Boat Safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park

Boat Safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park : Lake Nakuru national park is a scenic safari destination that has got the open savannah grassland to the thickets and woodlands, grass plains to dusty shorelines that inhabit the large number of the animal species. That roar in the park where the animal species are left to move freely in the park as they mark their suitable territories including the animal species including the big four mammals of the big five mammals like the rhino, buffaloes, lions and the leopard and among others. The park has got the high cliffs to sloppy sub escarpments and the rocky grounds to marshy/swampy areas in the park.

Other animal species that do inhabit in Lake Nakuru national park includes over 55 mammal species including the waterbuck, impala, gazelles, Rothschild giraffe, and among others including the hippos, water bird species and other bird species that inhabit the park including the residents, migratory and among others.

Lake Nakuru National park is the charming safari destination where most of the travelers explore the safari destination as the tourists can relax on Lake Nakuru on a Kenya safari to experience the plenty of interesting sights to enjoy. On a safari to Lake Nakuru National Park boat safaris is provided to the nature lovers to adventure the destination by an experienced Lake Nakuru resident naturalist and the boats range with a certain number people from 7 to 8 people. Also if it’s a group of friends or family, this can be booked on the exclusive basis for half and the full-day safaris on the lake.

Boat safari in Lake Nakuru national park is such considerable that is where the individual travelers, groups, photo safari tour enjoy the boat safari while taking the best pictures with the clear background, while viewing the various animal species along the lake shores as they are drinking water and bathing like the elephants, buffalos, and others as well as viewing different water bird species along the lake with the famous flamingos that tend to flock around the lake which offers the tourists with the impressive, white pelicans, water fowl and among others.

Boat Safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park
Boat Safaris in Lake Nakuru National Park

Boat safari on Lake Nakuru is the most fascinating one starting from the lake itself is a remarkably picturesque. The travelers who are nature lovers during the boat cruise experience the number of the spectacular sceneries where the travelers can make stop overs and do enjoy the views of Lake Nakuru as they gasp a breath from the fresh-cool breeze. Then the picnic sites are located near Lake Nakuru where the visitors can gasp a breath from the fresh-cool breeze. As these picnic sites where they can keep enjoying their packed lunch and the snacks or bites. These includes the Lion hill, the Baboon cliff view point, Makalia water falls, Out of Africa Look out.

More so, on a Kenya safari their is nothing that can beat boat safari in Lake Nakuru national park where as this is an exciting yet relaxing Lake safari experience where the travelers get to experience with the plenty of the colour and the best ever sights to enjoy. On the safari the guests are provided jackets. Then the breakfast can be served together with the cool sparkling wine can be offered to the travelers especially during the morning hours to experience the best safari experience and the ride lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

After the morning boat cruise the travelers can be surprised with the sundowner experience where the travelers enjoy the bittings together with the selection of both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic like the soft drinks to which the activity takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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