Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is located within Kisumu city, it lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, covering less than 1km2. The facility was gazetted in 1992, March 2010. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies 355 km North West of Nairobi, it lies 3km from the city of Kisumu near the Hippo Point.

The sanctuary was branded as ‘’a lake shore walk with impalas’’. There are a diverse number of flora (of trees, grass and herbs) and fauna both free ranging and captive. Over 155 species of the birds found in the sanctuary, presently the sanctuary boasts of all the big five game except for the elephant.

A number of the nature Trail circuits are also available during the safari for the tourists. Annually the sanctuary conducts the Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat Race event in November to help create awareness of wildlife, especially the endangered sitatunga antelope.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Attractions at Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

Hippo Point.

Hippo Point is the ideal attraction place to visit when you wish to let of your monotonous life and enjoy in the company of nature, it is the place where you can catch up with yourself and enjoy in the company of friends and family. Gazing at the sky filled with stars, fall asleep under the Russian linen sheets soothed by the sounds of the hyenas and hippos calling out for you in the nights, here the tourist can wake up early to the cool breeze and enjoy a session of the yoga here, as well enjoying the jogging with the zebras, go biking, meditate, swimming or just unwind while having your breakfast. The Hippo Point is an exquisite wildlife conservancy that lies on an isthmus between the Lake Oloidien and the Lake Naivasha.

Kit Mikayi.

Kit Mikayi is ator, a rock formation that is some 40 meters high, it means the ‘’stone of the first wife’’ or the ‘’the stone of the first woman’’ in the Luo language, Dholuo. The locals residing in the region around the stones are referred to as the Luo-Kakello clan. The site is the major attraction associated with the sacrifices as well as the many legends belonging to the pre-Christian Timings which bring forth several stories that explain the meaning of the name. It is a prominent sightseeing spot in Kenya especially amongst the neighboring Luo tribes. Over years the Kit Mikayi has also become a prominent local pilgrimage site for the people who come here to the rock to pray and fast for several weeks at length.

Bird species.

The Kisumu Impala sanctuary is also a birding haven to the bird lovers with over 155 bird species as some includes the guinea fowl, ostriches, parrots and many more.


Kisumu Impala Sanctuary provides an ideal refuge away from the busy and noisy Kisumu town Centre, the sanctuary borders Lake Victoria, which is the second largest freshwater in the world and known as the largest in Africa. The lake provides the scenic views and the remarkable picnic sites for the tourists on a Kenya Wildlife safari.


Kisumu Impala Sanctuary has got a variety of the wildlife, here the tourists can be able to spot various animal species such as the impalas, sitatunga, lions, African leopards, cape buffalos, olive baboons, hyenas, Tanzanian cheetahs, leopards, duikers, warthogs, patas monkeys, blue monkeys, serval cats, bushbucks, the sanctuary also has snakes, monitor lizards, dragon fly, frog, butterflies, as these animals freely range in the indigenous forest, swampy papyrus areas and grasslands.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Other attractions that the visitors can spot include the Maboko Island, Kisumu museum, Dunga beach and many others.

Activities done in the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

Wildlife viewing.

Wildlife viewing safari is done in 4×4 wheel safari vehicle with pop roof and open windows for the clear spotting of the animals. Here the guests explore a variety of wildlife like the African leopard, cape buffaloes, impalas, Tanzania cheetahs, lions, blue monkeys, and many more, also on the other hand the guests can be able to spot and enjoy the scenic views of the land scape and spot the several bird species.

Bird watching.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a great destination for the best birding safari in Kenya, as the sanctuary is a home to over 155 bird species making it the best haven for the bird lovers, here the tourists can be able to identify various bird species like the Fischer love bird, parrots, guinea fowls and many more.

Guided nature walks.

The tourists who are nature lovers enjoy the nature while exploring it on foot, the nature walks in the sanctuary are always guided by the experienced guide and during the activity you can be able to explore the different habitats of the various animal species and also a chance to spot the various animals and birds. The nature walk also helps the tourists to explore the different plant species, butterflies and many others.

Camping safari.

The tourists who come to Kisumu Impala sanctuary enjoys the wild nature of the sanctuary by doing camping, here the tourists enjoy the various sounds of animals and birds especially when it’s getting to morning which gives memories to the tourists. The sanctuary has got five various campsites which the tourists enjoy.

There are other activities that are done by the tourists apart from those mentioned above that includes hiking, trekking, corporate and special events, glass-bottomed rides, scenic viewing and many more.

Best time to visit the Kisumu Impala sanctuary.

Kisumu impala sanctuary is open for the visitors on a Kenya safari all year-rounds however the best time to explore the wildlife in the sanctuary is  in the dry season which begins in June,  July, August, September, December, January and February.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary opens from 6:00 am morning to 6:00 pm in the evening.

Where to stay in Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

Kisumu impala sanctuary has got various accommodation facilities for the guests that are well suitable and comfortable for the guests and these are categorized into the budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations like the Tiana Court Millimani, Harry’s guest house, Roam Apartment Bed and Breakfast Kisumu, Impala Eco lodge Hotel, Sigana Guest House, Parkview safari hotel, Grey Heritage Hotel and many more.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
Impala Eco lodge Hotel

Entry fees for the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

Category Citizen Residents Non Residents
Adults Ksh 215 Ksh 300 USD 22
Child Ksh 125 Ksh  170 USD 13


How to get to Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

It can be accessed in different ways from the Nairobi city to the sanctuary.

By Road transport.

By road you can use either the public and private means of transport from Nairobi city and the sanctuary is accessed using Sitatunga gate for Drive-in visitors and walk-in visitors are advised to use the main gate.

By Air transport.

The domestic chartered flights are available from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Kisumu International Airport, from Nairobi to Kisumu is only one hour.

By water transport.

The Kisumu Impala sanctuary is found linked by the ferry with Kendu Bay, Homa Bay and Mbita and the neighboring countries.

Set on the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in Africa, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a peaceful, relaxing place to enjoy the natural beauty that abounds here, the sanctuary hosts impalas, the rare sitatunga antelopes as well as the big cats, buffalos, giraffes, cheetahs and several primate species.

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