Best places to see Rhinos in Kenya on a Kenya Safari

Best places to see Rhinos in Kenya on a Kenya Safari : Rhinos are among the major safari attractions to the most of the tourists who come to explore in Kenya with the most leading destinations that have got various population of the rhinos including both the black and the white rhinos, where the black rhinos are more than the white rhinos, and that are over 600. But before anything it’s important to know where to see the rhinos in Kenya, the country remains as the only place on the planet where the tourists can watch the black and white rhinos. Rhinos are such attractive animal species being among the member of the big five animal species. And here are the best places where tourists can spot the Rhinos in Kenya.

Best places to see rhinos in Kenya on a safari.

Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park in Kenya has the best spotting point for rhinos, the park is located few kilometers from Nairobi city. The park is well known for the availability of the black rhinos that has make the park special in Africa. Tourists who come to Nairobi National Park enjoy spotting the rhinos as they are crossing the savannah with the Nairobi’s skyscrapers in the background which makes your safari the fascinating one.

Rhinos in Nairobi national park

Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Ol Pejeta conservancy is located in the northern Kenya in the Laikipia plateau, the conservancy is a private sector with a lot of the rhinos population in the country. Ol Pejeta’s conservancy rhinos contribute a lot to the population of the rhinos that are found in the country. During you safari to spot the rhinos in Ol Pejeta conservancy you can proceed to the endangered species Boma that is so close to the conservancy where the tourists can spot the white rhinos which makes the safari the most enjoyful one.

Lewa wildlife conservancy.

Lewa wildlife conservancy is situated in the north in Laikipia, the conservancy has supported and conserved high numbers of the rhino population in fact that’s the reason to why the rhinos are still existing in Kenya, the conservancy has protected the high numbers of the rhinos for a long period of time ever since 1980’s both the white and the black rhinos. On a safari to the Lewa wildlife conservancy and on your stay to the Lewa’s top-end lodges to the conservancy it’s an added advantage for you freely to spot the large number of the rhinos in the conservancy as well as Lewa’s orphan rhino project which gives you the amazing sighting of the unique rhino creatures.

Borana wildlife conservancy.

Borana wildlife conservancy as well is located in the northern part of Kenya in fact the conservancy it’s next to the Lewa wildlife conservancy. Borana wildlife conservancy being located on a large piece of land that inhabits the population of large numbers of the rhinos which is now popularly known as the world’s most important rhino sanctuaries. In Kenya Borana wildlife conservancy is the very attractive sanctuary known for large populations of the rhinos.

Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, where the park is such incredible to be visited by the tourists who love nature, that is the park boasts large population of both black and white rhinos that are currently present their in the large numbers, this is among the national park in Kenya known for its rhinos especially the white rhinos at times these tend to occupy the shores of the lake, which can be easily sighted on your Kenya safari.

Tsavo National Park.

Tsavo national park especially Tsavo west is the most attractive where it has preserved the rhinos in the Ngulia Rhino sanctuary located in the south-eastern Kenya, over 78 rhinos do stay in the sanctuary. Not only in the sanctuary but the rhinos can be seen through the heart of the park that gives the tourists the clear view of the rhinos that are present in the park.

Best places to see Rhinos in Kenya on a Kenya Safari
Tsavo Rhinos

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Maasai Mara National reserve being the top most safari in destination in Kenya, including the great migration, the big cats and the big five mammals, the rhinos being among the big five mammals during a Kenya safari like game driving it’s very easy for the tourists to spot the rhinos most especially the black rhinos.

Solio Game Reserve.

Solio in Kenya is known as Kenya’s oldest rhino sanctuary in Nyeri, most of the rhinos that are spread in the country originated from this reserve due to the presence of the open horizons here makes the perfect sightings of the rhinos in Kenya, the reserve has 22% of the rhinos and also known worldwide.

Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare National Park has got large numbers of the black rhinos that mostly stay in the forested slopes of Aberdare National Park where the tourists can easily spot the rhinos in the park which makes them to fulfill the dream of spotting the rhinos in Kenya.

Other destinations to where the tourists can spot the rhino species in Kenya includes the Meru National Park, Ruma National Park, Amboseli National Park and many others.

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