaming along the river, Boat Cruise at Lake Jipe, Nature walks in the park ,

Tsavo national park is made of two separate parks located in Kenya Province between Nairobi city and Mombasa, The Park is considered to be among the largest parks in Kenya covering the total area of 22,000km squared.  The two different parks in Tsavo national park include; Tsavo east national park which is the oldest and largest park in Kenya found in the semi-arid areas of Taru desert occupying the total area of 13,747 kilometers squared and Tsavo west national park also covers the total area of 9,065 kilometers squared. The Two park are most visited with different categories of accommodations; Budget, Mid- range and Luxury accommodation that are convenient and affordable to visitors visiting the park.  Tsavo national park has a variety of wildlife like; Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, Buffaloes, Zebras , Leopards, Giraffes , Cheetahs,  Lions Etc and over 500 species of birds like; ostriches, starling , weaver birds, Kingfishers, hornbills etc.  There are more activities to do while in the park and at the lodge  which include; , game drive in the park which enables  you to spot different animals in the park and the buffaloes visiting the lodge, ,   nature walks in the park,  Hot air balloon rides that gives good view of the Savannah  plains at 450$ per person , hand craft Ksafaris, Camping ,Flying safaris, cultural visits in the villages,  Farm visits , Horseback riding in the park, Bird watching/Birding since the park has more species bird ,the watchers cant be disappointed, Nature walks  etc. The park has some other attractions like; Olduvai Gorge, Moru Kopjes, grumeti river.

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