Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya

Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya  : The Giraffe Centre is located in Lanag’ata, approximately 20 kilometers (12mi) from the center of Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in order to protect the vulnerable giraffe that is found only in the grasslands of East Africa. In 1979, the Giraffe center, a nature sanctuary for visiting and including wildlife conservation education for urban school children, was started by Jock Leslie Melville, the Kenyan grandson of a Scottish Earl, when he and his wife Betty captured two baby giraffe to start a programme of breeding giraffe on their Langata property sit of the present center. Since then the programme has had success, resulting in the introduction of several breeding pairs of the Rothschild Giraffe into Kenyan national parks.

By 1983 enough money had been raised to establish the Giraffe visitor’s center as a tourist destination just outside Nairobi. The main attraction for both school children and the visitors is feeding giraffes from a raised observation platform. The Giraffe center is a home to several warthogs which freely roam the area along with the giraffes, which would not be missed during your Kenya safari in Nairobi Kenya.

Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya
Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya

All their education programmes are offered free of charge to the children. The Giraffe center obtains 90% of its funding from the entrance fees and the sales from the tea house and gift shop. Therefore your Kenya safari to the Giraffe center directly contributes to the conservation education in Kenya.

Currently, the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) deals with breeding Rothschild’s giraffe, ecology trips, trainers workshops, national environmental competitions, funding micro projects, it also monitors, evaluates and produces resource materials for the environmental activities.

Visiting the Giraffe center.

The Giraffe Centre is open daily from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm including weekends and the public holidays. There is an elevated feeding platform that allows you to hand feed the giraffes, which can be an education in itself. That is, close at hand, how the giraffe uses its long prehensile tongue to strip leaves from the acacia branches. There is a tea house and curio shop there, also a 2 km nature trail to walk through.

Best time to visit the Giraffe Centre.

The best time to visit the Giraffe Centre, on a safari is during the dry season from December to March and from June to October to avoid the ruining planned excursions. However, the center is open to visitors year-around.

Also the rainy season from the month of March to May and late October to early December are still fantastic times to visit, the feeding deck is covered by a roof in case it rains, and it will be less busy.

Giraffe Centre Entry fees (2022).

The Giraffe Centre charges an entrance fee of Ksh 1500 (USD 15) and Ksh 750 for the Nonresident adult and children respectively while resident adult and children pay an entrance fee of Ksh 400 and Ksh 200 respectively. You can purchase your tickets at the Giraffe center’s website if you have a local number. And paying is done using MPESA but there is also an option for the card payments.

Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya
Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya

Where to stay in Giraffe Centre?

During your Kenya safari to Giraffe Centre there is availability of accommodation facility to the guests;

Giraffe Manor.

Giraffe Manor is a boutique hotel, built in the 1930’s characterized by the large windows, sprawling green creepers, beautiful sunny terraces and the green courtyards. However, what makes the Giraffe Manor special is the ever-present population of the endangered Rothschild giraffes, who will often pop their hands through the open windows while you are enjoying the continental breakfast.

Some rooms lead to private terraces, where you can sit and enjoy the afternoon sun and wait for giraffes to amble up in the hope of treats.

Their unique eyesight, running speed of about 55km/per hour and their height makes the Giraffes the unique creatures. The rich landscape and wildlife distribution makes the giraffe center a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with your family.

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