Karuru Waterfalls in Kenya

Karuru Waterfalls Kenya in the Aberdare National Park is a place of many unique wonders of nature, Karuru waterfall has 3 tier or rather steps (staircase) the first tire being 117 meters, then the 2nd 26 meters and the 3rd 130 meters totaling a staggering 275 meters, with only the top tier visible from the viewing point. The spectacular waterfall is nestled right inside one of the most spectacle National Parks in Kenya. The Aberdare National Park is the place where the princess Elizabeth knew she was going to be a Queen when his father, King George VI passed on. She was staying at Treetops lodge. The distance from Nairobi to Karuru waterfalls is 172 km Kilometers a 3 hours’ drive depending on the type of vehicle and driver. Karuru waterfall is one of those ‘’Eye Watering’’ and astounding views that will leave you awestruck and if your are not careful you might find yourself dribbling. The Karuru Falls views of water cascading on the staggering 273 meters is simply Perplexing and bewitching, to say the least.

Karuru Falls Hiking Safari.

The start point is usually at the Mutubio Park Gate all the way to the wood rails where you can have the magnificent views of the Karuru waterfall. The hike can take up to 8 hours for the average hiker the time depends on your stamina that is it can be more or less, to and from so you need to plan your timing well, also carry enough water and dress accordingly.

Aberdare national park Waterfalls
Karuru waterfall.

The thought of the views, as you can see in the images should motivate you and keep in mind the result is rewarding. The Hiking Karuru falls is the moderate terrain ideal for the beginners.

What to see in Karuru Waterfalls.

Apart from the waterfall, remember you are inside the Aberdare national park, this is why you will need to hire an armed warden. Along the way, you might come across the elephants since they are in plenty numbers there. You will need to pay for the warden at the gate for Ksh 3000 or 30 USD. As you hope to meet with the elephants, you will come across, friendly waterbucks, monkeys, antelopes and among other smaller harmless animals.

Not only the Karuru waterfall, in Aberdare national park, the park has other four alluring waterfalls that includes the Chania waterfall, Maguru falls and Queens Caves, Gura falls.

Things to do in Karuru waterfalls.

The tourists who visit Karuru waterfalls engage themselves in activities hike to the falls and the neighboring ones, bird watching, game viewing safaris, picnics and many more.

Where to stay in Karuru waterfalls.

There are accommodations near the Karuru falls viewpoint, as they comfortable and suitable for the guests, as they are several options where you can stay near the Karuru falls as they are categorized into Budget, Mid-range and the luxuries such at The Ark Lodge, Ranges View Point, Kuniville Guest House, Green Hills Hotel ,fishing lodge and many more, Karuru Waterfalls in Kenya .

Karuru Waterfalls in Kenya
Kuniville Guest House

The best time to visit Karuru waterfalls.

The best to experience the Karuru waterfall from its top to bottom, visit it during the long rainy season when the Ewaso Nyiro River is full.

Entrance fee for Karuru waterfalls.

  Adult Child/Kid
Citizen Ksh 250 Ksh 200
Resident Ksh 250 Ksh 200
Non-Resident USD 30 USD 20

How to get to Karuru Falls.

Karuru waterfalls can be accessed either using the road or the air transport from Nairobi to Karuru falls.

By Road transport.

The Karuru waterfalls are nestled inside Aberdare National Park, 180 kilometers from Nairobi Kenya, the road to this destination are good and you do not really need a 4WD. If you have a 2 WD, you can start your hike at Matubio Gate.

By Air transport.

The Karuru waterfalls can also be accessed by means of the air transport, as our can land inside Aberdare National Park airstrip near the Queen’s cave Picnic site.

Karuru waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Kenya to thrill while on Kenya Safaris Tours that plunges 273 meters below the viewing point with wondrous views, it has neighboring falls which you can combine and see all the falls in a day, you might burn out and this is why you have options of staying overnight around inside the park before the start of the hiking safari or instead of driving back to Nairobi you can rest in the nearby town.

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