Karura Forest – The newest tourist attraction

Karura Forest – The newest tourist attraction : Before President Mwai Kibaki’s scheduled official inauguration on February 26, 2011, Karura Forest will open to the public on that date, allowing Kenyans and visitors from other countries to explore its Kenya safari attractions and take in the beauty of this pristine natural treasure. Karura Forest is the largest of Nairobi’s three primary gazetted woods, covering an area of about 1,000 HA.

Ololua Forest and Ngong are the others. Karura Forest lies to the north of the city of Nairobi and is surrounded by the following suburbs: Mathare North, Highridge, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Runda, Ridgeways, and Spring Valley.

Sigiria forest is another name for the western portion of the forest. Originally a densely forested area, the region north of central Nairobi formed a drainage basin; currently, it is only present in areas like Karura Forest and City Park. The Thigirie, Getathuru, Rui Ruaka, and Karura Rivers all tributaries of the Nairobi River cut through the forest. A waterfall, bamboo forest, marshland, Mau Mau caves, and a historic church are among the forest’s features.

Before the official inauguration, the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), under whose jurisdiction Karura Forest is located, will collaborate to create access road signage and forest branding.

As a result, the forest will be promoted both domestically and abroad as a component of the Nairobi tourism circuit, which also has the Daphne Sheldrick Centre, the Nairobi National Museum, the Nairobi National Park and Orphanage, and the Railway Museum.

A variety of monkey species, porcupines, duikers, dik-diks, bush babies, bushbucks, bush pigs, African civets, and epauletted bats, such as Karura, can be found in the forest. The forest has a number of designated nature trails. The first path, four kilometres in length, was inaugurated in May 2009 and links Limuru Road with Old Kiambu Road. These offers you the wonderful safari activities like the guided nature walks, picnicking, bird watching and many other safaris which will offer you unforgettable safari experiences.

Karura Forest - The newest tourist attraction
Karura Forest – The newest tourist attraction

The forest contains tunnels that are thought to have served as Mau Mau hideouts. Picnic areas and beautiful waterfalls are also present. For security purposes, an electric fence is being constructed around the forest.

The Minister of Forestry, Noah Wekesa, established the Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust (K-FEET) in 2010. It will oversee a facility for environmental education in Karura Forest. Karura Forest is believed to be threatened by the Nairobi Northern Bypass Road, which has been under construction since 2009. The road would pass across a wetland that supplies food to the forest. In the forest there is a camping area.

How to get to Karura forest.

 By Private Car.

Just past the Belgian Embassy on Limuru Road lies the main entrance to Karura Forest.

By Public Transport.

Matatu (from Kiambu Road’s CID Headquarters to Nairobi’s city centre): 100.

Taxi (from Nairobi’s downtown).

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