Birding Equipments Used in Tsavo National Park 2022


Birding Equipments Used in Tsavo National Park 2022 : Tsavo national park covers East and West Tsavo national park, the combined area of Tsavo National Park represents one of Africa’s most vast tracts of wilderness and at a gargantuan 21,000 square kilometers is Kenya’s biggest national park. Tsavo national park is such a large area is inevitably characterized by huge contracts in its topography, with soaring volcanic hills, open savannah plains, rolling grasslands and shrub-land offering a vast and rugged area of exploration to thrill while on Kenya Safaris .

Birding in Tsavo National Park.

Especially in Tsavo West National Park there is huge population of birds and is ranked among the best bird spotting areas in Kenya, the park is filled with many spots which habit numerous birds such as savannah plains, around Tsavo River, acacia vegetation and Ngulia hills area.

Tsavo West’s prolific features over 400-recorded species. Ngulia Hills, one of the landmarks in the park, is situated along one of the world’s busiest avian migration routes. Bird ringers make an annual pilgrimage here between October and January. Ngulia is the site of Africa’s foremost bird-ringing (tagging to enable individual bird identification) project. More than 100 migrant and resident species have been ringed here-the most prolific being marsh warbler, river warbler, red-backed shrike, thrush nightingale and common whitethroat.

Tsavo East has an impressive checklist of over 500 bird species. It has many dry-country specials which are easy to spot, including the magnificent golden-breasted starling, golden pipit and vulturine Guinea fowl. The park is also the southernmost stronghold for the Somali Ostrich. The park’s huge area is a significant wintering ground for migrant species from Europe. Migrant birds are present from November to April.

Birding Equipments Used in Tsavo National Park 2022
Red-backed shrike

Major birding requirements in birding in Tsavo National Park 2022.


Binoculars are versatile tools that provide enlarged images of distant objects, these are used in variety of settings, such as hiking, wildlife viewing, birding, hunting, stargazing, golf, sports events and theatre. Binoculars are made of two telescopes mounted on a single frame that allow the use of both eyes.

Binoculars afford you a more natural ‘3D view’ of the bird, since you are looking through two optical tubes and therefore, viewing the birds with both eyes. Human vision is stereoscopic and sighting through two optical devices gives a birder the most natural view.

Complete Telescope.

Complete Telescope is a tool that birders use to see far away bird species for example bird species in the trees, through most telescopes and all large telescopes work by using curved mirrors to gather and focus.

Telescopes can absolutely be used to catch sightings of birds and it’s amazing, telescopes are used for the purpose of bird watching are commonly known as spotting scopes, and there are a whole ton of them out there modified for exactly this purpose, telescopes are also used to make terrestrial observations of birds with the addition of specialized accessories.

Birding Equipments Used in Tsavo National Park 2022

Sound players.

Sound players are portable music players that play music as audio files such as MP3, in addition the most of these devices allow to store video, pictures and to receive radio and TV programs.

The use of playbacks of recordings of those sounds has been a powerful tool for ornithologists for decades, play vocalizations at different times of the day or at different times of a season helps us understand the function of different sounds birds usually appear to that place where there is sound, in that the birds are easily watched, seen and recorded. Playbacks can be easily used to map the boundary of bird’s territory thus Birding Equipments Used in Tsavo National Park 2022.

Sound recorder.

Sound recorder can be used to record audio for up to three hours per recorded file. Sound recording is very nice during the breeding season is when the use of recordings can be most effective.

Sound recorders are used to erase and reuse tapes without the loss of recording quality, through an electromagnetic erase head, record signal can be removed, the tape can be reused and even if the recording tape breaks, it can be spliced and repaired still the sounds of birds can be kept and also this helps to identify different types of bird species by listening to their sounds.


Cameras are devices for recording an image of an object on a light-sensitive surface, it is essentially a light-tight box with an aperture to admit light focused onto a sensitized film or plate.

During birding the cameras are also vital for communication, education and preservation of history because they can be having various bird species.

And the best time for photography is either early mornings or late afternoons during birding, but early mornings are typically the best for bird photography, because birds actively look for food for themselves and their offspring that’s the best time you can take the best and clear pictures of birds.

Best time for birding in Tsavo National Park.

Tsavo East National Park.

All time is good for birding, but the migratory birdlife in Tsavo East National Park usually come during the breeding time, especially in the months of March and May as well as November. Even the coastal bird species do visit at this time of the year, there by making it the best time to enjoy birding safaris in Tsavo East National Park.

Tsavo West National Park.

All the time is good for birding, but in Tsavo West National Park is the greatest throughout the year and resident bird species are easy to spot, for tourists interested in migratory bird species they are easily spotted in the period of November to April and the peak months are October and November.

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