Sarara Camp

Sarara camp is located in the lands of the Namunyak Wildlife Conversation Trust, in the northern Kenya. Sarara camp is the right destination for accommodation that you can select on your Kenya wildlife Safari . The area is such attractive with the friendly Samburu tribes of people known as the semi-nomadic pastoralists whom you see with their cattle along with the wildlife that surrounds the lodge. It’s a mid-range accommodation.

Sarara camp is too attractive with the main highlight of the Namunyak area which is the famous ‘’Sarara’’ singing wells. The guests during their stay at the Sarara camp enjoy the company of the Samburu warriors who bring their cattle to these watering holes on the daily basis when you happen to visit the camp during the dry season, as these Samburu people descend into the wells which can be about 10 meters deep. That forms a human chain and the chant traditional Samburu songs as they pass water up by hand for the cattle. This becomes fascinating as it takes along during the day which makes the guests to feel impressed during their stay at Sarara camp. Sarara camp is the only place in the entire world where the guests can view this magical and the timeless tribal tradition.

Sarara Camp
Sarara Camp

Namunyak conservancy has been in the existence for over 30 years. The conservancy has become a safe haven for the various number of the wildlife, where it has got the animal species including the leopards, elephants, giraffes and among many others. Currently Namunyak conservancy is the right destination that you can explore beautiful animal species during your stay at the Sarara camp. In Kenya Namunyak conservancy is the second destination where the tourists can spot the large number of the elephants in the entire country. Not only that the conservancy has also large amounts of the reticulated giraffes, critically endangered Grevy zebras, fabled Gerenuk and among others without forgetting the bird species.

Dining/restaurant at Sara camp.

Guests who come to visit at Sarara camp are served both the international and local cuisine, four course meals that meets the visitors appetite that are served by the friendly and welcoming staff. During the morning time the guests are served with the buffet breakfast while enjoying the morning sun rises. The camp offers the picnic lunch and diners which gives the guests the best feeling of the nature.

Sarara camp has got the well-stocked-bar where the guests are served with the best varieties of the drinks during the evening hours as they are relaxing after the long game drive, nature walk and among others. The bar serves the guests with the wines, cocktails, spirits, and international beers or during the sundowner while enjoying the sundowner with the great looks of the conservancy. Other guests do enjoy relaxing at the conservancy’s infinity pool while sipping on the cocktail with the presence of the breezes from the park.

Accommodation at Sarara camp in Samburu National Reserve.

Sarara camp’s has got well aerated six spacious and beautiful appointed en suite tents offering the uninterrupted views over the majestic Matthews range. As each of the tents has en-suite with solar heated outdoor showers. Sarara camp has got two bedroom family unit known as the Sarara House, which includes a beautiful plunge pool, private dining and its own sitting room.

Each tent is well decorated, raised and furnished with the high standard private en-suite facilities of the flashing toilets, hot and cold showers from the heated solar, free toiletries, white curtains, and wooden chairs and among others. Each tent has a sitting room, verandahs, wooden balconies, the tents have the well equipped with comfortable queen sized beds with clean beddings, singles, doubles, twins, triple/family rooming options.

Sarara Camp
Sarara Camp

Activities done in Sarara Camp.

Guests who come to stay at the Sarara camp are provided with the best safari activities that includes the infinity pool, fly camping, horseback safari, sundowners, bush dinners, visiting a manyatta homestead, walking safari, meeting the rescues, visiting elephant rock, overnight heli-camping on Okra, birdwatching, unlimited Kenya safari drivers, guided trail runs, meeting Sarara’s orphan’s, massage offerings and among many others.

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