Domestic Flights in Kenya

Domestic Flights in Kenya  : Domestic flights are flights within a specific country’s boundaries. Passengers or cargo transportation can be handled through airline companies, domestic flights take place within the country and traveled only through certain domestic flight lines, for these flights, passengers use domestic terminals, all of the airports designed for public use have domestic terminals. Airports with international terminals can also be referred to as the international airports.

What is a domestic flight in Kenya?

Domestic flights are flights that depart and land in the same country. For example, flying from Nairobi (NBO) and landing to another destination in Kenya, for instance, Mombasa (MBA). Meaning the two destinations are within the same country and that don’t fly to another country. These flights are often cheaper than the international flights, because of their shorter travel time and costs.

You can use the website search bar to see what affordable domestic flight Kenya offers, or it could be that you want to visit a lot of different cities in one country and you may want to use the multi-city flight planner. Also you may want to fly from one city to another without any stopovers and therefore may want to check out to the direct flight guide.

Domestic Flights in Kenya
Air Kenya Express

Why book Domestic flights in Kenya.

Kenya is well known for its vast scenic landscapes and wildlife preserves, including Mount Kenya, the 200,000 year-old former Crater, ’Menengai Crater’ and famous ‘Big  Five animals( lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino). Whichever city you fly out to you are bound to find some stunning natural views. The Kenya country is also well known for its coffee and tea and is a big exporter of cabbages, onions and mangoes.

The Kenyan population is almost 50 million and the countries measure around 224,080 sq. mi. Domestic flights are great way of travelling around the country. Many travelers choose to fly domestically within Kenya as this saves them a lot of time and air travel being a much quicker form of transportation.

Baggage Allowance on Domestic flights.

Note that the baggage allowance on domestic regional flights is 15 kg per person. This is inclusive of a hand luggage, in most circumstances the airline Check-in staff will use their discretion and allow a leeway of up to 2 kgs. However, additional excess baggage will only be carried at the sole discretion of the aircraft captain if the payload of the aircraft and/or space permits and will be charged at the prevailing rate for carriage of freight. Passengers carrying significant excess baggage are required to book a ‘freight’ seat (at 70 % to 75% of the adult fare) which permits carriage of an extra 75kgs.

Baggage should be in soft bags.  (as opposed to hard suit cases) as most of these flights are operated by the aircraft with luggage compartments that have limited volume and are of an irregular shape. It is difficult to stow large rigid suitcases which in an extreme situation may have to be carried on the next available flight.

Passengers who have booked Wilson airport transfers with domestic flights are welcome to send any excess baggage with the transfer driver to be stored securely at the Nairobi Head Office. (Luggage must be clearly labelled and locked). This will be returned to you on your arrival back at Wilson. Passengers with Safarilink can also store excess baggage at the Wilson Airport Checking counter.

What time to check-in at the airport for a domestic flight in Kenya?

Check- in times are dependent upon the airline you are traveling with and airport you will be departing from. The check-in time for domestic flights is normally a little later than it is for international flights this is because passengers usually require less time to go through the border and immigration controls at the airport to thrill while on Kenya Safaris Tours .

Domestic Flights in Kenya

Various domestic flights in Kenya.

 There are various domestic flights in Kenya, which includes the  Kenya Airways is the flag carrier of Kenya, with its primary hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Jambojet, African Express Airways, AirKenya Express, Fly 540, East African Safari Air, Mombasa Air safari, Safarilink Aviation.

Requirements needed to get a domestic flight in Kenya.

Kenyan citizens require Government issued documents like the Identification cards, valid driving license, military cards, Allien cards, birth certificate, and police abstract, valid passport to fly within Kenya.

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