Beaches in Kenya

Beaches in Kenya :  There are many lovely beaches in Kenya for relaxing and having fun, and the country’s coastlines are some of the most interesting and historically significant in all of Africa. The nicest beaches in Kenya are generally extremely safe, not too deep or wavy, and there are no harmful or toxic fish to take away from such an interesting environment.


The Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve’s coral gardens, located about 108 kilometres north of Mombasa, are home to many different marine creatures, including parrotfish, angelfish, three different types of turtles, and many others, making this an underwater haven. Manta rays and whale sharks are frequently seen between November and February, whereas humpback whales are most frequently seen from July to October. Kitesurfing and other water activities are available through Tribe Water sports.

Three bays make up Watamu: Watamu, Blue Lagoon, and Turtle. They are all stunning natural beauties with white sand, turquoise water, and coconut palms lining the shorelines. The nearby wetlands and mangrove forests, which include the Arabuko Sokoke Coastal Forest, one of the largest coastal forest tracts in Africa and a thriving habitat for wildlife including elusive elephants, various reptiles and amphibians, and the adorable-looking Sokoke scops owl, are what make this area particularly special.

Watamu is still a rather sleepy beach town, but an increasing number of hotels have made it famous, including the well-known Hemingways, which was named after the American author who spent a vacation deep-sea fishing here. Watamu’s reputation for water sports has been enhanced by organisations like Ocean Sports & Turtle Bay; the hotel’s activity centre can arrange scuba dives, fishing excursions, kayaking courses, and windsurfing lessons.

There are two great luxury safari accommodations in Watamu: The Hemingways watamu and the Turtle Bay Beach Resort.

Nyali Beach

When people refer to Mombasa’s beaches, they frequently refer to the expansive lengths that are located north and south of the city, including Diani and Watamu. However, Nyali, which is a part of a bigger residential neighbourhood just north of the centre of Mombasa, has lots going on for people of all ages and is one of the most accessible and practical pieces of beach.

A wide range of accommodations and restaurants are available on Nyali’s long, white-sand beach, and you may participate in a number of water sports and beach activities. Although it’s not the most picturesque beach in Kenya, the New Nyali Bridge that connects Nyali to Mombasa Island makes it simple to go to the Old Town and attractions like the historic Fort Jesus.

Tamarind Village, a fashionable collection of furnished apartments on Mombasa Harbour with stunning views of Mombasa Island, makes a great home base. It pays homage to classic Arab architecture on the Swahili coast with its white facade and tall arches. Seafood lovers should visit the well-known, open-sided Tamarind restaurant, and you can also reserve a trip on a dhow (traditional sailboat) for a crewed sunset tour around the port. You can either bring your own supplies or make requests for beverages, snacks, or even a full supper.

The Mombasa Marine Park, where you may go snorkelling, is not far from the beach itself. You could also decide to ride in a glass-bottomed boat to observe the marine life. Visit Haller Park, Mamba Village Centre, or Nguuni Sanctuary to get away from the water. Visit the clubs in Mombasa or Nyali at night.

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa, Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel & Spa, Voyager Beach Resort, and Prideinn Hotel Mombasa are a few of the area’s top resorts.

Shanzu Beach

Shanzu Beach is a beach that perfectly combines a populated tourist destination with a relaxing holiday by the ocean. The beach in Kenya is just off the Mombasa-Malindi Highway and has kilometres of fine, golden sand and cool, blue water. You may find lots of shelter on the beach that is flanked with palm trees, but be careful of falling coconuts from the coconut palm trees. Because there are so many hotels, restaurants, and bars in Shanzu, you won’t have to go far to find a place to stay, eat, or drink. Additionally, because Shanzu has miles of coastline, you can walk along the water in either direction if your preferred beach area becomes overcrowded.


One of the most intriguing coastal towns in Kenya is Malindi. Despite having a predominately Muslim population, it is also known as “Little Italy” because a substantial Italian community settled there after the Italian-run Broglio Space Centre built in the late 1960s. Even though there are now fewer permanent Italian residents than there were when Malindi was at its peak, the town nevertheless has a disproportionately high number of Italian eateries, galitos, and supermarkets that offer pasta and Parmesan cheese.

Malindi boasts a long and beautiful stretch of beach, and even though the town feels a little run-down, it adds to its attractiveness. The coastal road leading into Malindi town is lined with hotels and lodges, including the remarkable White Elephant, which is owned by an Italian art collector and combines a sculpture park with a hotel. This beach road also has Osteria and Baby Marrow,  two of the top Italian eateries in the neighbourhood.


This is the location for you if kitesurfing is what you’re after. The Che Shale Kitesurfing Centre, the first of its kind on the Kenyan coast, is the ideal location for both experienced kite surfers and beginners to grab a board and enjoy the balmy breeze and gentle waves that lap this empty beach. Although kitesurfing is the main activity on this long stretch of golden sand, it’s also the ideal location to take off your shoes and enjoy miles of tranquil, lonely beaches. The ideal environment to unwind with a platter of fresh fish and a beverage while watching small dhows sail into the sunset is created by the lush backdrop of coconut trees and local vegetation when legs are tired following a full day in the waves.

Bamburi Beach, Mtwapa

How about camel rides, coral reefs, snorkelling, and scuba diving? Count us in. These sports, along with others, may be found at Bamburi Beach in Mtwapa. The beach, which is located on Kenya’s northern coast, is dotted with cafés, restaurants, and hotels with ocean views. Enjoy the scenery while relaxing in the golden beach, or go swimming in the crystal-clear water. Don’t anticipate being the only beach lover on the sand at Bamburi Beach because it is a popular tourist attraction in Kenya. However, a beach with this much popularity must be good.

Beaches in Kenya
Bamburi Beach


A surge in modern cafes, bars, working spaces, and concept venues, like The Food Movement (FoMo) where artist studios, an organic farm, and market days come together in one creative space, has occurred in Kilifi in recent years as young professionals have established a base there. The annual Beneath the Baobabs event, Africa’s first carbon-neutral event, which combines East African music and culture with a focus on sustainability, is held in Kilifi every year over a period of three days.

The Mijikenda tribe’s Giriama and Chonyi members make up the majority of Kilifi’s local population, which is located near the mouth of Kilifi Creek about 35 km south of Watamu. Beautiful Bofa Beach, with its palm-lined shoreline, is also the location of Salty’s Kitesurf Village, a bustling beach bar. A smaller beach with more white sand can be found on the south side of Kilifi Creek.

The Goshi River’s estuary, the creek, is a refuge for wildlife. Visit the bird island in the creek’s middle by boat to witness fish eagles and herds of southern carmine bee-eaters. A journey to Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, one of Kenya’s first marine parks, is also well-suited from Kilifi. Take a boat to snorkel and dive with groupers, lionfish, huge rays, and, during the right season, whale sharks.

The Mnarani Ruins in Kilifi, which are the ruins of a centuries-old Swahili town on a bluff overlooking the creek, are located on land. The location has a 900-year-old baobab tree and two Mnarani mosques from the 15th century.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach, which is 30 km south of Mombasa, has long been a favourite with tourists because of its lengthy stretch of fine, powder-white sand, superb selection of hotels, hostels, and serviced beach villas, as well as an abundance of restaurants and bars. Almost all of the popular beach activities, like as stand-up paddle boarding, kitesurfing, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing, are popular in Diani. For a perspective from the air, you can even go skydiving.

Kikambala Beach

Kikambala Beach, which is 33 kilometres (21 miles) north of Mombasa, is not the easiest place to get to because the road terminates just a few hundred metres from the water. However, if you enjoy snorkelling and calm beaches, it’s worth the trip. At low tide, you can stroll out to the coral reef on the dazzlingly white beach. It’s a popular beach with the locals, which gives it a unique atmosphere at sunset when kids play with soccer balls and people unwind with cold beers at tiny beach shacks.

Galu Beach

Galu, also known as Galu Kinondo, is another infinite length of coastline south of Mombasa and is frequently thought of as an extension of Diani Beach. Compared to Diani, this stretch of beach is a little more isolated, less developed, and has more coastal scrub. The last remnant jungle on the Kenyan coast, Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is revered by the locals and is home to vervet and colobus monkeys.

Lamu Island, Lamu Archipelago

Visits to Lamu Island might feel like stepping back in time due to the slow pace of travel, the continued practise of ancient trades like carpentry and boat building, and the usage of donkeys rather than private vehicles for transportation. One of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili communities in East Africa is the 13th-century port city of Lamu Town. The architecture of the islands shows elements from Africa, Asia, and Europe, especially in the decorative doorways.


The only private island resort in Kenya is situated less than the length of a football pitch from the mainland, but it seems much farther away. The island, which is surrounded by coral reefs and is covered in dense tropical vegetation, has one main beach and numerous smaller, more isolated coves where you’re likely to be the only footprints in the sand. A number of endangered sea turtle species nest near Chale, with the exception of amphibian fins.


It’s a true hidden gem, this. Due to its lack of services, this peaceful beach is frequently passed over in favour of its neighbour, Diani Beach. There are no pubs or restaurants to hang out in, and the only other accommodations are cottages and guesthouses aside from the 4-star Tiwi Beach Resort.

Tiwi makes up for this shortcoming by being one of the best snorkelling locations; you can reach out and touch the coral reef while strolling down the beach. Locals enjoy it, particularly those from Nairobi. The absence of beach boys enhances the charm of this beach. If you’re still insistent, you can reach Diani Beach by crossing the Mwachema River at low tide.

Kenyatta Beach

A public beach called Kenyatta may be found in Mombasa’s Bamburi neighbourhood. Due to the constant activity, the beach draws both domestic and foreign visitors. The beach is suitable for enjoyable activities like swimming with family and friends, despite certain negatives like overpopulation and pollution.

The beach is an ideal setting for travellers to socialise and surf while having fun in the sun. There will be several sellers of drinks, ice cream delights, and other goodies. The most popular activities on this beach are water sports and sailing excursions.

Funzi Island

For those looking for a private experience of the best Kenyan beaches, Funzi is the perfect vacation beach. The beach is situated on Funzi Island, which is 65 kilometres from Mombasa and 35 kilometres from Diani Beach on Kenya’s south coast. With its unspoiled tropical beauty, vibrant fauna, and upscale accommodations, Funzi Beach will wow you. It is well renowned for the way that culture, wildlife, and unusual scenery coexist in a relaxing way.

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