Chui Lodge in Nakuru

Chui Lodge in Nakuru is the stunning mid-range accommodation lodge located in the Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary, the lodge is so attractive being above the golden shores of Lake Naivasha is the one of the impressing true natural wonders of the world that is the Great Rift Valley, on a safari the guests do explore into the most Kenya’s most prized wilderness destinations. Chui lodge has got the traditional African artwork decoration and therefore the guests can immerse in the rich culture, its proximity to the blissful wildlife and hospitality given to the tourists assures and gives you the morale for staying at the lodge.

Foods and drinks at Chui lodge.

Chui lodge is such a mazing one to the guests in that on a Kenya wildlife safari the guests are served with the array of the multi-cultural dishes, the foods are well prepared using the ingredients grown from the rich soils of the valley that satisfies guests at the same time while watching the animal species in the sanctuary including giraffes, zebras, cheetahs and among others while without forgetting the night refreshments that can also be served to the visitors in the welcoming bar area, as well your time spent at the Chui lodge can be counted as the total double gaining with the sitting room, library and the clear and white sparkling swimming pool adds the memory to the guests.

Chui Lodge in Nakuru
Chui Lodge in Nakuru

At Chui lodge there are four dinners served either inside with a log fire keeping everything warm at times also a candle can be lit under the stars, as well it can be a romantic dinner at your own cottage or lunch at the pool at Chui lodge they cater for you everywhere you want. All the foods loved by the guests can be present at Chui lodge including the smoked beef fillets, homemade pizzas made from the charcoal ovens and among others.

Accommodation at Chui Lodge in Nakuru.

The Chui lodge consists of eight cottages, these are environmental friendly constructed using the timber, stones as each feature consists four-poster king-size bed made out of olive wood, bedside stands and lamps, the cottages are decorated, roaring log fires with furniture that is handmade at the wood workshop on the site, the cottages are such attractive with the interesting artwork adorns the walls, while the wooden floor is patterned rugs for comfort. Each room is different from one another.

Each cottage has its very own tea or coffee stations and the mini bars to give effective services to the guests as these are restocked every day. The deluxe rooms are larger and these have their own lounge areas, and some have extra sofa bed, each view from the room is unique different from the other as some overlook the lush gardens towards the pond and while others have the magnificent views of the wildlife and the waterhole in front of the lodge.

Every cottage gas got the en-suite washroom is accessed through a door to one side of the main room, and it contains a flush toilet, hot and cold showers, mosquito nets, flat screen Tvs, fire extinguishers, private wooden balconies, satellites, washbasin within a generously well positioned storage unit, and walk-in shower, the cottages have got the glass windows throughout every cottage reveal breathtaking vistas over the Rift Valley and therefore the guest can admire the views from the private veranda. Healthy and fitness centers are provided to the guests like the beauty spa, massage, steam bath and among others.

Activities done at Chui Lodge in Nakuru.

On a safari to Chui lodge the guests do enjoy and participate in various safari activities as the following,

Game drives.

Due to the fact that Chui lodge is located inside Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary covered with the woodlands, savanna, water sources, the guests do enjoy viewing of various wildlife on their safari including the leopards, lions, Grevy’s zebra, topi, impala, and among others, without forgetting the vast number of the bird species. The sanctuary is located between at the shores of Lake Naivasha and as well it links with Hell’s Gate National Park. The game drives are done by the tourists especially during evening game drives and that’s when the animal species are always active to be spotted.

Bird watching.

Oserengoni Wildlife sanctuary is a birding haven and this is where the tourists spot over 400 bird species on a safari including spectacular weaver, black-backed puffback and among others, and when you proceed to Lake Naivasha you enjoy the sights of the multitude of the water birds like the pied kingfisher, Goliath heron, flamingo and many others, the Chui lodge is the best place to enjoy your safari in Kenya.

Night game drives.

Guests in the Chui lodge do also participate in the night game drives, this is where the tourists are offered the night game drives in order to spot the nocturnal species like spotted hyena, black-backed jackal, and others that are found in the Oserengoni wildlife sanctuary.

Exploring Oserian flower farm.

Oserian flower farm is known as the biggest flower producer in Kenya, on a safari the tourist enjoy while observing on the amazing quantity and the variety of roses, carnations, sunflowers and among many others.

Chui Lodge in Nakuru
Chui Lodge in Nakuru

Boating safaris.

On a safari to Chui lodge the tourists enjoy the boat safaris at Lake Naivasha at the same time while they are enjoying observing the water birds, hippopotamuses while they are wallowing in the waters and also enjoying the spotting of the various animal species while taking water at the lakes shore.

Bush walks.

Chui lodge provides the guests with the bush walks that do start in the early morning, these can be accompanied by the knowledge and experienced guide this makes the guests to enjoy spotting the variety of wildlife in the reserve like animal species, bird species, insects, and plant species and among others.

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