6 Practical Things to Know About Visiting the Kenyan Coast

6 Practical Things to Know About Visiting the Kenyan Coast

6 Practical Things to Know About Visiting the Kenyan Coast : Usually the aftermaths of a good long trip are the memories that stay with you, from the faces, the taste of the food, how the air felt as it caressed your face and what the mid-night sky looked like while at your destination while on Kenya Safaris .

The Kenyan Coast is a mesmerizing tropical destination perfect for travelers seeking for to spend a holiday on a beach, take a swim in the blissful of the ocean or do sunbathing on the crystal white sand of the beaches.

The Kenyan Coast a class a part tropical destination with one of the best resorts at the coast, The Diani Reef Resort – one of the best resorts at the coast and it was named Africa’s best beach resort at the World Travel Awards last year.  Diani beach one of the areas at The Kenyan Coast is ranked among the best and most sort after destinations within the region for years consecutively.

What makes The Kenyan Coast one of the best destinations in the world is that it has something to offer for each and every traveler visiting Kenya for a tropical vacation or holiday while on Kenya Safari.

 As a traveler on a tropical vacation to the Kenyan Coast, here are the 6 practical things to know about the Kenyan Coast.

  1. You will be bombarded by entertainment options

Kenyan Coast has a lot of entertainment options you can get involved in during your travel, whether you are in Mombasa, Diani, Malindi or any of the beautiful surrounding islands like Lamu, there is always something/activity fitting the interests of the each and every traveler.  Some of the options of activities you can consider doing during your visit to the Kenyan Coast include

  • Go snorkeling at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve
  • Go Scuba diving with professional from outfits such as Ocean sports
  • Go sailing on an old Dhow in Lamu
6 Practical Things to Know About Visiting the Kenyan Coast
Go sailing on an old Dhow in Lamu
  • Sky diving
  • Parasailing
  • Game fishing
  • Nightclubbing and so much

As a traveler, all you have to ask do is to inform your travel agent or your hotel concierge for the best entertainment options around the location of your destination because you won’t have enough days to do all of these activities.

  1. There is a cheaper way to get around

There is always a cheaper way to get around the Kenya Coast and this all depends on the kind of travel you want you as a traveler what to experience and in which town you will be visiting. If you are visiting Mombasa (the partly central of the Kenyan Coast), hiring a vehicle or taking a taxi for most of the day would be inconvenient. There is often quite a bit of traffic and taxi thus getting expensive.

One of the best cheaper options to take is the local Tuk-Tuk (pronounced as took-took), here are the reasons to why taking a Tuk-Tuk is the best option

  • They are very affordable, even over longer distances
  • They are open-aired meaning that you get to experience to breeze and actually see most of the sights of the destination around you as you travel
  • Operators of the Tuk-Tuks know pretty much all the cool places and mesmerizing activities to do in several locations, they could also share some of the wonderful pointers.
  1. For most of the time, you will be hot

Mombasa and the coastal region of Kenya generally experiences average about 31°C most of the times, it is always hot out on the Kenya Coast and this is a reason to why the coast is a beloved destination all year round. To counter the searing heat, there is almost always a cool, ocean breeze blowing through the region and this makes the Kenyan coast an absolutely beautiful place to go to and simply show off your body.

  1. Airbnb might be your best accommodation option

For travelers on a budget or wish to spend less during their visit to the Kenyan Coast, Airbnb might be your best accommodation one of the best options is the The Beach House Malindi available on Airbnb. At the Kenyan Coast, there are many beautiful beachfront properties offering rooms for travelers looking for homes in several locations such as Diani or Vipingo.

6 Practical Things to Know About Visiting the Kenyan Coast
Diani Reef Resort

The Kenyan Coast is well-known for its hospitality facilities such as the Diani Reef Resort which has won the best resort in Africa for years in a row, however there are many other endless options if you are looking for a hotel, most on the beach too. If you are looking for a more little cozier, a little more private and little more flexible then going through Airbnb is the best option, 6 Practical Things to Know About Visiting the Kenyan Coast.  Many of the Airbnb homes have the following

  • A private chef who will cook on request
  • A private beach where you ad your party can just relax and maybe even have a barbecue
  • Private bars, swimming pools and support staff who are there to make sure that all your needs are met

You can get all of these at an unbelievably affordable rate too.

  1. The magic at the Kenyan Coast is in the water

You can visit any coast around the world and not get into the blissful waters, one of the reasons if not the major reason to visit Mombasa and the surrounding coastal areas is a huge, unmissable and unmistakably alluring Indian Ocean.

 There is always something mesmerizing about swimming in such a vast water body which makes you realize how grand the world is, activities you will enjoy in the waters of Indian Ocean at the Kenyan Coast include

  • Swimming.
  • Kite-surfing.
  • Deep-sea fishing.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Snorkelling.
  • Sailing in an ancient dhow.
  • A host of watersports such as jet skiing and
  • Fly boarding
  1. Food at the coast is unbelievably mouthwatering

Kenyan Coast is known for being the best places where cooking is paid high attention to, as a traveler you would think you will find the best food only at high-end luxury hotels because they hire world-class and award winning chefs. Though you might be right, you will be surprised to find some of the best, traditional Swahili dishes on the smallest of street shanties and small restaurants around. While visiting the Kenyan Coast try the seafood platter at Crab Shack in Watamu , you can also ask your Tuk-tuk guy to show you where you can get the best  biryani in your location. Also, just head out to the beach and find an open-air kiosk selling barbecue fish.

Keep in mind that the food can be incredibly spicy, you may have to make a special order if you do not like spicy food.

Heading down to the Kenyan Coast you will offer you an opportunity for an open mind and willingness to explore and open up to your horizons to many different experiences.

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