Forest Camp in Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve

Forest Camp in Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve  : Ndare Ngare Forest Reserve, forest is the main corridor between Mount Kenya and the Lewa Conservancy, Ndare Ngare is the only indigenous forest Kenya safari with an expanding canopy cover, and some of the ancient African Olive and Red Cedar trees within it are thought to be around 200 years old. The forest was recently included an extension of the Mount Kenya UNESCO World heritage Site. Ngare Ndare forest is a very critical corridor for the elephants and other wildlife, it links Mount Kenya, Lewa, Laikipia and Samburu, and it is also the water tower for the Lewa and Isiolo. From here, the streams flow into the Ewaso Nyiro which drains into the Lorian Swamp.

Camping in Ngare Ndare Forest.

Camping in the Ngare Ndare Forest is done especially during the dry season, because the altitude is so high here, especially if you are camping, as there is no any accommodation facilities in the Ngare Ndare Forest. There are two campsites that are sited near flowing water where the guests can enjoy camping out in the wilds of the forest.  During the camping safari in the forest, one campsite that is clearly located in a bushy area so no stunning views here, however there is a proper flush toilet and the running water.

Forest Camp in Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve
Forest Camp in Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve

There is also another campsite nearby in a clear area but with no facilities. Deep in the Ngare Ndare forest, just north of the Mount Kenya, atree platform and a suspended canopy walkway allow adventurous souls to camp out high among the branches. As darkness set in, you can walk along the canopy until the trees give way to a million stars overhead.

Standing there in the midair with the giant Milky Way looming above is an interesting experience that’s difficult to top. There are no facilities at the campsite, so the tourist will bring the food and water, as well as a flashlight or two to guide your night time walk. It is also noted that a decent 4×4 is needed to reach the campsite once you leave the main road leading from Nairobi to Nanyuki.

The campsites have basic facilities of a drop down toilet and a fresh spring water shower, and a gain you are provided with the wood for the fireplace, which means you can do some cooking over the fire. And in the night you will be guarded by an armed ranger, who will make sure that no wild animals are interrupting your sleep because the campsites are  often visited by the elephants so you may hear very interesting noises in the night that will definitely add up to your Ngare Ndare camping safari adventure. Make sure that you pack enough warm clothes because in the night it gets really cold, during the day out in the sun it can get quite hot, but if you want to escape the heat of the day, you just head to the shade for a bit to relax.

During camping in the Ngare Ndare forest reserve the nights can be very cold so the tourists are advised to pack accordingly, as well the camp fire is always provided to keep the campers warm in the night.

The best way to have everything within the reach of your hand is stay in Ngare Ndare campsites, the campsite is easily accessible from when you drive in/ get dropped off, if you arrived with your car, you can drive through a little low stream and once you are on another side, you can park next to where your tent and the fireplace will be set up. If you get dropped off by a taxi, you will walk less than 5 minutes, across a wooden path through the stream, and you will find yourself right where the campsite is.

Camping fees at the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

If you opt to camp inside the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve, the charges for that are Ksh 3000 per person for the resident and citizens, and then 5,000 for the non-residents and Ksh 1000 for an armed ranger. Children as well pay half the price.

Forest Camp in Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve
Forest Camp in Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve

Best time to visit the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

The best time to visit Ngare Ndare Forest is during the dry seasons which are generally fall between the months of June to October and December to March. With climate change happening, it may be a hit or a miss. During the dry seasons, that’s when the roads leading to the forest are more easily accessible that is especially if you do not have a 4×4 vehicle and the that’s when the pools maintain a beautiful turquoise blue colour. During the rainy season, they can be having a brown hue and a 4×4 vehicle is necessary to navigate the roads.

How to get to Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

The Ngare Ndare forest is 4 hours out of Nairobi and just 40 minutes out of Nanyuki so it’s a good location for a weekend even from the capital city. Road from the main road to the forest is about 30 minutes of the murram so depending on your sense of adventure 2WD would make it in the dry season. This is a great stop over on your way to Samburu National Reserve  and the rest of Northern Kenya.

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