Best Reasons to Visit Lake Naivasha

Best Reasons to Visit Lake Naivasha : Lake Naivasha is the popular and attractive safari destination for the tourists especially the locals during the weekends on a Kenya safari. Lake Naivasha is the excellent way how the tourists can have the best relaxation away from the noise of the city as this is the right time when the tourists can best spot the active pursuits such as horse-riding, cycling, hiking, game viewing and among others that gives tourists the best safari ever in their lives.

Lake Naivasha is the great haven destination located in the North West of Nairobi city, in Nakuru County which is the part of the Great Rift Valley. The Lake is easily accessed from Nairobi city that takes tourists one and a half hours drive from the city to the lake while admiring the great scenic views of the amazing Rift Valley Escarpments and lush environment.

Best reasons to visit Lake Naivasha.

Animal viewing.

Lake Naivasha is the great opportunity to go where the tourists can have the best views of the haven wildlife. Tourists on a safari to Lake Naivasha get the chance to spot the large number of animal species that can be seen including the buffalos, antelopes, zebras, waterbucks, giraffes, hippos and among others. This will give the tourists the best safari experiences after spotting the numbers of animal species around the lake.

Bird watching.

There is nothing that beats bird watching in Kenya like Lake Naivasha. Being located in the great rift valley, Lake Naivasha is the safari destination that largely holds the diverse water bird community with over 80 bird species that can be regularly recorded, also the lake being in the range of the thick papyrus holds the diverse numbers of bird species like the flamingos, spoonbill, weaver birds, African fish eagle and among others. Tourists who have never discovered the perfect birding safari then they should carry out birdwatching in Lake Naivasha.

Love for adventure.

Lake Naivasha is the best safari destination for the tourists who have the big love for adventure that is the destination majorly provides the tourists with the best safari moments. Especially during morning the tourists do begin with the hiking safari that gives the tourists the big excitement for adventure as while carrying out hiking they can have the best spotting of the animal species along like the buffalos, antelopes and among others without leaving behind the bird species.

Boat cruise.

Best Reasons to Visit Lake Naivasha
Boat Cruise on Lake Naivasha

There is nothing magical like experiencing the boat cruise on Lake Naivasha. This is the natural bond that relates tourists with the nature. This is the best way how the safari at Lake Naivasha becomes complete as the tourists are enjoying the fresh air along the Lake. Also the tourists can watch the wildlife along the lake shores like the bird species, animal species as they are basking in the waters of the lake and other animal species that happen to come along.


Lake Naivasha is the strong bond to why Kenya safari becomes more interesting that is, tourists can enjoy the best experiences after carrying out hiking safari. On Mount Longnot that allows every tourist to participate in it since the hiking does not need experience just in fact it needs someone’s fitness and the hiking safaris takes 2 to 4hours, as this gives tourists the best safari moments where the tourists can be able to spot the diverse biodiversity in the place.

Horseback riding.

Horseback riding is one of the exciting safari activity that takes place at Lake Naivasha. Sitting at the back of the horse gives the best safari opportunity to the tourists to encounter the animal species so close on the horse with the help of the game ranger as the guide is close to the wildlife, this is the gorgeous safari activity for the most of the tourists who happen to explore the destination especially the honeymooners and the first time guests where they feel the welcoming and comfortable fresh air in the amazing African environment.

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