Activities to do in Lake Manyara National Park

Activities to do in Lake Manyara National Park :  Situated between Lake Manyara and the Great Rift Valley, Tanzania’s Arusha and Manyara Regions are home to Lake Manyara National Park, a protected area. It is overseen by the Tanzania National Parks Authority and spans 325 km2 (125 sq. mi), of which 230 km2 (89 sq mi) is the surface of a lake. On the lake, more than 350 different bird species have been seen.

Marvel at the large elephant herds.
Similar to the nearby Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park is home to a sizable population of elephants, and you may get a glimpse of them while you’re there.

Activities to do in Lake Manyara National Park : Game Drives.
Game drives are the most popular way to explore this small but impressive game park in northern Tanzania. The park is typically packed with multiple safari vehicles during Tanzania’s busiest safari season, especially during the afternoon game drives.

Activities to do in Lake Manyara National Park : Track the tree climbing lions.
A significant portion of the tourists that come to the Lake Manyara National Park do so in order to see these remarkable, individualistic lions. They rest on the large branches of the fig trees, and you can see them while on game drives in the comfort of your safari vehicle. Look at the numerous baboon troops.

You will be astounded by the vast, gregarious baboon troops as they play, feed, and tend to their young during your safari to Lake Manyara.

Activities to do in Lake Manyara National Park : Visit the ‘pink’ lake with flamingoes.

Many pink-colored flamingos flock to the alkaline lake Manyara, creating a “blanket” of sorts over the surface of the water. Thousands of flamingos congregated in one place is an amazing sight. You won’t miss the opportunity to observe a variety of other species in the lake’s shallows, including hippos.

Explore the Lake Manyara tree-top walkway.

This incredible 360-meter long, progressively rising canopy walk gives you the chance to stroll through the lush forest canopy and take in some of the rarest wildlife, such as birds and monkeys.

Activities to do in Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara tree-top walkway

Best Time To Get To Lake Manyara National Park.

This park has excellent road access throughout the year, but the best times to see big mammals are in January and February and during the dry season, which runs from July to October. Rainfall during the wet season, which runs from November to December and March to June, makes inner roads slick and difficult to navigate. Still, the best time to see birds at Lake Manyara is during the rainy season.

Located southwest of Arusha and encompassing 330 square kilometres of the Northern Rift valley floor, Lake Manyara was created in 1960. Though there are many attractions in Lake Manyara, the Manyara Lake is the main draw. In the whole of the East African Rift, Ernest Hemingway identified Lake.

Manyara as the most lavish place; its impressive setting that he once extolled with the documentary maker, Collin Willock. Enthusiastic safari travelers travelling through Tanzania stop at Lake Manyara on their way to the Ngorongoro Crater and the renowned Serengeti to explore the area’s abundant wildlife diversity. It is easily accessible because it is the first stopover after the popular town of Arusha.

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