In which Country is Tsavo?


In which Country is Tsavo?  : Tsavo national park is located in Kenya country, Kenya is a country in East Africa with the coastline on the Indian ocean. It encompasses savannah, lake lands, the dramatic Great Rift valley and the mountain highlands, Kenya is a home of wildlife like the lions, elephants and the rhinos. At 580,367 square kilometres (224,081 sq. mi), Kenya is the world’s 48th largest country by area, with a population of more than 47.6 million in the 2019 census, Kenya is the 29th most populous country and the Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi while its oldest city and first capital is the coastal city of Mombasa. Kisumu city is the third-largest city and also an inland port on Lake Victoria. Other important urban cities in Kenya includes Nakuru and Eldoret. As of 2020, Kenya is the third largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and South Africa. Kenya is bordered by South Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south and the Indian ocean to the southeast. Geographically climate and population vary widely, ranging from cold snow-capped mountain tops (Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana on Mount Kenya) with vast surrounding forests, wildlife and fertile agricultural regions to temperate climates in western a drift valley counties and the dry less fertile arid and semi-arid areas and absolute deserts (Chalbi Desert and Nyiri Desert).

In which Country is Tsavo?
Tsavo Game drives

Tsavo is the largest and popular national park in Kenya, Tsavo National Park is located in the coastal province in the South Eastern part of Kenya bordering east of Mount Kilimanjaro, and bordering the Indian Ocean as well as the Tanzania, Tsavo National park is in the region of Kenya located at the crossing of the Uganda Railway over the Tsavo River, close where it meets the Athi- Galana-Sabaki River, In which Country is Tsavo? . The park is found at the semi-arid park of Kenya; the semi-arid area was formally called the Taru Desert before it was gazetted as a national park. Tsavo National park is located near the Voi town in Taita- Taveta county, the Taita Taveta county was the former province of the coast. Tsavo national park is also found in the animal corridor that covers the Mkomba game reserve of Tanzania and the Amboseli national park of Kenya, the park is located 250 kilometres away from the capital city Nairobi the largest coastal town, Tsavo national park is crossed by the A109 high way as well as the railway line that connects the coast and the interior of Kenya and other East African countries.

The Tsavo national park is bordered by the Mkomaxi Game reserve of Tanzania and the Chyulus hills national park. The Tsavo national park borders best community conservancies of Kenya; the Taita Hills Game Sanctuary and the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary. Tsavo National park is one of the best wildlife game reserve that can easily be enjoyed by the travellers, the location of the park makes it rich with wildlife that can be viewed throughout the year.

However, Tsavo national park is divided into two that is the Tsavo West national park and the Tsavo East National park; Tsavo East National park is one of the oldest parks in Kenya, located South East of Kenya near the Town of Voi in the Taita-Taveta county of coast province inland from the coast it is 13,747 Tsavo East National park is generally flat, with the dry plains across which the Galana River flows an d other features like the Yatta plateau and lugard falls can be found here.

While the Tsavo West National park is also located in the coast province of Kenya covering an area of 9,065, the park was opened in April 1948. Tsavo West national park is more mountainous and wetter than its counterpart, with the swamps, lake Jipe and the Mzima Springs, it is also known for its bird life and for its large mammals

In which Country is Tsavo?
Tsavo National Park Elephant Orphanage

Tsavo national park is a great destination of wildlife in Kenya, not only in Kenya but in Africa, the park as got the special five and these include; especially the king of the juggle which is the lion, elephants, leopards, rhinos and the buffaloes. Tasvo National Park has got the big cats like the leopards, cheetahs, Janet cats and among more others, other predators include the Hyenas, Jackals, African wild dogs and many more, other animals in the park include the Gazelles, Kobs, Wildebeests, topis, Eland, kudu and among others. Tsavo national park has got water animals which includes the hippos and crocodiles and among others. Not only animals in the Tsavo national park,  the park is also  known as a birding destination in the world where it has over 400 bird species for example the Somali bee eater, Somali Ostrich, Taita falcon, Vulturine guineafowl, Slender-tailed nightjar, Rufous chatterer, Red-bellied parrot, Northern brownbul, Pamngani long claw, Martial eagle, Lesser kestrel, African Fin foot, Fisher’s starling, Black-faces sandgrouse, White stork, Common Cuckoo, European bee-eater and among more species in the park.

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