Activities Done in Lion’s Bluff Lodge in Tsavo West National Park


Activities Done in Lion’s Bluff Lodge in Tsavo West National Park : Lion’s Bluff lodge is amid-range safari lodge, the lodge is located in the recently formed Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary, Lion’s Bluff lodge is one of the most dramatically positioned lodges in the Kenya, set within its own 125,000-acre concession the lodge is very much run in co-operation with the local community and has ensured increased protection for the wildlife living in the region in the Tsavo West National park.

The Lion’s Bluff lodge consist of 12 traditionally built rondavels each of which enjoys the most sensational view of the plains below. The rooms are all en suite and feature handmade four poster beds, crisp white linen and locally – made wildwood furniture. However, the lodge provides tailor-make program, using the wide range of activities, to make your safari an exciting experience.

Lion’s Bluff Lodge preserves a unique eco – system rich with wildlife, encompassing one of Africa’s most ancient elephant migratory corridors and an important breeding site for lions which makes the guests to have the greatest moments at the lodge because of the spotting of those animals and many more other species of the animals with stunning 360 views across miles and miles of Tsavo west national park. Including the Kilimanjaro Mountain and the Taita Hills.

Various activities done in Lion’s Bluff Lodge Tsavo west national reserve.

1.Bush Breakfast.

This is the ideally walk culminates in the best meal of the day being enhanced by being eaten under tree, enjoying one of the many stunning views within the sanctuary. Here many of the meals are served according to your choice forexample the fresh fruits, juice, tea, coffee and a cooked breakfast of your desired requirements will be freshly produced under a nearby tree by the Lion’ Bluff lodge, while your relaxing and soak up the atmosphere of the bush through which you have meandered.


Awake with the African sunrise and take drive in open-sided game vehicle to an area where it is safe to walk in the wilderness. Accompanied by the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary’s skilled rangers, walk amongst the tracks and signs, flora and fauna of this protected area.

This activity is a gentle ramble, is suitable for all ages for those with an enquiring mind about the world around them, here our rangers freely shows you the environment in which they grew up from, that is their intimate knowledge of the insects, birds, tracks and the signs. Here you learn which bushes are used to cure tummy ache, the ones which store water underground and how to light fire without using matches, the vehicle follows you at discreet distance so that if you fell tired or dizzy you can simply return to the lodge.

3.Cultural trip to Lumo.

As part of eco-interface, the cultural visits to local villages and schools are offered, for the Taita village visit, you are invited to enter a typical ethnic home and participate in cooking a traditional meal and enjoying it with the families, as well  you can help in the local beer making process and you are  also allowed to taste on it.Visitors are welcomed to watch and participate in the traditional dance ‘mwazindika’.Here you can also  proceed interacting with the locals on their daily activities they do  which includes the sisal basket weaving, farming methods and other related activities that they do.

4.Game Drive in open vehicle.

During this activity you explore the territory in an intimate fashion from an elevated position in our custom built, open-sided game vehicle with the   experienced rangers will keep showing you some of the stunning views of the area together with various ecosystems of the birds, trees, carpets of the wildflowers and the animals who tread over them. Here you can be able to feel one of the amazing safari experience is the Lion’s bluff lodge while observing elephants, majestic eland, lithe impala, elegant grants gazelle, imposing lions, adorable cubs, all these are found with the skills of our rangers, the game driving is also done best during its best season.

Activities Done in Lion's Bluff Lodge in Tsavo West National Park
Game drives in Lion’s Bluff Lodge

Game driving is best in the early mornings or late afternoons; these game drives last up to two hours.

5.Ornithological walks.

With over 1,070 species of birds, Kenya has the second highest country bird list in Africa, while the area around Tsavo West boasts 600 recorded species, ranging from giant herons to tiny sunbirds, the diversity of African birdlife is starling in its colour and vibrancy. Additionally, the Lion’s Bluff area boasts a number of endemic species, such as the globally threatened Taita Thrush, Taita Apalis, Abbotts starling and the southern banded snake eagle. Also seen are the Martial Eagle, Taita Shrike and the Black Shouldered Kite and the Taita white eye, indigenous to this area. This activity helps you to explore the reserve area and other birdlife.

6.Sundowner Cocktails.

In here, Lion’s Bluff lodge provides the drinks and snacks (or the’ bitings’ as they are called in Kenya) are served in a scenic location, as the sun slips below the horizon-typically between 6 or 7pm, the sun downer is an essential part of safari life and in the 1920’s the great white hunters such as Bror Blixen and the Denny’s Finch-Hatton, when elegant cocktails can be served to the guests as they are watching the magnificent spectacle of an African sunset, Activities Done in Lion’s Bluff Lodge in Tsavo West National Park.

7.Indigenous forests.

Ng’ang’ao is the gazetted forest managed  by the Kenya Forest Services, at 1,5oo m it is a true tropical rain forest with the dense foliage and moisture, unique birds, like the Tauita Trush and butterflies, here you take a guided walk through the dense jungle and enjoy what must be one of the  most  natural forests in Kenya, you also visit the butterfly farm managed by the community mainly the youth, you see the butterflies metamorphism at the farm and if you’re lucky you could participate in feeding process. Guided walks taking up to 1 hour will give you an insight of different plants around the forest and their medicinal uses.

  1. A visit to Lake Jipe.

It’s about one and a half hours from the Lion’s Bluff, in the Tsavo west national park, lies this fresh water lake that borders Tanzania, host to hippos, crocodiles and unique birdlife. A lake shared by two countries each with different economic values. Since the Kenyan side of the lake lies in Tsavo West national park, no fishing is allowed, Tanzania are allowed but on controlled fishing.

9.Climbing of the Taita Hills.

Climbing the beautiful Taita Hills. Drive through lush, mountainous Taita where the climate is perfect and the views stunning over what is known to the locals as ‘little Switzerland’. The highest, Vuria (2300 meters above the sea level) is easily identified by the mobile phone mast on top. It is possible to drive to this point, Eyale is lower and can only be climbed on foot, walking through the farmlands and interact with the locals in their daily chores.

About 45 minutes of steep walking from where you leave your vehicle, to where the view is panoramic. The vegetation is montane forest and here you can be able to spot the rare Taita Apalis, the Ross Turacos, the Cabanis Greenbul, Skye monkeys among other mammals. Here packed picnic meal is provided.

10.Nature Trail around Lion’s Bluff Lodge

This is the most interesting in all ages, the rangers here especially enjoy teaching children the tricks, signs, insects and bushes around the Lion’s Bluff itself. Taita naturalist guide teaches you which roots and leaves are edible, which are used by the local people to put spells on your enemies, also examining spider nets, collect quartz rock or leaves to make a refreshing tea. Identifying birds by their call and enjoy them in the bush.

11.Battlefield Tour.

This a great deal of the world war 1 fought, won and lost by the European super powers and their allies in our backyard. Lion’s Bluff is situated close to the strategic arena in the East African campaign of the world war 1. We lost a series of unique battlefield tours which retrace the battle lines of perhaps the strangest campaign in British and German military history.

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