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How Many National Parks And Game Reserves Are There In Kenya

How Many National Parks And Game Reserves Are There In Kenya : Kenya as a country is a good destination to travel to while planning to go on an adventurous safari in Africa because it has a total number of around 24 national parks, 15 game reserves and about 6 marine parks where tourists can be to visit and get to see many wildlife species. More so, the interesting thing about these national parks is that each of them has different attractions and more different and exciting things to do and see while exploring through. Therefore in the article below are some of the national parks in the country, which include;

  1. Maasai Mara National park.

Maasai Mara National park is one the most visited national park that is located in the Southwestern region of Kenya and it shares boarders with Serengeti National park in Tanzania. In addition, the best time to plan and within this game park is best between months of July to October. More so, touring around this national park blesses you with a good adventurous safari because it is a home to over 95 wildlife species and harbours around unique 570 bird species, which are available for bird lovers to see. And there are also many other tourist attractions that are always exciting for individuals to see such as; Olare orok conservancy, the Mara river, Ol Kinyei conservancy, Mara triangle also exploring within Maasai Mara national park gives you opportunities to witness the wild beast migration and the all the jungle safaris.

In Maasai mara national park, there are also many accommodation facilities that are always available for tourists to stay and some of these include; Enkewa camp, Elephant pepper camp, Mara Bush camp and many others.

  1. Amboseli National park.

Ambos Eli national park is one of the best parks in the country which is famously known for being a home to large numbers of gigantic elephants with big tusks and tourists touring around this national park can also be able to capture classic views of dusk and dawn and the best time to visit is between months of July to September and there are so many tourist attractions such as; Lake Ambos Eli, Elephant research camp, Sinet delta among others. more so, exploring within this national park gives you opportunities engage in several activities like; visiting the Observation hill, hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and individuals can also be able to meet and interact with the people of the Masai tribe. In addition, there are many accommodation facilities within the park where visitors can have their stay therefore, some of these include; Amboseli Serena lodge, tortilis camp, kimana safari lodge, Ol tukai lodge and many others.

  1. Tsavo National park.

Tsavo national park is considered the largest and oldest national park in the country, which has a huge expanse surrounded with rocky landscapes, sparse grasslands, and extinct volcanoes among others. In addition, it is also noted that this national park is divided into two parts for example; Tsavo East National park and Tsavo West National park and the best time to visit through is between months of June to October and from January to February. more so, there are so many attractions in the park which lead many individuals to pick to interest to visit and some of these include; Epiya chapeyu tented safari camp and the Agenzia safari vera Africa among others. tourists around this park can also opt to embark onto many intresting activities such as; visiting the Mzima springs, lake Jipe, visit the Ngulia Rhino sanctuary, hike to Ngula hills and many others.

More so, there are many lodging facilities that are always available for guests within Tsavo national park however, these lodging facilities are ranged differently from budget, mid-range and luxury. In addition, some of these include; Voi wildlife lodge, Kilaguni Serena safari lodge, Voyager Ziwani camp and many others.

How Many National Parks And Game Reserves Are There In Kenya
Tsavo National Park Elephant Orphanage

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other national parks found in Kenya and these include; Aberdare national park which was mainly created with a major aim of protecting the slopes and moorland of the mountain, Lake Nakuru National park which is considered as a the best place to go to while on a birding safari in Kenya and it famously known for its flamingos, Mount Kenya National park  and mount Kenya is well known to be the second tallest mountain in Africa that stands at an elevated area of about 5,199 meters above the sea level which is also surrounded by amazing features like; lakes, glaciers, tarns, stunning mineral springs, unique montane plantation and many wildlife species. More so, there is Hell’s Gate National park, Nairobi National park, Sambura National park that derived its name from Samburu tribe, Shimba Hills National reserve and many others.

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